R _amp;amp; D Human Resource Management by fdjerue7eeu


									R & D Human Resource Management
Time and place: March 2009 13-14 March 27-28, Shenzhen, Shanghai
Registration Fee: 3200 yuan / person (training fees, textbooks, certificate, lunch and
tea break refreshments for two days (not including accommodation and dinner))
?Students object: Business CEO / General Manager, R & D Vice President,
Chief Engineer / Technical Director, R & D managers, project managers,
executive vice president, human resources management
Harvest】 【students
This course from R & D work and the characteristics of R & D
personnel, teaching how to design for R & D scientific and rational human
resources management system, and to share and analyze a large number of examples
of leading companies in R & D management experience.
?R & D and R & D staff to understand the characteristics of
?Understand the performance of the best R & D Management (IPD)
?Understanding of cultural development based on strategic and human resource
?Selection of R & D staff to learn how to recruit
?R & D personnel to learn how to design the qualification system
?R & D personnel to learn how to design incentive programs pay reasonable
?Learn how to design and R & D personnel R & D department
KPI and performance management system
?Learn how to design and develop the training system
?Learning leader in R & D management experience
【】 Syllabus
1. R & D strategy and R & D Management
1. Product Strategy Framework
2. Product platform strategy
3. Product Line Strategy and Planning
4. The industry's best R & D Management (IPD) Introduction
2. R & D personnel and culture
1. The quality of R & D model
2. R & D personnel of personality
3. Culture Introduction
4. Core values and management principles
5. Panel: R & D team of core values and management principles
3. Based on strategic and cultural development of human resources management
1. Human Resources Management Value Chain
2. Human Resource Management Building,
3. R & D 3P model of human resource management
4. R & D human resource management strategies and policies
4. R & D position system
1. R & D organization
2. R & D business process management
3. R & D job design and comb
4. The industry's best job evaluation methods and tools
5. Group exercise: assessment of R & D jobs
5. The pay structure of R & D
1. R & D personnel compensation strategy
2. R & D framework and structure of remuneration
3. R & D personnel wage system
4. R & D design of variable pay
5. R & D Project Award
6. The pros and cons of the project award
7. R & D and long-term incentives
8. Case Study: Comparison of several research and development pay package
6. R & D personnel recruitment management
1. R & D recruitment channel management
2. R & D personnel recruitment procedures
3. Based on the quality of the model of behavioral interview method
4. Role Playing: R & D personnel interview
7. R & D personnel management of the qualification
1. R & D personnel in the development of channel (double promotion
2. R & D personnel selection procedures
3. R & D personnel qualification system
4. Qualification accreditation process
5. Case study: W R & D personnel qualification system
8. R & D personnel training system
1. R & D capacity of the Organization
2. R & D training system design
3. R & D personnel and training management
4. R & D ideas Tutorial
5. Panel: R & D personnel training needs and curriculum design
9. R & D departments and personnel KPI system design
1. KPI Design Methods
2. Based on strategy and process design KPI system
3. R & D department KPI design
4. Product development team KPI design
5. Different positions in family KPI design
6. Case Study: FT R & D KPI Index System
10. R & D Performance Management System
1. Performance and Performance Management
2. R & D performance of the content
3. The purpose of performance management
4. R & D performance management process
5. R & D staff performance management system
6. R & D personnel in the performance of interviewing skills
7. Panel discussion: how to solve the performance management aspects of the R
& D
【Speaker】 Hu teacher
 Well-known experts in human resource management, research and development
management expert
 Shenzhen Vice President of Management Consulting Association
 Consulting industry in Shenzhen in 2004, "Top Ten" of the
"pole-type          people"          (the        "Manager
Magazine", "Private Economy News," Joint
 In 2005, Mr. Hu Hongwei by China Enterprise Confederation as the most influential
"China's management consulting experts."
 January 2007, Mr. Hu Hongwei Advisory Association as the Shenzhen Shenzhen
Consulting industry influence "Ten representative character."
◆ years of management experience and eight years experience in management
consulting. Who has participated in the national development of the first generation of
video recorders, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, after eight years, served
as vice president of Huawei nearly five years. Was responsible for product
development projects, products development, manufacturing, planning, management,
auditing, financial and other aspects of work, which starting in 1996 build Huawei
Management Division, he was director of engineering, management, and the NPC
Group, IBM, HAY, ORACLE, KPMG and other long-term cooperation with famous
consultancy, system development management system of Huawei.
◆ Professional experience: Vice president at Huawei in management during the
period: the leadership of the organization or Huawei, "Huawei Basic
Law", Business Process Reengineering (BPR), integrated product
development (IPD), human resources management, ISO9001, ERP, IT planning, and
core management project. Eight years in management consulting and successfully
hosted the Mindray Medical Electronics, CIMC, Konka Group, TCL Computer,
people communicate, party too much kitchen, blond and Technology, XJ Electric and
other 50 enterprises involved in strategic planning, product development
management , organizational design, human resources management, management
consulting projects. As a Distinguished Lecturer, on many occasions as Tsinghua
University, Zhongshan University, People's University EMBA class, Jinan
University and other well-known universities offer MBA Courses.
◆ Expertise: Strategic management, human resource management, organization and
process management, R & D management.
◆ customers: Mindray Medical Electronics, side kitchen too, Konka Group, TCL
Computer, Shanghai Bell, Datang Mobile, Chinese communication, Japanese sea
communications, telecommunications Chengdu, Hefei Telecom, Yunnan, China
Unicom, XJ Electric, Huawei Electrical, UF software, telecommunications software,
south, Jin Zhi software, Kunming Pharmaceutical, medicine and other divinity.
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1. Training cost: 3200 yuan / person (including training fees, handouts, etc.)
2. Registration Tel :0755-83813301 Fax :0755-83813302
3. Duty Mobile: 13632566840 Lee Hong lily lee
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