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									Recruitment Methods and Techniques
(A) interview 
  Evaluation of known or expert interview interview interview. Formal conversations
with the subjects were to require subjects were using oral language to try to answer
the main question in order to understand the subjects were psychological evaluation
methods and potential capabilities. Including individual interviews, group interviews,
group interviews. 
An interview process: 
* Interview preparation: Identify the purpose; to develop an interview outline and
answers; interview time and place; to develop an interview evaluation form; interview
panels 
* The beginning of the interview: (3 to 4 minutes) to create a harmonious atmosphere
* Formal interview: structured interviews; non-structured interviews; hybrid interview
* End of the interview: finishing the interview record; complete the interview
evaluation form; an overall evaluation.
2 interview effect factors: 
* The lack of interview experience, the main test 
* Lack of understanding of the main test of the job 
* Main test anxious 
* Main test of the assessment standards are not uniform 
* Main test of the psychological bias: first impression: the halo effect, group
stereotypes, becoming in effect, never mistake a person personal bias 
  You lack of adaptability higher costs
      * Two-way communication can not easily quantified ·
  Multi-channel point to point access to the information subjects were determined by
trial judge Lord
Operation with:
Large-scale use of time can not easily be recorded interview evaluation form and vice
* Control of the interview process control table using the interview
* Multi-structured interviews with training in the main trial
* Clear purpose of the interview, common grading standard 
Job interview and evaluation process
Dissemination of recruitment information
To attract talent candidates
Design "candidates and fill in registration form
Organizational forms
Examination and test-type examination and tests
Implementation of the interview
Result of the interview archive
Result of the interview feedback
Person employed in conjunction with the employing department
Face of the results of the analysis and evaluation


(B) psychological test 
   Through a series of scientific methods to measure the subjects were the differences
between intelligence and personality of a scientific method. 
         Divided by the contents of the form by division 
  ?Kind of intelligence test written test 
         Projective personality test * test 
  ?Special Ability Test test test 
                              * Instrument Test 
            Advantages disadvantages
           ?* Quickly to abuse
           ?* More likely to be misinterpreted science
           ?* More fair
           ?* For comparison
?Used: standard (scale, direction words, the environment, procedures); 
       Stringent of (testing) 
(C) Knowledge test: 
  Knowledge test is also called examination in the form of examination by beginning
of a book to find out whether subjects could control the completion of a job candidate
must possess knowledge of a method. 
   ?Kind of encyclopedic knowledge exam (comprehensive examination) paper
design exercise
       ?* Examination in Professional Knowledge (depth test) · examination
room arrangements
  ?Class knowledge test (structural examination) with the teachers for invigilation
                                 * Marking requirements

   ?You may not scientific questions fairly short
       ?* Lower cost too much emphasis on memory
   ?Non-uniform point scoring points quickly
       Simple, no comparable
Use: 1, business as far as possible the establishment of item bank; 
         2, the experts a question; 
         3, strictly abide by the principles of test operations. 
?(D) scenario simulation 
   Under the subjects were likely to occupy, the preparation of a similar situation with
the job of test items, subjects were scheduled to work the simulation scenario, dealing
with various problems, using a variety of methods to evaluation of their psychological
qualities, potential ability of a number of ways.
          Document processing 
  ?In conversation: telephone conversations; receive visitors; call the person 
          Leaderless group discussion 
  ?Yung role-playing 
          Impromptu speech 
            ?Advantages disadvantages
          * Letter high (0.74 ~ 0 95) · longer
          * High efficiency (0.45 to 0.65) * cost is relatively high
          * Forecast strong need expert guidance
          * Play the role of training only for senior management
Use: * first used to screen most of the other candidates failed  Finally, scenario
simulation. 
       ?* Please specialist or professional body over. 
(E) labor skills test 
(F) testing the validity and reliability 
  ?Validity: refers to the recruitment of the true test to measure the quality and the
quality of the line you want to level. It can be divided into predictive validity, with
test validity, content validity. 
 ?Reliability: refers to the series of test results the level of stability and consistency. It
can be divided into test-retest reliability, split-half reliability of such reliability. 
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