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Master of Engineering (GCT) Registration examination
1, qualification table
Applicants, I fill out the "master's degree in 2007 serving
officers applied for qualification Form" (available at the Ministry of
Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center home page
downloaded from the website: ( ) in triplicate, a
candidate in the "eligibility list" were affixed near the end of
two inches with one photo, where the units and report to the personnel department I
appreciate your opinion. Suozai De candidates designated place of work unit
registration examination may consult the following specific circumstances Website
2, online registration and on-site confirmation
Online registration and the registration examination taken by a combination of on-site
registration. Online registration time for the July mid-register for the test in the
provinces of, applicants within the specified time, online access to your provincial
Education Examination site, in accordance with the requirements complete, submit
registration information; Manual registration is based on the location of candidates
registered for the local Qu site registration. Applicants with a valid ID card, photo,
degree certificates, and online registration number, to be eligible to apply for review
of the institutions.
80 registration fee, comprehensive test fee 150.
3, test time and the Admission Form Download
Exam time: time for the national entrance exam for 10 mid-
On-site registration is confirmed, bearing in mind the time and site to download
Admission Form. Time to download admission ticket. Harbor has enabled the formal
admission ticket admission ticket to the examination room for.
Test Subject
Engineering Entrance Examination subjects: 1. Engineering Master Degree
Admission Examination (English name for the Graduate Candidate Test, referred to as
"GCT"), the National Examination. 2. Professional
examinations and related tests, organized by the University.
Engineering Postgraduate Entrance Examination way to work two shifts.
1, the first stage
All candidates participate in the national unity of the organization
"GCT" exam (candidates obtained "GCT"
tentative result is valid for two years). The main test phase of the overall quality of
candidates. Candidates can choose only one year apply for the training unit. The
training unit under the school to determine the actual situation of their own graduate
students registered for school projects "GCT" of satisfactory
2, the second stage
Candidates holding my "GCT" results to the candidates of the
institutions to apply for school self-organized professional examinations and related
tests. Held in 2006 "GCT" effective performance of candidates,
you can apply this result to enroll in our school professional examinations and related
tests.    Colleges     and      universities    under      the    candidate's
"GCT" results, professional examinations and related test
results before deciding on admission.
National exams subjects "GCT" paper consists of four parts:
language proficiency, math proficiency test, logical reasoning test, foreign language
(my      school     enrollment      in    English     language)     proficiency    test.
"GCT" papers out of 400 points each 100 points per section.
Exam time is 3 hours, 45 minutes per part. "GCT" Proposition
"Master        Degree     Admission      Examination      Guidelines    (2005
Edition)" (Science and Technology Literature Publishing House). The
second phase of testing, from the Xi'an University of Engineering is
responsible for scheduling.

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