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See also 90, after the "brain residual rich second generation",
with hundred dollar bills cigarette lighter
Core Tip: see also 90, after the "brain residual rich second
generation", to play good aggressive yuan, not only in the RMB on the
doodle graffiti, but also to the cigarette lighter installed lonely, really let the onlookers
stunned. We not only question left: Why is money to be used to show off, and I also
suspect that RMB is true, in fact, the currency and the RMB is only a manifestation of
self-worth, and be used to show off is totally impossible.
"FUcK U !!!!"

Mars Man on the RMB, my masterpiece

Multi-cat like me, printed in RMB on the cute?

I cut, I cut, I cut cut

"Sister" is rich, with hundred dollar bills cigarette lighter.

See also 90, after the "brain residual rich second generation", to
play good aggressive RMB
Chinese law could really be a piece of paper: The People's Republic of
China RMB Management Ordinance Article 43: intentional damage to the RMB, the
public security organs to give a warning, impose a fine of 10,000 yuan. Deliberately
destroy or damage is knowingly yuan, while the use of various means to destroy or
damage his.
Deliberately destroy or damage, including:
1) complete sections of renminbi banknotes deliberately cut or torn;
2) complete the RMB notes deliberately destroyed some or all of pyrotechnics;
3) The paper doodle of the RMB;
4) arts and crafts produced in RMB;
5) The melting of coins.
Fu II, This is a most people envy, jealousy, but little is known about the special groups.
Occurred in 2009, "Hu Bin case", "BMW
M", "drag racing party" and other news events, so
that "rich second generation" emerged as a media and public
attention. Therefore, they were labeled "degenerate generation",
"Wan Ku children" label. The training private enterprises in
Jiangsu Province "second generation head of the" message has
even more into the cusp of this group, plans to train 1,000 with two years of private
entrepreneurs Reserve, which is of Jiangsu Province in the "second
generation rich" proposition on the first collapsed, after all, in the next 10
years, as parents grow old they will gradually take over as the mainstream business
community "players."

Government is a power of inheritance, the "rich second
generation", what he is money or inheritors of wealth, so why so many
Internet users will challenge you to train is now a wealth of power. This is very
strange, because power is corruption with the combination of wealth, power to the
training of wealth, it sounds very strange, I would like to know what you want

Some "Fu II" I had been sent abroad for gold, this is not
working, and abroad he is also in a closed environment, he did not quite understand
the overseas foreign rules without understanding the potential of domestic rules.

And you can not say to come back from study abroad to China to play the set of
things. For example speaking, many of us go abroad to study MBA. Then I was asked
to read Should I say that you can read, read is not related to, but I tell you, go abroad
to study MBA coming back, getting on in China in general is not very good, because
what is it? Is something you learn over there is no relationship with China, do not take
the world of things and came back again attracted me.

"Adriano"           moms       and     dads     -     "rich
generation", and their success is a relatively isolated environment achieved.
We gave birth to 30 years of reform and opening up the "rich young
generation", these people successful environment simpler, but 30 years of
China's economic development has not touched any little depressed, are
straight up, so this way of entrepreneurs trained is not mature entrepreneurs. That
these people put so much wealth to the second generation, I can not imagine that they
can hold on, so you just said "Rich, second generation" is not
without reason. Because today's environment is too complex and
complicated to not only our "rich second generation" do not
know, and even our government do not know, the obvious example is that we have
talked about the price of water, about iron ore prices. Obviously, our entire country to
the international rules of the game do not understand, you can not expect this group of
people to come back to the United States to study a MBA will understand rules of the
game, it is futile.
It should have training in the community, and why? Please think about the power
linked with wealth, in other countries have not? Some. I, for example, Sweden is now
a very clean, very efficient, very democratic country, anyway, all good things it in
envy. But the 19th century is not like this, it is also very corrupt, and it is linked to
power with wealth.

Additional Words: training Fu II, the idea may be good, but still reflects our quick
success of the idea and practice. I urge everyone, especially wealthy people, money
exchange should be the face, should you want to use money in exchange for life.
Frequent explanation of these phenomena can only be: the children of wealthy not the
correct values. I also hope that those children to recognize their good family
background, not a show off.

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