Reading _amp;quot;dirty Taoist: the confidence and hope is more important than what is_amp;quot; felt by fdjerue7eeu


									Reading "dirty Taoist: the confidence and hope is more important than
what is" felt
Confidence and hope is more important than what is

Rely on the economic crisis through what? Now it seems that is by faith, confidence
important than gold; Second, rely on hope, hope like a beacon, to our countries, each
of the world the way people light up, and never go out
people lower river deep Department to avoid drowning in the way that? The first
landing, and second, learn to swim; However, even if people learn sooner or later
have to swim ashore, or even swimming in the river not to drown people for the time
being have to be blistering long time dead! This results in water is the essence of
man's natural environment is not suitable for long-term survival in water
determined. Were a human being. Water refers to capitalism. Swimming refers to the
ability to control the economic crisis. Bubble that people's ability is not
with the economic crisis, growth and growth but growth with the economic crisis,
destruction! The development of capitalism is the expansion of polarization,
polarization is the result of class conflicts, ethnic conflicts are unavoidable, and her
final result is a violent revolution caused by the collapse of the bourgeoisie and the
proletariat to rise. As capitalism instead of socialism instead of capitalism, like
feudalism inevitable.

However, the confidence and hope come from? Certainly not from the swear swear,
not from the empty check guarantee. Faith and hope can only come from leaders on
the crisis in a reasonable analysis of the measures to overcome the crisis from a
credible explanation, from the resources of these measures to implement the
instructions. Confidence and hope and even impossible to identify from what appears
in the economy, "Indian summer" message, because the Indian
summer before the onset of winter has always been short-term rebound. Once the
temperature falls, there will be nothing to say do not believe the side effects
------------------------------------ ------ confidence? Law of the jungle is not out of the
capital system, the complete eradication of the economic crisis does not exist!
Therefore, the confidence of all the people shouted the trick is to deceive the people.
Immutable objective laws tell us that the poison of opium poppy seedlings can not
bear the sweet apples; dogs and wolves and so animals can not have a man how to
change the spiritual. The results depend on the development of life lives on genes.
Social development outcomes depend on the development of society genes. The
development of the economic crisis is the private ownership of genes! The economy
is based on private ownership market economy. The development of market economy
is not to demand-oriented people's lives but to the interests of the
people-oriented capital. It led to the pursuit of the interests of the social capital
between supply and demand of goods is an economic crisis; monopoly capital is the
economic crisis accelerant.
For example:
Housing needs of 100 100 individual circumstances at that time only 10 houses. So
their purchasing power is the average of ten people compete to buy a house, then buy
more to sell less because of supply and demand contradiction, people in the market
where free competition is bound to rise housing prices, housing construction were
destined to make money. Driven by profit more people up housing construction,
housing is so tight raw material supply and demand, prices. Second year, a total of
200 houses, 100 people on average one to two oversupply, when housing prices are
destined to fall! Falling house prices led to housing construction and human Sellers
lose money. The role of monopoly capital is commodity scarce commodity when
excess spread rumors, and then, when people in a lot of unknown on the cheap to buy,
then sell high! When surplus commodities scarce goods rumors walk and then when
people unknown to where a large number of high price, capital cash.
Economic crisis is a crisis of surplus goods. One way to solve critical to eliminate the
surplus commodities (waste of resources) 2 is the expansion of demand - not domestic
but external demand. As per a housing surplus is reasonable to live one more than the
destruction of a second, sold to someone else. Domestic demand is simply unrealistic
for yourself! Fixed commodity is the case, flow of goods is so reluctant to destroy
their own wealth capitalists, there is no domestic demand within the State how to do?
Out the development of aggression and expansion!
In a capitalist society, wealth polarization development as the development of the
bourgeoisie. Serious glut in the production of goods can not be transported outside the
war of aggression under reasonable how to do? First, accumulation of goods (not easy
for a long time kept the resources of science and technology content of goods), the
second is the destruction of goods or the disposal by sale of goods (not easy to
preserve the goods - high-tech products or food, destined to be eliminated over time
of goods .) This two methods to solve the economic crisis is only temporary series of
methods - it makes a temporary stagnation of socio-economic development. As the
class interests of the long-term plan to achieve the same ideological capitalists, the
latter approach would rather the destruction of goods will not be sold to fraudsters to
poor people. The reason is simple, people demand certain goods, which people like to
eat people's appetite will not in general the price of rice is changed. The
same overall price of goods sold and made a small amount of large amounts of goods
for the capitalists of their money income is the same; for the same price buyers bought
large amounts of goods means that the capitalists have obtained more material wealth,
and thus expand their consumption of time and space consumption. So have the
capitalists in their capital goods against loss, destruction of goods under the method
used rather to maintain a balance between price, and to win in the future from a
consumer goods consumer market in the hands of the initiative!
People must be consumed within a certain period of time must live a certain
commodities (food, etc.) This will not change because of changes in commodity
prices. Any changes in commodity prices artificially limit or expand the practice of
market demand, are stupid. Limit by raising prices on today's commodity
circulation circulation of commodities destined to expand the market of tomorrow, in
other words, by reducing the prices of commodity circulation increased market share
today, tomorrow the flow range of commodity markets. For example: a family of
three a year to three generations of rice to eat the food, a bag of rice they eat three
generations of 100 meters and 1,000 yuan a bag of rice they eat rice three generations.
Their appetite will not be because of the prices of rice is changed. Meters when the
price of rice rose scarce, species m m landlords or merchants selling rice to eat people
earn money. In the interests of landlords next year will be driven by expansion of rice
acreage, but also regular rice hoarding rice to be sold at high prices next year. Over
the coming year, the price of rice because rice down. The price of rice down to eat
rice needs of people will be able to expand? No! They are stored in the purchase of
food for the coming year holds for the coming year while the market price of rice.
The demand for rice has nothing to do with the price of rice, capitalists realize this. So
when their rice surplus rice will not be sold to fraudsters! They do not sell half to send
half (one half of low price), they have to maintain the price of rice, feed the dog left
half of the pigs they prefer not to eat white rice given to the people. Because, first,
feed grain grown in pigs and dogs can be sold into the notes. The second time next
year, they also sell food. No pigs and dogs they would sell the remaining food next
year. In short order next year, the normal sales of rice this year, they would rather
throw away leftover rice not white rice to the people to never eat a normal year the
price of rice and rice sales market sales price. Common interests will make them
together - while the rich smell of wine and meat composition of the bourgeois
capitalists. Exploitation in the interests of the market, the road has died of frost tragic
end is the ultimate destination of the proletariat! (1929 economic crisis, bread surplus,
the capitalist pigs. Hog surplus, the capitalist pigs to drive into the sea. Cotton surplus,
set fire to the capitalists. The proletariat of these resources is urgently needed money
to get daily necessities. The current economic crisis U.S. housing surplus empty
bourgeois; proletarian housing sleeping out the street.)
Economic crisis is the inevitable outcome of free market! Surplus for the economic
crisis of bourgeois commodity approach: First, storage, and second, the destruction!
Third, to expand the market through out the war of aggression. Economic crisis
caused by damage to the proletariat is out of work, and life insurance!

Pindao feel that if the central government has an authoritative exposition of the causes
of this financial crisis, the West, to explain the formation mechanism,
China's role in the formation of the crisis, China's own
economic problems which will be amplified in this crisis . At the same time, analyze
what is the outcome of the crisis, which is a new world pattern might look like, how
we might adjust its economic structure to adapt to the new world situation. If such
discourse, and a little more consistent with the facts, or you can basically believe, then,
Chinese people have confidence, have confidence in the people around the world
---------------- ------------------------------- both the subprime mortgage crisis or financial
crisis, all belong to the scope of the capitalist economic crisis! It is the source of
private ownership, it is profit-based market economy; in the socialist public
ownership of the planned economy, people's demand-driven production of
goods, how to merchandise surplus economic crisis?
What people need anything, just make what. How much, how much, how much to
manufacture. Overall planning and reasonable arrangement come from a surplus of
Eat three bags of rice a year, bought three bags of rice a year or three bags of rice on
the kinds of food, so how can the practice of rice surplus? How can downtown meters
Eat three bags of rice a year, now have a bag of rice, people rush to buy the bags of
rice, the rich who need them the expensive purchase. Sell meters for quick profits. In
the next years, driven by the interests of the people have Zaimiao kinds of rice, 10
bags of rice income, people can not eat rice surplus of products - the economic crisis
to have.
Government surplus rice products shouted: expansion of domestic demand! - Eat
three bags of rice each year, this year to strengthen their confidence to overcome the
crisis, it is 10 bags of rice for eating! Unfortunately, this "blame"
the physiological needs of the government's will not transfer! Do not need
that do not need, more money is also a big white official downtown!
Adapt to the world situation? Not suited to a free market capitalist private ownership
pattern How the economic crisis? The result of adaptation is the case! Overcome the
economic crisis of confidence? The capitalist system of private ownership will not
change over the formation of his economic crisis? People do not eat can not hungry?
Can be thirsty without water? The world has so many wonderful things in the law of
development Why? Inevitable consequence of antecedents from the objective laws
was found put into effect? That being said, horses, uh, out, hair, etc. is really
This allows Pindao think Marco Polo Bridge Incident, the national government began
to say they have to, both in North and South, or between men and women and the
Japanese, it seems is not no confidence. To May 1938, six months after the fall of
Nanjing, Wuhan Battle about to begin. Some people think that war should end by
Wuhan Battle victory, some people think that basically there is no way out. Battle of
the gambling advocates, still can not see neither the confidence of hope, the pessimist
would not have said. Is confident this time than the artillery important, hope beacon.
However, this time by both Chiang Kai-shek or Mao Zedong vowed to swear, not by
Paixiong Fu will increase confidence in the national army. Thus, Mao Zedong in
Yan'an Conference on Sino-Japanese War article "On Protracted
War," published, the article analyzes the reasons for China's
defeat of Japan. Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses, analyze quick decision and
the subjugation of why it is wrong to make a protracted war of operational policy,
organizing people's means of war, and predicted a protracted war will be
divided into several stages, roughly what was happening. This article came out,
Communist soldiers and civilians competing circulation. See some information
---------------------------------------------- --- dominate the world is human. Why is not
anything else the human animal? Because of the highly developed spiritual man!
Spirit is the living symbol of life! Death of life is the spirit of the body is not pure
substances. Between life and death, life is back and forth the spirit and disease activity.
Illness to life to death, the spirit to life, increase immunity, to defeat the disease makes
life a new life.
Society is composed of a crowd of life's great body. Health and social will,
"" disease, these patients is urgent to solve social problems.
Since the revolution, when Mao Zedong left the community to participate in surveys?
"On Protracted War" This is Mao Zedong's social
survey by the then existing in society at the time of the quick victory of the people,
will certainly fail on the war against Japan and so is not conducive to a reasonable
interpretation of the different voices. It took the war situation and the future
development of people's minds is not the end of the war situation. China to
Japan is to win the war? How to play to win? Why can win? Why can not we quick
victory? Why China will not perish? Contention in Sino-Japanese war, where our
chances of winning? Where the enemy's chance of winning? Domestic
situation and international situation and contrast? Mao Zedong was one of those
issues of concern to the objective, realistic 11 are described. Sino-Japanese war in
China proved to be protracted, and the victory of Japan in China are destined and
doomed to failure reason. Because "On Protracted War" is in
reality the major principles of war, he affected the Communists have also affected
many of the KMT and the development of the community concerned about the war
situation and the international community, so strong that people's
confidence in winning the war against Japan ! Firm most of the people to unite in
opposition to defeat the aggressors aggressor's confidence.
"There is no investigation no right to speak!" "The
noble the most stupid, humble the most intelligent." "Youth to
re-education by poor peasants in the countryside." "Long live
the people!" Mao Zedong's life when the people left? When left
to learn from the people, when left to the research community? What politician is?
They found that the social "disease" cure social
"disease" of "Doctor." You do not do
social surveys, not to learn how can people find social "disease"?
You do not find social "disease" how can we heal the social
"disease"? Ignore the social "disease",
where       he      social      "disease"         of    the     result  is
"virus" caused by the proliferation and spread of lives,
government corruption and the country perish! Only with an open mind of the masses
of people, to do serious social investigation. Timely discovery of social problems,
timely resolution of social problems, timely removal of these harmful health of the
people's social "disease", the community body to
health, the state's "sanity" to recover. Disease to the
country only to God, the body and health. Only such a "healthy"
state is the national spirit! She's armed forces have soul! Her people have
the Soul of the People! Great material too small spiritual victory! Yu Gong Why can
move mountains? The Foolish Old Man of the mountains is very is small; to Foolish
Old Man is a living mountain is dead! The life of another big factor off the spirit of
the other cases he is the meat of the board, other small life is a little bit of swallowed
him. Off the spirit of life is material, the material will always be other life-renewable
Some say the rise of the country, some business advocates sword of nationalism, some
preferred to make the world's uncle, claims to do the future of the global
village mayor. I have always advocated for those who oppose! Why? I do not think
we led the world power! People say these words are not shy of the presumptuous and
ignorant! To overcome their defeat others, change their order to change the world, this
is wisdom! What we rise? No! We are in the decadence and depravity! Do not say we
have some money through the sale of resources (although the money in the hands of
the capitalists) even if the money were people from other countries come we are not a
rise! Where is our spiritual? Where our high-tech? We led the world where creativity?
Polarization that serious where our national cohesion? Paper fans enchanted the
feudal culture and Western culture is full of people's hearts and minds,
people's spiritual beliefs for them? What is money? Material wealth it!
Loss of control of material wealth but spiritual country like? Idiot holding bullion,
nanny carrying children; their material wealth, but also from the almost degenerate
into a purely spiritual substance of their own future is bound to destroy the wise men
their material wealth.
Why do we in the decadent and corrupt? Polarization is social disease? Not only died,
serious illness is still spreading and spreading! Corruption is the social disease? Not
only died, serious illness is still spreading and spreading! Business failures is the
social disease of workers laid off? Not only died, serious illness is still spreading and
spreading! Whether the social welfare industrial disease? Not only died, serious
illness is still spreading and spreading! Triad is the social disease? Not only died,
serious illness is still spreading and spreading! The petitioners complain because the
people affected are social disorders? Not only died, serious illness is still spreading
and spreading! Prostitutes are everywhere social disease? Not only died, serious
illness is still spreading and spreading ................
Community spread of the virus, the state crippling! Seriously ill person how to come
forward to rise? Standing still unable to, how can it sword in the other business? How
can autonomy is still unable to command the world? In the international law of the
jungle capital markets and others competing for the biggest mistake that we, the weak
law of the jungle is strong competition in the food people do not know that? What are
people dying in our country dressed as brave Mo Yang, and to push the mouth of the
Western powers of tigers? What is the economic integration of people with the world
we live in a global village of the slogan to the man of the Chinese nation suffers the
case of international hot money into the Western board, any arbitrary invasion and
phagocytic powers? The nation's traitors! These people, sinners!
A seriously ill person is not imperative, and others contribute to competition! Should
be getting bumped, preserve their strength, self nursed back to health! If he does not
want death. Disease is sure to rule, no matter how costly have to do so. Because this is
the only way to survive life, then is self-sufficient, the next is the development and
expansion of the field. With the vitality of another country to face a powerful enemy
we can hit him! "Imperialism and all reactionaries are paper tigers! Then
people can say! Ability is the best form of power, right out of capacity before the
death of crazy!
Leader of a country most capable of discovering and solving social problems of the
people. Mao Zedong is one such person. He knew all the social issues in the minds of
the masses, he is always positive findings and to resolve these relationships to the
immediate interests of the people's practical problems, so his army to get
the endorsement and support of the masses, so he can raise thousands of workers and
peasants millions with one heart! So his army to attack were all taken, invincible!
Mao Zedong - the soul of the Chinese nation!
Japanese army general staff headquarters in the re-Saburo Sato Yamazaki said:
"Mao Zedong's anti-Japanese guerrilla war, called history of the
world's largest and highest quality of guerrilla warfare. It is a full
mobilization of the offensive strategy, the millions of confused Imperial Army in
China, round and round ... ... defeated the Japanese. "Tokyo University
professor Kondo Kuniyasu publicly stated:" I admire the "On
Protracted War." defeated Japan by the Chinese is, of course, the
philosophical basis of such a magnificent strategic vision, the Japanese have not.
"- -------------------------------------------- In fact, both the positional warfare,
warfare, guerrilla warfare, etc. must follow a rule - to win little more than to strong
attack the weak rule. The army is a team each. Is composed of a row of several people,
several rows to form a company, a few even form a battalion, and several battalions of
a regiment that is another big team ............ you have put a single time; release a single
when I can destroy you. Your overall team than I do not represent individual team
than I am, you force all older than me does not mean local force than I am. Ants can
eat an elephant, the tiger mosquito can stare.
Guerrilla warfare movement is to destroy the enemy piecemeal tactics. I have a
company, you have a business, this time I do not and you hit; I have a company, you
have a row this time I'll eat you! The face of enemy, you hit my left, the
face of the enemy will give you to a small eating living chewing. Fight like eating
persimmon - and telling the soft mold.
Now the capital market is also the truth. Another large pool of capital is up by the
change. Small capital and large capital do not play trench warfare that would
"sacrifice" out, and he can play and guerrilla warfare. For
example, regular activity performed or futures trading, people can not fully out of the
dump; with a million dollars for 10 yuan an stock, can buy him a thousand dollars.
Then eat making you want to use hard money advantage down the Lajia, which just in
your wants. Remember always put money into your main dare not think about the
price for a cheap place to go. Under normal circumstances you to eat small funds tend
to get big capital more expensive for you.
Futures especially last year, zinc and other metal prices six months down to almost
two-thirds of the original price. Then people making use of funds and futures
positions to fight positional warfare will burst, if the funds used guerrilla warfare,
large capital can Naiwo He? After a small loss is a large surplus. Click ways to do
business futures to hedge spot will be even better.
Always remember the control of international hot money capital market is not
monolithic! No reasonable capital market rules will perish; there are reasonable rules
of capital markets rules that people can put down his his "blood"
Mao does not have enough troops and weapons, including a Japanese Pingxingguan
not fighting also affected the pace. Mao simply write articles, which give the country
who has the confidence of victory in the war, saw the hope of defeating the Japanese
imperialists. Why? Because the Chinese people know how things are like, like how
both advantages and disadvantages. Such circumstances, what strategy will choose
not to take advantage, and how to do will succeed. Completely the possibility of a
super-large projects and feasibility analysis, full set of science and engineering
thinking, a philosophy based on the establishment of macro-analysis. A report, the top
100 fully equipped division, let the Chinese people, including Chiang Kai-shek and
his subordinates have confidence and hope ---------------------- ----------------------------
things in the world always changes, changes of things, the decision to master the
future development is human - - people who have a spiritual IQ. Not the money,
weapons, etc. are material things. All the material things will be as intelligent people
and the displacement including the atomic bomb. Mao Zedong's no guns
no gun to our enemies, and Zhuge Liang's Chinese Story made are the
reason. Whether ancient or modern world is the creation of the world to grasp who is
their own wisdom to conquer the world! Change the world! The past is the case, now
is the case, and will remain so!

Therefore, Pindao that: The confidence important than gold, I hope than confidence in
the important, but giving people confidence and hope to be able to really convince
people to a program of action, so that we can see things really are, see our strengths
and weaknesses, and know how to do will fail, how to do will succeed. In this way, do
not publish a quarterly growth of 6.1%, needless to say, "have been signs
of improvement," we still have confidence in, still see hope.
------------------------------------ 6.1% growth in the first quarter? Is the re-growth times
and the people what harm? The official voice is the voice of the people? People do not
care about the bureaucratic capital of the pocket; labor people concerned about their
own lives. We do not have confidence in what the government read newspapers or
watch the feasibility report; eyes look around the factories and mines, poor working
and living stronger than anything else. There away from the rhetoric of many colorful,
far away from a lot of literally appear bigger than Uncle Zhao large 忽悠 忽悠.
There is the unfolding nature of the genuineness of the community. Law of the jungle
capital of the world there is nothing more important than gold, the rich capitalists
would say, no money of working people would say so. If you have money, stealing
meat regardless of the dignity of the mother would not steal the meat, their daughter
would not have personality and do not prostitutes, teenagers do not do not go to
school and the main coal mines in slaves. If you have money, the patients will not die
at home, their loved ones will not go out begging. Maybe not for the rich, money is
what money is for the money people, their lives! The life and dignity is more
important than personality. If personality and dignity of the exchange for money, but
money can save their sick parents or sick loved one or a sick child, then do so many
loving woman. They will use the personality and dignity in return for the love of
family affection. Such a "prostitute" I do not despise them, I
despise the cause for money and betrayed their personality and dignity of the
capitalist society! In the tragic facts of life for those who illusory faith, hope and so
pleasant attractive terms hell! People do not need them.

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