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									Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong: Chinese naval power in the world top 10 ranked
Navy Commander Wu Shengli the media, describes the development of the Chinese
navy. Navy 60 years, parade around the corner, the Chinese navy concentrated
appearance, strength, how? Defense Minister Liang public official position, China can
not always be no aircraft carriers, as the only major power without aircraft carriers,
with carriers in China mean? What have to break through bottlenecks in the
development of aircraft carriers? "Press 1 + 1" for your
April 23, the 60th anniversary of the Chinese navy military parade will be held soon
and the most recent period, the Navy made a series of news is that people have for the
unprecedented attention the Chinese navy. So the status of the Chinese navy is how?
They look like the future development strategy? It can be achieved offshore defense?
Today, we have specially invited studio on the National Defense University military
logistics equipment and military technology, associate director of Teaching and
Research Department, Rear Admiral Professor Zhang, Professor Zhang will wait to
answer the questions we have related. First of all, we passed a short, learn more about
the Navy news.
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Yesterday morning, five Chinese warships gathered in the Gulf of Aden, the first and
second batch of Chinese naval fleet have completed the first convoy escort mission.
For a time, China became the Gulf of Aden the most striking convoys of sea power.
Next Thursday to April 23, the People's Navy will usher in the birth of
their 60-year birthday, this day, the Chinese navy will be held in Qingdao area
large-scale marine parade, and more than 30 countries invited to participate in the
celebration of naval . Like to invite to jointly participate in foreign naval ships at sea
view-style parade in the history of the Chinese Navy is the first time.
Also yesterday, the Central Military Commission member, Navy Commander Wu
Shengli interview with Xinhua that after 60 years of construction and development,
the People's Navy has been able to carry out diversified military tasks at
any time, accelerating the pace of key weapons and equipment, development of large
surface combatants ships, underwater holding force and the good performance of the
new stealth submarines, supersonic combat aircraft cruise, accurate penetration ability
of long range missiles, torpedoes, deep high-speed intelligent, universal compatibility
with a good new generation of weapons, electronic warfare equipment equipment.
Recently, the Chinese Navy's intensive focus of media attention appeared
to become, especially in independent research and large surface combat vessels of the
argument, and immediately became the major media have been reproduced in this
two-day review of the hot spots.
China's navy has been a glorious force, but on the mid-90s ago my country
was relatively weak strength of the surface Navy, the lack of independent research and
development capabilities. Ten years ago, the Chinese navy from Russia at the world
advanced level with the modern class large missile destroyers, which the Chinese
navy was ground-breaking significance. But for a long period of time,
Russia's modern class are still the largest Chinese naval vessels large
surface combatants, China has independently developed a breakthrough has been very
At the same time, as China's economic development, more and more busy
sea transport routes, the need to safeguard the interests of territorial waters are
increasingly prominent, and the Gulf of Aden to escort the most prominent example,
the     "Wuhan"              destroyers,     "the      sea-ship
"," Weishan Lake ship, "consisting of the first
convoy formation, since December 26 last year, starting from the Sanya has been
awarded a total of 40 206 merchant served as escort, escorting merchant ships up to
40,000 km total distance, and orbit the earth at the equator week.
In the more than 100 days of the guard, the first convoy formation also attacked the
ship to rescue the three, then retaining a fishing boat. There is no doubt that in
today's increasingly complex international environment, a powerful
Chinese navy is indispensable for China's peaceful development of sharp
spears and shields tip.
Focus on the future, how the young Chinese naval development and
China's national strength can be cast from the sea proportionate force in the
Chinese Navy is about to enter 60th birthday today, this is what every Chinese are
very concerned about.
Zhang, we looked at the history of the Chinese navy set up in this 60th anniversary of
the inside, with a total of three times this big military parade, one in 1957, one in 1995,
and is this year. Then we are not historically what rules can be found, for example, not
every five, every ten had to be big military parade, which this time the reason for such
a parade?
Zhang Zhaozhong (guest observer):
This time 60 years, the Chinese person is one cycle, a cycle of from 60 years of
speaking, I feel this is a very important festival. I personally feel, the people of the
Navy gone through 60 glorious years, 60 years I see it is usually divided into two
phases, the first stage after the first 30 years and 30 years, the first 30 years, people
have gone through basically the Navy an independent, self-reliance, developing their
own weapons and equipment. Navy's five branches, the Navy's
surface ships, submarines, naval aviation, coastal defense forces and marines, then
basically set up the first 30 years up.
Is based on self-reliance.
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Yes, weapons and equipment also has the first and second generation has started to
develop. So 30 years later, basically reform and opening up, reform and opening up
30 years of reform and opening up 30 years on the basis of self-developed, a large
number to introduce the number of foreign weapons and equipment, foreign weapons,
including Russia's and the West, some imported equipment, some of the
imported technology, creating a third generation of our advanced weapons.
Then the parade 60 years, we will see, the people will be to the party and the state
navy, 60 years to show people the great achievements of weapons and equipment.
Then the display, but also to the people to represent in the future will be what kind of
direction. Wu commander in his acceptance of Xinhua News Agency reporters De
Tanhua and Dang Zhongye talked about the future direction of the Navy to which a
Professor Zhang, I am a layman, I try not to ask an outsider, I try. After 60 years of
development, we are now from the equipment, if the Navy is, what level we are then
in terms of their operational capability is what level? Did not know so ask if it lay?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Yes, all OK, but the equipment is operational capabilities of a foundation is critical.
This is a very, very difficult question to answer, many people have asked me this
question, I often think. I feel, speaking from our weapons, weapons and equipment is
usually so measured, is its level of mechanization level and how kind of information.
Navy 60 years we should be doing so, we in general is from the semi-mechanization
to mechanization, now with a certain level of information. In the above, I personally
feel in terms of mechanization and information technology areas, we and other
countries, we came in after more than a dozen.
This mean?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
For example, and the United States, Russia, and Western Britain, France, Germany,
Italy, and Japan than we are around, then a great gap between us, because they
basically realized mechanization, our semi-mechanized only just begun.
Professor Zhang said here, we know that international political theory which, when
two sovereign states in ensuring their own safety, they often think they all respect
each other's military strength than the strength for the job when the level of
our country's military, the navy force behind dozens of time, does this
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Came in about a dozen time means that this is the case, a navy that we started late, we
60 years, people have built 200 years, 200 years, some of which lasted even longer,
more like the British Navy, The maritime tradition of the country, we can achieve in
60 years, which has such a big achievement is already very easy, in our results the
time Kandao, Tongshihuanyao see our Huan some problems.
But you just talked about another issue that is combat capability, operational
capability is the human factor, tactics and weapons strategy combination of factors.
From this perspective, our combat capability, I think it can top 45 like this.
That'll put it together, then.
Zhang Zhaozhong:
I said, together, together will be better. For example, if the individual than the case,
some means we're dominant, together is not bad. For example, nuclear
submarines, the Navy's nuclear submarines, we have strategic nuclear
missiles, so have the underwater nuclear deterrent capability, which is a strong thing.
In addition, our Navy's submarines, conventional submarines underwater
combat is also very strong.
I have such a problem, of course we live in today's world, we are certainly
not in an arms race, arms race, but not under the premise of how they can ensure they
have sufficient defense capabilities, to ensure its security?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
For example, according to, say, China is concerned, according to China's
own mission, China's own task is now to defend well first and foremost
their own territorial waters and airspace security, this is your sovereignty.
Followed by second place, to defend the good of your 3 million square kilometers of
maritime territory, which is the second task.
The third task, the country's economic interest you, where to, you should
be able to defend the country's economic interests, for example, a number
of sea routes, as the convoy in Somalia, which is to defend our national interests.
Also, to support national economic construction, the implementation of some
non-traditional combat missions, like the fight against floods, earthquake relief, the
implementation of some tasks such.
Just now you said the Navy Commander Wu Shengli's words, you are the
expert, might give us an analysis, I will not read because I am afraid I read are all in
for it, very professional stuff.
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Very professional passage.
When we have these things and then, does that mean? What can we do?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
As with all of that, the means that our Navy will be able to complete several tasks so.
Commander Wu speech, the first, we need to develop large surface combat ships,
large surface combat vessels is the displacement of at least 1 million metric tons, this
is to have the seas, and even the long ocean cruise and combat missions. Currently we
already have, however, to have long, for example, said that the Nansha sea area, or
beyond, this ability is relatively poor. In the future if they have a large battle fleet, the
implementation of such a task would be better.
And what else? You have just said that a.
Zhang Zhaozhong:
There are underwater holding force and stealth performance, this is what does that
mean? Underwater holding force, let me say that the development of large surface
ships, large surface combat vessels in the past mean? Down from the maximum height
of said aircraft, aircraft carriers, according to U.S. standards, displacement, generally
in the 60 thousand tons to 10 tons, which is considered a big guy's. Further
down is the strategy of ship, generally around 4 million tons, and then down a cruiser,
is generally more than 10,000 tons, less than 2 tons, and then down a destroyer,
usually seven or eight thousand tons.
The concept of strategy now is to ship and the cruiser, strategic ship this ship has no
species, cruiser basically retired after serving in the cruisers no longer developed,
since no two ships of a large ship on the remaining two , a large destroyer that is fully
loaded displacement of 1 million tons, this is definitely Commander Wu means.
There is one, we said that Wu is not the commander of the fighting other large surface
vessels, aircraft carrier or something, I feel more than 10,000 tons are large surface
combat vessels, including.
Professor Chang, just your point of view from very professional to help us analyze a
little, have these devices, we can do, but the problem is that we are now in such a
complex international environment, when we own these equipment, the surrounding
countries, and even further some of the world's other countries, would not
we be criticized?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
This matter and do whatever, whether it be criticism is not criticism. China to develop
an aircraft carrier on this matter began in 1985, outside the discussion, said that the
Chinese have an aircraft carrier, said China is to develop aircraft carriers, and some
predict that China in 1990 to service, some say 1999 should serve Some say that 2002
should serve, then to today, Wu said the commander was to develop large surface
combat ships, which in the past 20 years, we did not build aircraft carriers, others say
that seems to be a threat to him, and now look it, those who were yelling China threat
country has its own doing.
U.S. aircraft carrier at the time it also does routine, "Kitty
Hawk", "Midway number", when it was still such,
and now all retired, the same color are nuclear aircraft carrier, 100,000 tons or more
super-aircraft carriers, are all this. Ford-class aircraft carrier at the same time more
than 100,000 tons, close to 80-100 billion dollars invested, this carrier is now in
service soon, the construction of.
Look at Japan, Japan quietly built their own "day to the
number", the first step, the construction of the Japanese Aegis, eight Aegis
service soon, this is for carrier escort, eight Aegis missile cruisers. The second step,
the construction of a three Osumi-class 14,000 tons of this be a helicopter carrier,
amphibious transport ships with its own name, in fact, an aircraft carrier, three have
served the. So this year, "Japan to the number" light aircraft
carrier, submarine or aircraft carrier called the helicopter service, and the year after
the second ship would serve. Quietly built its own, while South Korea also made a
"Dokdo" aircraft carrier, India made a three. You do not want
them to always say this, they always say this is to create a China threat theory, to pull
their military needs to develop its own weaponry.
You are now watching the "news 1 +1" Today, our studio is
concerned that the Chinese navy will soon usher in a 60th anniversary celebration, the
Chinese Navy to further develop, certainly we should go from blue dark blue, and
with such ability , the ocean must have relevant skills, capabilities and can not avoid
an aircraft carrier offshore, while the carrier is also the recent development of the
Chinese navy at home and abroad a hot focus, we may wish to adopt a short video to
find out.
(Play video)
March 20, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang meeting with
Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Jing moment that none of the aircraft carrier in
the big countries, only China, China can not always be no aircraft carriers.
This is a short 10 word is our top military problems on the aircraft carrier made its
initial public official position. In three days later at a news conference the Ministry of
Defence, Ministry of National Defense spokesman Huang Xueping said the Chinese
government will integrate all factors, whether China will seriously study the
construction of aircraft carriers.
These two remarks, it immediately became a widely concerned about the topic, what
kind of aircraft carrier really has the mysterious power? Why it affects
people's nerves?
Not only is the seaplane carrier market, but also the flow of logistics support base in
the sea, with three major capabilities: the carrying capacity, ocean-going capabilities,
battlefield support capabilities. Carrier is considered a military power must have the
equipment, but also modern naval surface combat ships in the combat capability of
the largest and most powerful naval vessels, naval vessels, known as "Big
Mac at sea" and "sea monster" in the world.
Currently, there are 10 countries have aircraft carriers, namely the United States,
Britain, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, India and Thailand. Among
them, the United States has the world's largest 11 carriers, and in these 10
countries, then only the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, six
countries to self-build aircraft carriers.
China's aircraft carrier dream a long time, the former military leader who
in his memoirs, said the People's Navy in 1970 began the construction of
aircraft carrier demonstration. Premier Zhou Enlai is said, not willing to see
China's aircraft carrier. So, with their national carrier has been for years the
dream of many Chinese people and the pursuit.
With China's national strength in recent years, renewed calls for self-build
aircraft carriers, with users has said that as long as China built aircraft carrier, I am
willing to donate one month's wages. Some fans even more aircraft carrier
is a rich imagination bold outline the future of countless species of Chinese aircraft
So, China's aircraft carrier in the end be like? Full of conjecture, of course
not only fans of China's aircraft carrier, there are people in other countries.
For example, a Japanese media published an article in the forecast, China will repair
the Russian aircraft carrier purchased from Ukraine.
Last year early in September, "Liberation Army Daily"
published a report that the Dalian Naval Academy to receive the first batch of 50
trainees were flying school education.
According to reports, the training will rely on Automation Dalian Naval Academy,
completed four years of carrier-based aircraft flying professional education. United
Kingdom, "Jane's Defense Weekly type" aircraft
carrier pilots in China this Jiedu training school. However, recently published a
"short form warships," said that, according to a U.S.
government report, China's ambition to build aircraft carriers by 2015 can
not become a reality. Editor Stephen Saunders believes that China has four major
bottleneck carrier available, but anyway, it is foreseeable that China will eventually
aircraft carrier sailing in the ocean and in the future.
Zhang, we said the carrier's need, as far as 100 years ago, when American
scholars said Mahan, sea power is to a country, a nation the right by the sea, it can be
a great nation . So from now on, our attention aircraft carrier, the thing, it is our
country mean?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Aircraft carrier is now the case, first of all we must not give too much meaning carrier,
it is a vessel, a large surface combat vessels.
So why are so many other people would give it meaning?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Plainly, it is not a high-tech weapons and equipment, key technology basically all of
them are World War II broke, and our neighboring countries, you see the Japanese,
most of the time the Japanese have 27, when World War II. You see, India, India is the
only one in Asia after World War II, using the national carrier, 40 years.
Carrier of a country in terms of its effect? First one, it is a floating airport, if too far
away from land areas to the shore-based aircraft can not, can not get later, you fly in
the past after a trip you have to come back because it was no oil to be there not for a
long time, if there is an aircraft carrier in that area, so is the ability to expand your
operations, your arm extension, and can stay long in that place.
China, for example, Nansha, from Hainan Island, 2,000 km shore-based aircraft to No,
if I always have a carrier there, we can defend our traditional territorial defense of our
exclusive economic zone, to maintain our country maritime safety, which is to defend
our own place, it is a sea platform only.
The words you just said is the world's naval community consensus between
Zhang Zhaozhong:
This is a consensus that this is definitely a consensus.
Jiran consensus is so, why, when our country to develop when the aircraft carrier will
cause so much criticism?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
It is this criticism is that, in fact I have just talked about, that some countries, it needs
something to stir up, create a China threat, to promote his own development.
For example in Japan, I just talked about, obviously, to create a China threat theory, to
its industry themselves. North Korea missile launch by then, it created a North Korean
missile threat, it's space, it's missiles, to drive up its anti-missile
system, Aegis out of his own, engaged in the Patriot, it driving up the is a speculation.
I feel that China is concerned, I feel what carrier operator, it is not a nuclear weapon,
then when we did not pursue nuclear weapons, see who is happy or not, you are not
happy I will not develop. Chairman Mao, when the atomic bomb had never been seen
out and also heard them speak of Chairman Mao at that time, nuclear submarines also
wants to come out for a thousand years, we defend our own territory.
Of course, speaking from the Navy building, aircraft carriers there are other effects,
for example, optimization of the Navy force structure it, you have to Gangjumuzhang,
like a door-like, not a handle, how doors open ah, the Navy get a bunch of ships, all of
3,000 tons, 4,000 tons, 5,000 tons, the United States so many ships, most of the time
to 600 ships, 600 warships 12 aircraft carriers, which at the core of 12 aircraft carriers,
12 carrier battle woven group, it was Gangjumuzhang ah, I have to have the lead,
there is the flagship aircraft carrier to play this role.
For the countries concerned, a large state-owned a status symbol, a large state such a
thing, the permanent members have, it can ocean, there is a symbol, is also a symbol
of overall national strength, these are. But I feel, aircraft carriers, it is a kind of ships
the Navy should have one of them.
Since that is the case, why do we slow hands until now?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
The reason is very large, just small pieces of them talked about, the Central Military
Commission Vice Chairman Liu Huaqing of any commander in the Navy when the
Navy at that time I was working. I also participated in the first for a long time, ten
years of the early aircraft carrier, when Liu commander in the Navy.
Why do I feel? There are many reasons, one aspect of the reason for that is in the 70
years we have had several ideas have been thought of 50 years, 70 years there, 80
years later, I was involved in aircraft carriers since the mid-80s early in the study, My
task is to study the development of weapons around the world, particularly the
development of an aircraft carrier. Personally, I feel, was the development of aircraft
carriers in China is the greatest want of money, of course, followed by the technology,
no money of my technology are subject to restrictions.
From 1978 to 1999, nearly 20 years this process, I have statistics, we had GDP less
than 200 billion U.S. dollars, the state's cake on so small. In 1979, when
the whole army to the army post is 590 million people, nearly 600 million people, 600
million people that you have to eat, you have to drink, the money can not all show it
to the development of the Navy aircraft carrier, the navy said the development of a
aircraft carriers, others on the tension, the money to you, we eat what ah, nearly 600
million people, spending much ah? Less than 100 billion. We are now spending up
points, this says much of China, said that much, you do not see how much my debts
then 20 years, and I 20 years too many debts.
Professor Chang, we have just mentioned, with the aircraft carrier, this is the sign of a
big country, but the problem is that even with the next aircraft carrier after a country
has no ocean awareness is not very important?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
You speak of is very important, ocean awareness is very important. We Chinese has
long been conscious of the sea is too faint, for example, the Navy is concerned, I
worked in the Navy in 1998, I remember the Navy in 1986, 1986, was in the Navy as
a commander Liu Huaqing, when the Navy first proposed the strategy of In that prior
to the Navy's position in the army which is not high. Continental Army was
thinking, thinking very seriously of Battlefield. However, Liu was made commander
of naval strategy after the awareness of all the people of the sea, the Navy will have a
direction of development, and then further after, slow as it is now, 90 years later, as
now, the Navy has been ranked in the forefront of the armed services It has not only
the Navy itself built as a separate military services, it is not, it as a national security,
national security strategy in a high, so that is now placed in a strategic position.
Professor Zhang, the last a short time, when the development of our navy is not short
of money, not lack of technology when what we lack?
Zhang Zhaozhong:
Not money, not lack of technology, we missing you say ocean strategy, maritime
strategy, development oceans, uses of the oceans, all the people of the sea concept is
very important in this regard.
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