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This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
April 1 to June 30, 2010. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

 1-Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily start-ups.

       Name                       City         MoneyTree Stage        Amount                 Investors                  Business Description (edited)
                                                                                   Pfizer Venture
                                                                                   Investments,Third Rock            Platform for antibody drug
Ablexis-1                 San Francisco       Startup/Seed              12,000,000 Ventures                          discovery.

                                                                                     5AM Ventures,ARCH
                                                                                     Venture Partners,Alta
                                                                                     Associates,Frazier Healthcare
                                                                                     and Technology
                                                                                     Firm,Venrock                    Therapeutic solutions designed to
Achaogen                  South San Francisco Expansion                 35,361,300   Associates,Versant Ventures     address infectious diseases.
                                                                                     Tech Coast                      Operates as a small molecule drug
Amplyx Pharmaceuticals-1 San Carlos           Startup/Seed               1,500,000   Angels,Undisclosed Firm         development company.
                                                                                     Khosla Ventures,Kleiner
                                                                                     Perkins Caufield & Byers,TPG
Amyris Biotechnologies    Emeryville          Expansion                 19,337,100   Growth                          Renewable hydrocarbon biofuels.
                                                                                     Claremont Creek
                                                                                     Ventures,Kaiser Permanente      Laboratory systems for disease
Arcxis Biotechnologies    Pleasanton          Early Stage                1,440,000   Ventures                        pathogen detection.
                                                                                     HealthCare Ventures,Kleiner     Medicine to treat cancer and fibrotic
Arresto Biosciences       Palo Alto           Startup/Seed               8,050,000   Perkins Caufield & Byers        diseases.
                                                                                     De Novo Ventures,U.S.           Implant system for the treatment of
Articulinx                Cupertino           Early Stage               10,000,000   Venture Partners                osteoarthritis.
                                                                                     Canaan Partners,U.S. Venture    Treatment for peripheral arterial
AtheroMed                 Menlo Park          Startup/Seed                116,000    Partners                        disease (pad).

                                                                                   Affinity Capital
                                                                                   Capital,Kaiser Permanente
                                                                                   Ventures,Kearny Venture
                                                                                   Partners,Prospect Venture         Tools that restore spine function and
Baxano                    San Jose            Expansion                 30,000,000 Partners,Three Arch Partners      preserve healthy tissues.

                                                                                  Asset Management Company
                                                                                  Venture Capital,Emergent
Biomimedica               Berkeley            Startup/Seed                595,000 Medical Ventures         Supplies medical devices.

                                                                                     Delphi Ventures,Duff
                                                                                     Ackerman &
                                                                                     Goodrich,Johnson & Johnson
                                                                                     Development,Kleiner Perkins
                                                                                     Caufield & Byers,Synergy        Medical devices for treating lung
Breathe Technologies      San Ramon           Startup/Seed              23,000,200   Partners                        diseases.
                                                                                     General Electric Venture
                                                                                     Capital,Kleiner Perkins
                                                                                     Caufield & Byers,Mohr
                                                                                     Davidow Ventures,Pappas
CardioDx                  Palo Alto           Expansion                 34,565,000   Ventures                        Cardiovascular genomic diagnostics.
                                                                                     PTV Sciences,Undisclosed        Medical devices to provide vascular
Cardiva Medical           Sunnyvale           Later Stage               10,000,000   Firm                            closure.
                                                                                     Column Group,Undisclosed
Carmot Therapeutics-1     San Francisco       Startup/Seed               1,550,000   Firm                            Therapeutic drugs.
                                                                                     Allen & Company,Camelot
                                                                                     Ventures,Undisclosed            Hematopoietic stem cell-based
Cellerant Therapeutics    San Carlos          Later Stage                2,288,000   Firm,Undisclosed Firm           therapies for cancer treatment.
                                                                                     Enterprise Partners Venture
                                                                                     Capital,Essex Woodlands
                                                                                     Health Ventures,Highland
                                                                                     Capital Management,OVP
                                                                                     Venture Partners,Prospect
                                                                                     Venture Partners,Undisclosed    Operates as a medical company
Complete Genomics         Mountain View       Expansion                 20,000,200   Firm                            concentrating on dna sequencing.
                                                                                     Prospect Venture
                                                                                     Partners,Undisclosed            Electrosurgical systems for treating
DFINE                     San Jose            Expansion                 26,702,000   Firm,Vanguard Ventures          tissue.

                                                                                   New Enterprise
Guided Delivery Systems-1 Santa Clara         Expansion                 30,000,000 Associates,Undisclosed Firm       Medical device.
                                                                                   Technology                        Minimally invasive treatment for
Gynesonics                Redwood City        Startup/Seed              15,123,000 Ventures,InterWest Partners       fibroid tumors.
                                                                                                                     Devices for managing av graft
HotSpur Techonologies     Mountain View       Early Stage                  140,000 Finistere Ventures                thrombus.
                                                                                   Highland Capital
                                                                                   Partners,Sofinnova                Operates as a biopharmaceutical
Hyperion Therapeutics     South San Francisco Early Stage               22,431,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm         company.
                                                                                   5AM Ventures,Column               Operates as bioopharmaceutical
Igenica                   Burlingame          Startup/Seed              24,000,000 Group,OrbiMed Advisors            company.

                                                                                   5AM Ventures,Adams Street
                                                                                   Partners,Emergent Medical
                                                                                   Ventures, Frazier Healthcare
                                                                                   and Technology
Incline Therapeutics-1    Redwood City        Startup/Seed              43,000,000 Ventures,Technology Partners Pharmaceuticals.

                                                                                   Cooley Godward New
                                                                                   Enterprise Associates,New
                                                                                   Leaf Venture
Intarcia Therapeutics     Hayward             Later Stage               14,488,000 Partners,Venrock Associates       Therapeutic drug delivery devices.

                                                                                   Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                                   Fund,DFJ InCube Ventures,L
                                                                                   Capital Partners,Oxford    Implantable gastric pacemaker for
Intrapace                 Mountain View       Later Stage               49,771,000 Bioscience Partners        the treatment of obesity.
                                                                             Mohr Davidow
                                                                             Ventures,Synergy Life Science
iRhythm Technologies       San Francisco       Early Stage         9,999,900 Partners,Undisclosed Firm     Cardiac monitoring device.
                                                                                                           Molecular diagnostic products for
Linkage Biosciences        San Francisco       Early Stage           100,000 Greenhouse Capital Partners genetic testing.
                                                                             Marubeni,Undisclosed          Biosensor technology for the
NeuroSky-1                 San Jose            Early Stage        11,800,000 Firm,Undisclosed Firm         consumer market.
                                                                             Prospect Venture Partners,Rho
                                                                             Capital Partners,Undisclosed Operates as a biopharmaceutical
NGM Biopharmaceuticals     South San Francisco Early Stage         4,500,000 Firm                          company.
                                                                             Hercules Technology Growth
                                                                             Capital,MedVenture            Non-invasive devices for measuring
OptiScan Biomedical        Hayward             Later Stage        32,200,000 Associates,Wexford Capital, and monitoring glucose.
                                                                             Alloy Ventures,Kleiner
Pacific Biosciences        Menlo Park          Expansion          50,000,000 Perkins Caufield & Byers      A dna sequencing platform.
                                                                                                           Medical devices in the field of
Pulmonx                    Redwood City        Later Stage         2,000,000 Kaiser Permanente Ventures interventional pulmonology.
QuantaLife-1               Pleasanton          Startup/Seed        7,500,000 Paladin Capital Management Nucleic acid testing products.
Quark Pharmaceuticals      Fremont             Later Stage        10,000,000 Undisclosed Firm              Biopharmaceutical products.
                                                                             5AM Ventures,Versant          Industrial chemicals from
Rennovia                   Menlo Park          Startup/Seed        6,000,000 Ventures                      atmospheric carbon dioxide.
                                                                             Essex Woodlands Health
                                                                             Ventures,Shepherd             Aesthetic and therapeutic
Revance Therapeutics       Newark              Early Stage         7,815,000 Ventures,Vivo Ventures        dermatology products.
                                                                             Adams Street Partners,Charter
                                                                             Life Sciences,Latterell
                                                                             Venture Partners,Versant      A device system for treatment of
Revascular Therapeutics    Sunnyvale           Later Stage         1,300,000 Ventures                      total occlusions in arteries.

Spine View                 Fremont             Early Stage         8,706,000 Ascent Biomedical Ventures       Surgical and interventional system.
                                                                             Angels' Forum & the Halo
Theron Pharmaceuticals-1   Sunnyvale           Early Stage           407,000 Fund                             Pharmaceutical products.
                                                                                                              Capillary force vaporizer (cpv)
Vapore                     Alameda             Expansion            506,900 Bradley Resources                 devices.
Vaxart                     San Francisco       Early Stage           46,200 Bay Partners                      Oral vaccines.

                                                                             Domain Associates,Kleiner
                                                                             Perkins Caufield & Byers,TPG Operates as a private molecular
VeraCyte                   South San Francisco Early Stage        28,000,000 Growth,Versant Ventures      diagnostics company.
                                                                             Alta Partners,Sutter Hill
Virobay                    Menlo Park          Early Stage        10,000,000 Ventures                     Discovers and anti-viral drugs.

                                                                             5AM Ventures,GBS Venture         Operates as a medical devices
Viveve                     Palo Alto           Expansion           4,000,000 Partners,                        research and development company.
                                                                             Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                             Byers,RWI Ventures,Three
Voyage Medical             Redwood City        Startup/Seed       20,600,000 Arch Partners                    Cardiac medical devices.

                                                                             Ascent Biomedical
                                                                             Ventures,Charter Life
XLumena                    Mountain View       Early Stage         3,000,000 Sciences,Prism VentureWorks Operates endosurgery company.

                                                                             Advanced Technology
                                                                             Capital,Frazier Healthcare and
                                                                             Technology Ventures,Venrock Operates as a medical device
Zeltiq Aesthetics          Pleasanton          Expansion          25,000,000 Associates                     development company.
          Name                      City       MoneyTree Stage   Amount                  Investors             Business Description (edited)
                                                                               Adara Venture                  Security information and event
AlienVault-1               Sunnyvale           Expansion           3,999,900   Partners,Undisclosed Firm      management (siem) solutions.
                                                                               Undisclosed Firm,Undisclosed   Platform that connects buyers &
Appbackr-1                 Palo Alto           Startup/Seed           50,000   Firm                           sellers of mobile applications.
                                                                               August Capital
                                                                               e Capital Partners,JAFCO                   Palo Alto           Early Stage         8,500,000   Ventures                       Online payment system.
                                                                               Focus Ventures,InterWest
                                                                               Partners,Norwest Venture       Online advertising network focused                  San Mateo           Expansion          14,000,000   Partners                       on brand advertising.
                                                                               Accel Partners,Bridgescale
                                                                               Partners,Charles River
                                                                               Ventures,Intel Capital,Mohr
                                                                               Davidow Ventures,Nauta         Embedded analytics for the wireless
Carrier IQ                 Mountain View       Expansion          12,000,000   Capital                        industry.
                                                                               Investor Growth
                                                                               Ventures,Norwest Venture       Enterprise solutions for workforce
ClairMail                  San Rafael          Expansion          13,807,000   Partners                       mobility.

                                                                             New Enterprise                   Real-time precision targeting
Compass Labs               San Jose            Early Stage         4,000,000 Associates,Undisclosed Firm      services.
                                                                             Benchmark Capital,Sequoia        Content delivery network (cdn)
Cotendo                    Sunnyvale           Expansion          12,000,000 Capital,Tenaya Capital           platform.
                                                                                                              Personalized purchasing
Criteo SA                  Palo Alto           Expansion           7,000,000 Bessemer Venture Partners        recommendation services.
                                                                                                              In-game advertising and marketing
Double Fusion              San Francisco       Expansion           3,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                 solutions.
                                                                             Castile Ventures,Formative
                                                                             Ventures,RB Webber &
                                                                             Company,Retro Venture
                                                                             Management,Rho Capital
Eightfold Logic            San Francisco       Expansion           5,200,000 Partners,                        Search analytics solutions.

                                                                             Battery Ventures, Foundation
                                                                             Capital,Steamboat            Video content owners with video
FreeWheel Media            San Mateo           Expansion          15,899,900 Ventures,Turner Broadcasting rights and services.
                                                                                                          Online education and learning
Inquisitive Minds-1        Mountain View       Early Stage         2,600,000 Harrison Metal Capital       services.
                                                                             Ventures,ff Asset            Social web influence measurement
Klout-1                    San Francisco       Early Stage         1,500,000 Management                   services.
                                                                             Bay Partners,Canaan
                                                                             Ventures,Norwest Venture
Lending Club               Redwood City        Expansion          23,648,000 Partners                     Online lending community.
                                                                             InterWest Partners,Mayfield
Marketo                    San Mateo           Later Stage        10,000,000 Fund,Storm Ventures          Lead management software.
                                                                                                   Online word-of-mouth advertising
MyLikes-1                San Francisco   Early Stage          630,000 Individuals,Undisclosed Firm platform.

                                                                       Founders Fund,Glynn Capital
Palantir Technologies    Palo Alto       Expansion          90,000,000 sclosed Firm                 Data analysis software.
                                                                                                    Online payroll service to small and
Perquest                 Dublin          Later Stage         4,000,000 StarVest Partners,           medium-sized businesses.
                                                                       Charles River Ventures,Duff
                                                                       Ackerman &
                                                                       Partners,Madrone Capital     Unsecured consumer loans to the
Progress Financial       Mountain View   Expansion          28,000,000 Partners                     hispanic community.
                                                                       Draper Fisher
                                                                       Jurvetson,Helion Venture
                                                                       Partners,Nexus Venture       Ad optimization service for online
PubMatic                 Palo Alto       Expansion           7,500,000 Partners                     publishers worldwide.
                                                                       Bessemer Venture
                                                                       Ventures,Kleiner Perkins
                                                                       Caufield & Byers,Undisclosed Online privacy, security and
ReputationDefender       Redwood City    Expansion          15,000,000 Firm                         reputation management solutions.

SeeSaw Networks          San Francisco   Expansion           6,089,000 Sutter Hill Ventures             Out of home digital media network.

TellAPal-1               San Francisco   Early Stage         2,700,000 Trident Capital                  Operates online marketing company.
                                                                                                        Predictive customers analytics
TellApart-1              Burlingame      Early Stage         4,750,000 Greylock Partners                platform.

                                                                       Cardinal Venture                 Decoupled debit enablement
Tempo Payments           San Mateo       Later Stage         4,100,000 Capital,Selby Venture Partners   services.
                                                                       Accel Partners,Baseline
                                                                       Ventures,Duff Ackerman &         Website privacy programs and
TRUSTe                   San Francisco   Later Stage        12,199,200 Goodrich,JAFCO Ventures          information disclosure standards.
                                                                       Norwest Venture
                                                                       Partners,Sequoia                 Virtual meeting spaces for corporate
Unisfair                 Menlo Park      Later Stage         3,000,000 Capital,Undisclosed Firm         events.
                                                                       Steamboat                        Video content identification and
Vobile                   Santa Clara     Expansion               1,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm        management services.
                                                                       Foundation Capital,Sigma
Zetta                    Sunnyvale       Early Stage         3,000,000 Partners                         Cloud storage solutions.
                                                                       BlueRun Ventures,Canaan          Open source based storage software
Zmanda                   Sunnyvale       Expansion           1,612,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm        and services.

                                                                                                        Payment service for online gaming
Zong-1                   Menlo Park      Expansion          15,000,000 Matrix Partners                  and social networking web sites.
       Name                       City   MoneyTree Stage   Amount               Investors                Business Description (edited)
                                                                       Benchmark Capital,Duff
                                                                       Ackerman & Goodrich,Oak          Operates a network of boutique
1Life Healthcare         San Francisco   Expansion          15,000,000 Investment Partners              medical practices.

                                                                                                        A database for relationships between           San Francisco   Early Stage         1,600,000 Individuals,SPARK Ventures       professors and researchers.
                                                                       CIC Partners,Good
                                                                       Capital,Pacific Community
                                                                       Ventures,Sherbrooke              Organic coffee drinks and other
Adina For Life           San Francisco   Expansion          22,525,000 Capital,Undisclosed Firm         beverages.
                                                                       JAFCO Ventures,Selby
                                                                       Venture Partners,Sigma
Attributor               San Mateo       Expansion           3,408,900 Partners                         Online content licensing technology.
                                                                       August Capital                   Operates a website that allows users
                                                                       Management,Charles River         to share all the purchase
Blipify                  Palo Alto       Early Stage        11,200,000 Ventures                         information.

                                                                       Adams Capital
                                                                       Management,Norwest Venture       Operates online textbook rental           San Mateo       Early Stage        10,000,000 Partners,Storm Ventures          service.
Chug-1                   San Francisco   Startup/Seed        1,023,000 Rembrandt Venture Partners       Operates as a stealth mode firm.
                                                                       Capital,Individuals,Rembrandt    And supplies cover for electronic
Coveroo-1                San Francisco   Early Stage         2,300,100 Venture Partners                 devices.

                                                                                                        Delivers on-the-spot micro-volunteer
Extraordinaries, The     San Francisco   Early Stage           720,000 True Ventures                    opportunites to mobile phones.
                                                                       Mohr Davidow                     Operates online music video
Fliptrack                Redwood City    Expansion           2,650,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm        company.
                                                                                                        Operates a food-centric social
FoodBuzz                 San Francisco   Expansion           1,000,000 Borealis Ventures                networking site.
                                                                                                        Online source of facts and
Foodily-1                San Mateo       Startup/Seed        4,000,000 Index Ventures                   informations.
                                                                       Individuals,New Cycle            An online personal debt
GoalSpring Financial-1   San Francisco   Early Stage         2,000,100 Capital,Tugboat Ventures         management.
Gogobot-1                Palo Alto       Early Stage         4,000,000 Battery Ventures,                Operates a travel website.
                                                                       Atlas Venture,Benchmark
                                                                       Capital,Integral Capital
Grockit                  San Francisco   Early Stage         7,000,000 Partners                         Online test prep school.
                                                                       Reed Elsevier
                                                                       Firm,VantagePoint Venture        Online medical and healthcare
Healthline Networks      San Francisco   Later Stage         6,999,900 Partners                         portal.

                                                                       Big Sky Partners,Greenhouse
Lifefactory              Sausalito       Early Stage         1,650,000 Capital Partners                 Infant products and playthings.
                                                                                                        Over the counter card issuing
Medagate-1               San Carlos      Early Stage         1,000,000 ATA Ventures                     platform.
                                                                       AOL Ventures,Founder
Metamarkets Group-1      San Francisco   Early Stage         1,965,000 Firm,Village Ventures            Real-time price data and analytics.
                                                                       DCM,Lightspeed Venture
Project Slice-1          Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        5,026,000 Partners                         Other products and services.
                                                                       Accel Partners,Benchmark
                                                                       Capital,Duff Ackerman &
                                                                       Ventures,Meritech Capital
                                                                       Firm,Undisclosed                 Online marketplace for people-to-
Prosper Marketplace      San Francisco   Expansion          15,021,000 Firm,Undisclosed Firm            people lending.
                                                                      Polaris Venture                 A database of location-specific
PublicEarth             Greenbrae       Early Stage         1,000,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm       content.
                                                                                                      Widgets and applications on the
Rock You                Redwood City    Expansion          10,000,000 SoftBank Capital                social web.
                                                                                                      Online legal services and retail legal
Rocket Lawyer-1         San Francisco   Later Stage         7,000,000 Investor Growth Capital,        software products.
Smart Balloon-1         San Francisco   Early Stage         2,500,000 Union Square Ventures           Social games.

                                                                      Claremont Creek
                                                                      Ventures,Intel Capital,Javelin Operates a real estate intelligence
SmartZip Analytics      Pleasanton      Early Stage         4,500,000 Ventures Limited               website.
                                                                                                     A development platform for social
Social Gaming Network   Palo Alto       Early Stage         2,000,000 Individuals,Undisclosed Firm game distribution.
                                                                                                     A marketplace and review site for
Thumbtack-1             San Francisco   Early Stage         1,200,000 Individuals                    local services.
                                                                      AOL Ventures,Founder
Trazzler-1              San Francisco   Early Stage         1,100,000 osed Firm                      Travel recommendations services.
                                                                      First Round                    Online resource for professional
Unvarnished-1           San Francisco   Early Stage           500,000 Capital,Undisclosed Firm       reviews.
                                                                      Carlyle Group,Technology       Content and technology services to
Viator                  San Francisco   Later Stage         4,000,000 Venture Partners Pty           the travel industry.
                                                                      IDG Ventures SF,U.S.           Operates a website that combines
Winster                 San Mateo       Expansion           3,000,000 Venture Partners               online games with online retailing.

                                                                      Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                      Fund,Kohlberg Ventures,U.S.
Wordlock                Santa Clara     Expansion           1,626,000 Venture Partners            Locks that use word combinations.
         Name                  City     MoneyTree Stage   Amount                Investors              Business Description (edited)
                                                                      Clearstone Venture
                                                                      Partners,Kleiner Perkins        Bandwidth laser communication
AOptix Technologies     Campbell        Later Stage         5,622,000 Caufield & Byers                systems.
                                                                      Aphelion Capital,California     Scientific chromatography
Aurora SFC Systems-1    Redwood City    Early Stage         5,065,000 Technology Ventures             instruments.
                                                                                                      Wedding photography and
Bella Pictures          San Francisco   Expansion           5,000,000 Foundation Capital              videography services.
                                                                      North Bridge Venture            Operates as a gaming network
Bigfoot Networks        Redwood City    Expansion           2,000,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm       technology company.
                                                                      Accede Capital,Coates
                                                                      Myer,U.S. Venture               Audio and video communications
Dilithium Networks      Petaluma        Later Stage         1,500,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm       solutions for converged networks.
                                                                      HarbourVest Partners,Investor
                                                                      Growth Capital,Menlo            Printing and logistics solutions for
ePAC Technologies       San Leandro     Later Stage         2,000,000 Ventures                        the technology industry.
                                                                                                      Online video editing and
Flixlab                 Palo Alto       Early Stage           752,400 Riverwood Capital               collaboration platform.
                                                                      Canaan Partners,JAFCO           Network monitoring and
GroundWork Open Source San Francisco    Later Stage         1,999,000 Ventures,Mayfield Fund          management software.

                                                                      Bridgescale Partners,Crosslink
                                                                      Ventures,Mohr Davidow          Flash drives and usb management
IronKey                 Los Altos       Expansion          22,000,000 Ventures                       software.

MoBeam-1                Cupertino       Expansion           1,300,000 Individuals,Nexit Ventures Oy Digital loyalty card manager.
                                                                                                    Commercial laser technologies
Raydiance               Petaluma        Expansion           1,250,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson       applications.
                                                                                                    Communications processor and
Ubicom                  San Jose        Later Stage         1,200,000 Mayfield Fund                 software platforms.

      Name                     City     MoneyTree Stage   Amount                Investors              Business Description (edited)

                                                                        Alloy Ventures,Lightspeed
                                                                        Venture Partners,New World
                                                                        Ventures,Undisclosed          Technology for mobile advertising,
Apptera                 Sunnyvale       Expansion          10,000,000   Firm,Walden International     search and commerce.
                                                                        Javelin Venture
                                                                        Partners,Walden Venture
Capeco-1                Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        3,165,000   Capital                       Wi-fi network technologies.
                                                                        Jolimont Capital Pty,Lend     Wireless sensor and control
Daintree Networks       Mountain View   Expansion           8,000,000   Lease Ventures                networks.
                                                                        El Dorado Ventures,Palomar    Voip networking and security
Edgewater Networks      Santa Clara     Later Stage          882,000    Ventures                      solutions.
                                                                        Alloy Ventures,North Bridge
Infineta Systems        San Jose        Early Stage        15,000,000   Venture Partners              Network infrastructure technology.
                                                                        Hercules Technology Growth    Infrastructure and services to
IntelePeer              San Mateo       Later Stage        10,000,000   Capital,                      connect voice service providers.

                                                                      Partners,Crescendo Venture
                                                                      Management,Duff Ackerman
                                                                      & Goodrich,Integral Capital
Jasper Wireless         Sunnyvale       Expansion          21,181,300 Partners,Sequoia Capital      Wireless data services.
                                                                      Battery Ventures, First Round
Jelli                   San Mateo       Early Stage         7,101,000 Capital                       Internet radio services.
                                                                                                    Real-time web communication
Kaazing                 Mountain View   Early Stage         3,285,000 Undisclosed Firm              solutions.
                                                                      Canaan Partners,JK&B          International mobile call
MINO Wireless USA       Santa Clara     Expansion          11,372,000 Capital                       management.
OneRoof-1               San Francisco   Early Stage         3,400,000 Undisclosed Firm              Internet to their customers.
                                                                      Atlantic Bridge
                                                                      Ventures,Granite              Wi-fi compatible communication
Ozmo                    Palo Alto       Expansion          10,800,000 Ventures,Intel Capital        technologies.

                                                                      Charles River
Samplify Systems        Santa Clara     Later Stage         4,000,000 Ventures,Formative Ventures     Real-time compression ip solutions.
                                                                      Accel Partners,BV
Sonim Technologies      San Mateo       Later Stage         9,000,000 Capital,Undisclosed Firm        Mobile phones.
                                                                      HighBAR                         Mobile access to pc-based
SoonR                   Campbell        Expansion           4,500,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm       information.
                                                                      Capital,Individuals,New         Links to radio stations tailored to
Stitcher                San Francisco   Early Stage         6,000,000 Atlantic Ventures               consumer interests.
                                                                      Hercules Technology Growth      Performing access-independent
Stoke                   Santa Clara     Expansion          10,000,000 Capital,                        gateway.
      Name                     City     MoneyTree Stage   Amount               Investors               Business Description (edited)
                                                                      Claremont Creek
Alphabet Energy-1       Berkeley        Startup/Seed        1,000,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm       Waste heat recovery technology.
Applied Quantum
Technology-1               Santa Clara     Startup/Seed       10,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                Cigs thin-film solar cells.
                                                                         Morgan Stanley Private
                                                                         Firm,VantagePoint Venture       Transportation systems that support
Better Place               Palo Alto       Expansion         350,000,300 Partners                        electric vehicles.
                                                                         Austral Capital,Undisclosed
Bio Architecture Lab       Berkeley        Early Stage            41,000 Firm                            Clean technology products.
                                                                         Draper Fisher
                                                                         Jurvetson,Morgan Stanley
                                                                         Private Equity,Undisclosed
                                                                         Firm,VantagePoint Venture
BrightSource Energy        Oakland         Later Stage       150,000,000 Partners                        Utility-scale solar power plants.
                                                                         Undisclosed Firm,Undisclosed
Chromasun-1                San Jose        Startup/Seed        3,000,000 Firm                            Solar power systems for rooftops.
Clean Filtration                                                         Dow Chemical,Undisclosed
Technologies               Redwood City    Early Stage         3,500,000 Firm                            Water treatment technology.
                                                                         Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                         Byers,Rockport Capital
Enphase Energy             Petaluma        Expansion          16,800,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm       Solar power add-on products.
Integrated Photovoltaics   Sunnyvale       Early Stage           575,100 Ventures                        Photovoltaic solutions.
Mission Motor-1            San Francisco   Early Stage         3,357,000 Ann Arbor SPARK                 Electric motorbikes.
                                                                                                         Solar panel test and characterization
PV Evolution Labs-1        San Francisco   Early Stage           634,000 Renewable Ventures,             services.
                                                                         Rockport Capital
                                                                         Partners,Shasta Ventures
Recurve                    San Francisco   Expansion           8,103,900 Firm                            Home retrofitting services.

                                                                         Draper Fisher                   Energy efficiency and system
Scientific Conservation    Berkeley        Early Stage         5,000,000 Jurvetson,Westly Group, The     optimization software solutions.
                                                                         Cheyenne Capital
                                                                         Capital,Mesirow Private
                                                                         Equity Investments,Navitas
                                                                         Capital,New Enterprise
                                                                         Associates,Rustic Canyon
                                                                         Ventures,Staenberg Venture
Serious Materials          Sunnyvale       Later Stage        19,830,000 Venture Partners                Supplies eco-friendly materials.
                                                                         Khosla Ventures,Silicom
SkyWatch Energy-1          Mountain View   Expansion          10,500,000 Ventures                        Wholsales solar equipment.

                                                                         CMEA Capital,DBL
                                                                         Investors,Mitsui Venture
                                                                         Capital,NGEN Partners,Sigma Photovoltaic module production
Solaria                    Fremont         Later Stage        45,106,200 Partners,Undisclosed Firm   solutions.
                                                                         Birchmere Ventures,DBL
                                                                         Investors,Olympus Capital
Solexant                   San Jose        Expansion          41,500,200 Capital,Undisclosed Firm    Photovoltaic cells.

                                                                         Braemar Energy
                                                                         Ventures,General Catalyst
                                                                         Ventures,Lightspeed Venture Nanostructure-based pv
Stion                      San Jose        Expansion          70,000,000 Partners,VentureTech Alliance technologies.
                                                                         Accel Partners,Foundation
SunRun                     San Francisco   Expansion          55,000,000 Capital,Sequoia Capital       Residential solar electricity.

                                                                         Israel Cleantech
                                                                         Ventures,Matrix Partners,OVP
                                                                         Venture Partners,Undisclosed Management systems for solar
Tigo Energy                Los Gatos       Expansion          10,100,000 Firm,Undisclosed Firm        installations.
         Name                     City     MoneyTree Stage   Amount                  Investors             Business Description (edited)
                                                                           ARCH Venture
                                                                           Partners,Adams Street
                                                                           Ventures,Harris & Harris      Operates as a fabless semiconductor
Adesto Technologies        Sunnyvale       Early Stage         3,500,000   Group                         company.
                                                                           DCM,Venrock Associates,WK     System-on-a-chip (soc) baseband
ApaceWave Technologies     Fremont         Later Stage         7,800,000   Associates                    processors.
                                                                           Adams Capital
AutoESL Design                                                             Management,Infotech Pacific   Platform-based electronic system
Technologies               Cupertino       Early Stage         2,000,000   Ventures                      level (esl) synthesis tools.
                                                                           Crescendo Venture
                                                                           Ventures,Kleiner Perkins
eASIC                      Santa Clara     Later Stage        10,719,900   Caufield & Byers              Asic technology.
                                                                           Apex Venture
                                                                           Capital,New Enterprise
KLP                        Santa Clara     Expansion          15,806,000   Associates,                   Single chip reprogrammable fpga.
                                                                           Sequoia Capital,Sigma
                                                                           Partners,Southern Cross
Quantenna                                                                  Venture Partners,TPG          Operates as a fabless semiconductor
Communications             Fremont         Expansion           1,668,000   Capital,Venrock Associates    company.
                                                                           Storm Ventures,U.S. Venture   Operates as a semiconductor
Silego Technology          Santa Clara     Later Stage         5,750,000   Partners,Weston Presidio      components company.
                                                                                                         Silicon wafers for the photovoltaic
Solaicx                    Santa Clara     Later Stage        36,442,000 Big Sky Partners                industry.

                                                                         Apex Venture Partners,NGEN
                                                                         Partners,New Enterprise    Solar concentrator photovoltaic
SolFocus                   Mountain View   Expansion          18,822,000 Associates                 systems.

                                                                         August Capital
                                                                         Management,Kleiner Perkins
                                                                         Caufield & Byers,New
Suvolta                    Los Gatos       Early Stage        22,175,000 Enterprise Associates,          Semiconductor technology.
                                                                                                         Radio-frequency identification (rfid)
TagArray-1                 Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        2,973,000 Individuals                     chips and tags.
                                                                     Columbia Capital,GGV
                                                                     Capital,U.S. Venture
                                                                     Partners,Undisclosed             Integrated circuits for the ethernet
Teranetics             San Jose        Later Stage         7,840,000 Firm,Venrock Associates          transport.
                                                                     Battery Ventures,
                                                                     Ventures,Norwest Venture
Zenverge               Cupertino       Expansion          30,000,000 Partners                         Semiconductors.
         Name                  City    MoneyTree Stage   Amount               Investors                Business Description (edited)
                                                                     BlueRun Ventures,Shenzhen        Markets automatic optical inspection
3i Systems             Sunnyvale       Expansion           5,000,000 Capital Group                    (aoi).
                                                                                                      Performance management software
Acesis-1               Mountain View   Expansion           3,638,000 Spur Capital Partners            for hospitals.
                                                                     ATA Ventures,D. E. Shaw          Wireless business solutions for
Altierre               San Jose        Later Stage         9,981,000 Group                            consumer retail chains.
Appcelerator           Mountain View   Early Stage         2,094,000 Individuals,Storm Ventures       Open source software.

                                                                     Greylock Partners,Lightspeed     Application deployment platform for
AppDynamics            San Francisco   Early Stage        11,000,000 Venture Partners                 virtualized environments.
                                                                     First Round Capital,Venrock
BillFloat-1            San Francisco   Early Stage         3,100,000 Associates                       Bill payment solutions.
                                                                     Ventures,Walden Venture          Information technology software
Blazent                San Mateo       Later Stage        10,000,000 Capital                          services.
                                                                     Battery Ventures, Founder
                                                                     Collective,Harrison Metal        Service application for mobile
BlockChal-1            Menlo Park      Early Stage         1,000,000 Capital,Individuals              devices.

                                                                     Accel Partners,Duff Ackerman
                                                                     & Goodrich,Kleiner Perkins
Booyah                 San Francisco   Early Stage        20,000,100 Caufield & Byers             Mobile and web content.
                                                                     Undisclosed Firm,Venrock
Canesta                Sunnyvale       Later Stage         5,100,000 Associates                   Electronic perception technology.
                                                                                                  Markets software for carbon market
CarbonFlow             San Francisco   Expansion             766,000 OVP Venture Partners         participants.

                                                                     Maverick Capital,Oak
                                                                     Investment Partners,U.S.
                                                                     Venture Partners,Undisclosed
Castlight Health       San Francisco   Startup/Seed       60,000,200 Associates,Welcome Trust     A web application.
Chatter Trap-1         Menlo Park      Early Stage         1,500,000 Horizon Ventures             Internet software.

                                                                     Index Ventures,Nexus Venture              Cupertino       Early Stage        11,000,100 Partners,Redpoint Ventures   Cloud computation software.

                                                                     InterWest Partners,Leapfrog      Data services software for business
Cloud9 Analytics       Redwood City    Later Stage         8,000,000 Ventures,Mayfield Fund           intelligence applications.
                                                                     Bay Partners,Sierra
Code Green Networks    Sunnyvale       Expansion           4,000,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm        Content security software.
                                                                     Alsop Louie Partners,Menlo       Social business intelligence
Crowdcast              San Francisco   Expansion           6,000,000 Ventures                         solutions
                                                                                                      Data analytics solution for business
Datameer-1             San Mateo       Early Stage         2,500,000 Redpoint Ventures                users.
                                                                     DragonVenture,Draper Fisher
                                                                     Jurvetson,New Enterprise
                                                                     Associates,SAP              Platforms and technologies for
DeviceVM               San Jose        Later Stage        10,000,100 Ventures,Storm Ventures     personal computing applications.

                                                                     Foundation Capital,Northgate Wireless technology for the energy
eMeter                 San Mateo       Later Stage        12,500,000 Capital Group,Sequoia Capital industry.

                                                                     Foundation Capital,Sutter Hill   Analytics-based products that
Guardian Analytics     Los Altos       Expansion           9,000,000 Ventures,Wells Fargo SBIC        prevent online identity theft.
                                                                     Baseline Ventures,Ignition
                                                                     Partners,Redpoint                Operates online deployment system
Heroku                 San Francisco   Early Stage        10,000,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm        for ruby on rails apps.
                                                                     Advanced Technology
                                                                     Ventures,StarVest Partners,
                                                                     Trident Capital,Undisclosed      Business performance management
Host Analytics         Redwood City    Later Stage        15,000,000 Firm                             (bpm) software solutions.
                                                                     Bertelsmann Capital              Licensing automation platforms for
ImageSpan              Sausalito       Expansion           3,190,000 Ventures,City Light Capital      digital media.
                                                                     Accel Partners,Morgan
                                                                     Stanley Private Equity,Three     Markets software technologies for
Ingenuity Systems      Redwood City    Later Stage        15,399,900 Arch Partners                    life science companies.
                                                                     Altos Ventures,Maverick          Analytics platform for social
Kontagent-1            San Francisco   Expansion           5,407,000 Capital                          network application developers.

                                                                     Motorola Ventures,NextStage
                                                                     Ventures,XAnge Private
KXEN                   San Francisco   Later Stage         8,000,000 Equity                      Analytics software.
                                                                                                 Global resource management
Librato                Santa Clara     Expansion           2,799,000 Undisclosed Firm            software for data centers.
                                                                     Capital,Emergence Capital
                                                                     Partners,Shasta Ventures    Solutions for building online
Lithium Technologies   Emeryville      Later Stage         5,250,000 Management                  communities.
                                                                     Trinity Ventures,True
Loggly                 San Francisco   Early Stage         4,200,000 Ventures                    Search log data software.
                                                                     Accel Partners,Khosla
Lookout                San Francisco   Expansion          11,000,100 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm   Software to ensure mobile security.
                                                                     Amicus Capital,Benchmark
                                                                     Capital,Duff Ackerman &
Marin Software         San Francisco   Expansion          11,200,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm   Search management applications.
                                                                     Highland Capital
                                                                     Partners,Khosla             Desktop virtualization technology
Moka5                  Redwood City    Expansion          20,841,000 Ventures,NGEN Partners      for consumers.
                                                                     Accel Partners,Mayfield
                                                                     Fund,North Bridge Venture   Memcached technology as a website
NorthScale-1           Mountain View   Early Stage        10,000,000 Partners                    solution.
                                                                     ABS Ventures,Dolphin Equity Hosted customer support software
Overtone               San Francisco   Later Stage         4,662,000 Partners                    solutions.
                                                                                                 Open mobile social network and
PapayaMobile-1         Menlo Park      Early Stage         4,000,000 DCM                         gaming plaform.
                                                                                                      Shopping cart services for use on
Payvment                 San Francisco   Early Stage       1,500,000 BlueRun Ventures,Individuals     social networks.
Power Assure             Santa Clara     Early Stage       5,250,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson          Energy management software.
Proferi-1                San Mateo       Startup/Seed      2,061,000 Horowitz,Greylock Partners       Analytics software.
                                                                     Menlo Ventures,Undisclosed       Applications that will create a virtual
ReadyForce               Menlo Park      Startup/Seed     14,042,000 Firm                             marketplace.
                                                                     Draper Fisher                    Personalization and product
RichRelevance-1          San Francisco   Expansion        14,250,000 Jurvetson,Undisclosed Firm       recommendation software.
                                                                     Radar Partners,Sequoia
Sencha-1                 Palo Alto       Early Stage      14,000,000 Capital                          Open-source javascript products.
                                                                                                      Licenses an open source object
Servo Software-1         San Mateo       Later Stage       3,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                 database.
                                                                     Excel Venture                    Note-taking and note-sharing
Snaptic-1                woodside        Startup/Seed      2,300,000 Management,Individuals           applications for mobile devices.
Sponge-1                 Emeryville      Startup/Seed        400,000 True Ventures                    Consumer web services.
                                                                     Undisclosed Firm,Undisclosed
Taggstr-1                San Francisco   Startup/Seed         50,000 Firm                         A tagging platform for mobile users.
                                                                     Hercules Technology Growth
Tectura                  San Mateo       Later Stage      17,500,000 Capital,                     For software companies.

                                                                     BlackBerry Partners
                                                                     Fund,First Round Capital,Intel
Transpera                San Francisco   Early Stage       6,710,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm        Mobile video ad platform software.
                                                                     Capital,TriplePoint              A price comparison tool to assist
Triggit                  San Francisco   Expansion         4,200,000 Capital,Undisclosed Firm         online shoppers.
                                                                     Hercules Technology Growth       Wireless network solutions for grid
Trilliant                Redwood City    Later Stage      25,000,000 Capital,                         management applications.

                                                                      ATA Ventures,Nokia Growth
uCirrus-1                San Mateo       Expansion          1,665,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm       Push technology software.
                                                                      Atlas Venture,Undisclosed       Markets virtualization software
VirtualLogix             Santa Clara     Later Stage          382,000 Firm                            platform.
                                                                      El Dorado Ventures,Intel
                                                                      Capital,Palomar                 Technology for automated customer
Voxify                   Alameda         Later Stage        8,000,000 Ventures,Sigma Partners         service via speech recognition.
                                                                                                      Entertainment applications for social
Watercooler              Redwood City    Expansion          8,000,000 Canaan Partners                 networks.
Wildfire Interactive-1   Palo Alto       Early Stage        4,040,100 Partners                        A social media marketing software.
                                                                      CMEA Capital,Undisclosed        Software for inventory-based
WorkingPoint             San Francisco   Expansion          9,068,400 Firm                            businesses.
Xactly                   San Jose        Later Stage        8,000,000 Alloy Ventures,Bay Partners     Sales compensation application.

                                                                     Atomico Ventures,Baseline
                                                                     Ventures,BlackBerry Partners
                                                                     Fund,Cisco Systems,First
                                                                     Round Capital,Khosla
Xobni                    San Francisco   Expansion        11,300,100 Ventures,RRE Ventures        Email analytics software.

                                                                      Azure Capital
                                                                      Partners,Index Ventures,Intel
                                                                      Ventures,Undisclosed          Hypertext preprocessor (php)
Zend Technologies        Cupertino       Later Stage        8,999,900 Firm,Walden Venture Capital technology.

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