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					Recommended books
   Many parents friends to recommend some reading of books, in fact, different
interests of each child is important to bring the child to choose one book to their own
set favorite books (comics or content as long as not too violent), the only they choose ,
the reading will be more interested in strong, personal recommendation:
Happy Little Newton Encyclopedia Series - "My sleepy friend"
Knowledge of fairy tales
Affect Chinese children's classic story
365 charming story of the night sky in the new century Illustrated
Children's Encyclopedia
Actively growing children ancient Hero
Sophisticated arsenal of the world view the way the essence of children's
literature classroom Analects of this fly (small Chilean children popular version)
Inner primary must-read fable Children's Publishing House under the
Ministry of Education, "Chinese New Standards," Selected
  Written for young readers of the Happy Little Wizard naughty horse jumping
"China's Best Fairy Tales," "Biographical
Stories Series" "idioms" "Three Character
Classic," "the window of the small Peas"
"New Century Version of thousands of children, why"
"Animal and Plant Encyclopedia," "Reading dark
horse" reading "the terrible science" book series,
"War Stories"
"Affect Chinese children's 100 classic fairy tale"
"Arabian         Nights,"       "future       life"
Andersen's Fairy Tales
   Children taught the story "Little Hong cushions and a small room
"Bragging King Adventures" "humorist Xiao

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