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									Raiders of medical insurance claims
Medical benefits insurance, and that is a result of accidental injury or illness led to
interruption or reduction of income, the income from the insurance companies to
protect the insurance compensation. Insured for accidental injury, illness requiring
hospital treatment, the insurance company will compensate according to the agreed
standards or to provide hospitalization benefits for loss of income.
Medical reimbursement insurance, and that is to produce an accident or illness
payment of medical expenses for the condition, according to the agreed percentage of
medical insurance premium payments. The most common medical costs of
hospitalization and surgical expense reimbursement insurance, and some emergency
expense reimbursement insurance, the door.
Account-based life-long medical insurance is the rise of the last two years, the
insurance required after a certain period of time (such as 10 or 20 years) annual rent
fixed premium, Xiangdang Yu Zhong Shen for the Ziji Kai has a medical Jijinzhanghu.
In the future as long as hospitalization due to illness or accident, you can get from the
medical benefits of this account, up to life.
Critical illness insurance, that is, disease conditions for the insurance payment
insurance. As long as the insured person suffering from the insurance to confirm the
terms of a disease listed, whether or medical expenses that have taken place, and
regardless of the number of charges, all agreed amount of compensation available to
insurance companies.
How to insure
Because Social Security through personal accounts and co-ordinate part of the health
insurance, approximately 70% of medical costs can be represented by the social
security claims, insurance O'clock this part of the consumer can give
priority to medical Butie insurance, and sick leave to make up for revenue losses and
their paid some medical expenses.
Second, medical claims-based health insurance, accident insurance, are generally
added after the accident insurance. Lower accident rates of medical insurance,
accident and emergency department to reimburse medical expenses.
Next, consider account-based life-long health insurance, such insurance were higher.
However, life-long protection, post-retirement pension can be treated as financial
More abundant in the budget based on, may consider critical illness insurance. Due to
our current risk of major diseases relevant provisions of the remaining disputes, may
wish to purchase annual renewal, the big dangerous consumer. For the long term, the
return type of large dangerous, can be temporarily held on the sideline.
For those without social security, given the priorities should be changed. First of all,
the medical reimbursement type insurance, including accident and sickness medical
expense reimbursement type insurance, can pay off most of the general accident or
disease, hospital and surgical; followed by critical illness insurance, and major,
catastrophic illness protection play effect; next is the type of medical subsidy account
type life insurance and medical insurance.
How to claim
Currently, the commercial type of medical insurance costs and subsidies are two
Fee-based insurance, the main feature of policy holders in the social security claims,
the insurance company only in accordance with the principles of the insurance
compensation, expenses make up the difference between all policy holders. If the cost
of 10,000 yuan Li insured type of medical insurance, hospital spent more than 9,000
yuan, according to the terms of his insurance company should be about 7,000 赔付.
However, social security claims of the more than 5000 yuan, the insurance company
can only Peifu less than 4,000 yuan. Insurance experts reminded the public not to
participate in a serious shortage of social security or social security for the public to
buy only the insurance cost type. It is noteworthy that the cost-based health insurance
products in addition to paying a certain percentage of the limit (if the insurance
company will Peifu 85% of the cost), the right bed, medicine and so on small projects,
there is a ceiling each time only within limits can 赔付.
Subsidy-based health insurance policy holders the main features of the disease due to
general hospital, according to the number of days in hospital length of stay, the
amount of insurance money received. However, insurance companies, the actual
number of days on payment limit is more stringent. Insurance of some type of medical
insurance subsidy, short-day hospital stay is not any unsatisfied. If the product
requirements, Insured each hospital due to illness, the insurance company from the
fourth day before the start of each day, according to hospital days paid 100 yuan of
subsidy. Subsidies to the insured other types of medical insurance, it is not more
frequently hospitalized for payments accordingly. If the product provides the benefits
of each policy year the number of days to 180 days for the limited number of days
more than the cost of hospitalization is not 赔付.

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