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									                           VISHAL BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL
                       A-1 Block, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi – 110 063.

Ref: VBPS/HH/2009

                         ASSIGNMENT FOR SUMMER HOLIDAYS
                                    CLASS: IV
Dear Parents,

We hope the current session will prove to be an extremely satisfying one for you and your ward/s, as far as
achievement in academics and co-curricular activities are concerned. We are sure you are following your
child’s progress with avid interest and your wholehearted co-operation and motivation will ensure that
your child develops and maintains regular study habits and a healthy daily routine. The long summer
vacations are round the corner and to avoid oppressive study schedule for the children, we have given
holiday homework which will enable the children to learn while giving flexibility for the application of
their own creativity and originality. We request you to encourage your wards to put in their very best
while tackling these assignments and to motivate them to read and refer to books before they embark on
the tasks.

Learning is fun, more so if it is activity oriented. Such learning helps child to develop certain skills that
go a long way in assisting them to develop an integrated personality and also ensures an emotionally
stable growth. Encourage your child to work independently helping him wherever required.

The Holiday Homework has been divided into four sections

Section A        :    Charts                 Section B       :      Projects
Section C        :    Assignment             Section D       :      Art

General instructions:
   1. Use original and innovative ideas to make your craftwork bright and colourful.
   2. All items should be neatly and firmly labelled with your ward’s name, class and section.
      Certificates will be awarded to the outstanding creations of each class.
   3. The summer vacations will be from Friday 1st May 2009 to Tuesday 30th June 2009. The
      school will reopen on Wednesday 1st July 2009. All homework should be submitted by
      Tuesday 7th July 2009.

With best wishes for a happy and enjoyable summer vacations.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Geeta Sehgal)
                        VISHAL BHARTI PUBLIC SCHOOL
                             A-1 BLOCK, PASCHIM VIHAR

                                 HOLIDAY HOMEWORK
                                      CLASS – IV
                                 SECTION – A (Charts)

1. Prepare a chart beautifully illustrating one of the poems given in your English course
   book.                                                                     (R.No. 1 to 10 )
2. Make an attractive chart showing test of divisibility for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10.(Refer to
   Chapter 5 pages 68 ,69, 70 of Basics of Mathematics part 4 )              (R.No. 11 to 20 )
3. Make a chart of types of fractions.(Refer to Page 94 & 95 of Chapter 7) (R.No. 21 to 30)
4. Make a colourful chart showing different groups of animals’ ie.Terrestrial
   animals, aerial and arboreal animals .Refer to Page 64 & 65 of Science book.
                                                                                 (R.No.31 to 40)
5. Draw some unusual plants or interdependence between plants and animals .Refer to
   page 44 and page 46 of Science book.                                        (R.No 41 to 46)
6. Collect pictures of different countries of the world and make a collage.       (R.No.1 to 10)
7. Make a colourful political map of India with States and its Capital and Union Territories.
                                                                              (R.No.11 to 20 )
8. (a) Draw a chart showing different types of modern computers (e.g. Desktop
   Computer, Palmtop etc. Ref to pg -7 of Computer Science book).
   (b) Draw a well labeled chart showing Computer network. ( Pg – 73 of your book)
                                                                               (R.No. 21 to 30)
9.    ‘ trMiganaI ‘ pazmaalaa maoM saMkilat kivataAaoM kao
      piZ,e tqaa ]namaoM sao ApnaI manapsaMd kivata caunakr
      saica~ caaT- banaaeÐ.
      (R.No.31 to 40)
10.   ihndI BaaYaa maoM ‗ r ‗ ka p`yaaoga tIna p`kar sao haota
      hO —
      i) k\ma     ii) kma-              iii) krma
      [sasao sambainQat 10 – 10 Sabd ilaKkr saUcaI banaaeÐ
      va yaad kroM.         (R.No. 41 to 46)

                                 SECTION B (Projects)
1. Prepare a Family tree and mention the character traits about each member of your family.
   Also write in which way you have been helpful to your mother, father grandmother, and
   grandfather during vacations.                                         (R.No 42 to 46 )
2. Make a model calendar and mark the important dates.                (R.No 33 to 41 )
   Complete the table by mentioning how many days holidays you get in a year.Refer to
   your school diary for information.
   Holidays for:

Holidays For              From                 To      No.of days
1.Summer Holidays
2.Dusshera Holidays
3.Winter Break
4. Holidays after exam.
   3.   Make 3 flash cards of size 10 x 8 inches. Use pastel sheet for flash
      cards.draw heat and energy giving foods , body building food and protective
       foods.   Refer to Pg 6 & 7 of Science book. (R.No 25 to 32)
   4. Collect pictures and description about the following monuments from old
        books ,magazines ,internet ,newspapers etc. and paste it in a scrap file.
                                                                               (R.No 19 to 24 )
       a) Taj Mahal (Agra)               b) Red Fort (Delhi)
       c) Hawa Mahal (Jaipur)            d) Sun temple (Orissa)
       e) Harmandir Sahib (Amritsar)     e) Victoria Memorial (Kolkata)

   5. Make scenery /design using geometrical shapes /rangoli in MS- Paint
      and take a coloured printout of the same.                           (R.No 13 to 18 )
   6.   ima~ta idvasa pr Apnao ip`ya ima~ ko ilae ek saundr kaD-
        banaaeÐ AaOr ]sapr Apnao ivacaar Saud\Qa ihndI maoM
        ilaKoM.                                    (R.No 7 to 12 )
   7.   saundr – saundr rMga–$p kI ittilayaaoM ko ica~ banaakr
        ]nhoM kaTkr ]nhIM ko Aakar ko SauBakamanaa kaD-
        tOyaar krao.                                      (R.No 1 to 6 )

                           Part C (Assignment)

1. You went on a holiday during your Summer Vacations .Write a step by step
    process of how you made preprations to go for that particular holiday .
    Include the following information:
           How you got your seat reserved?
           What did you do before leaving?
           What precautions you took for your safety and safety of your home?
                                                                               (R.No 1 to 6)
2. Take a paragraph you like from your language textbook. Read it carefully and
   find out:
                                                                               R.No 7 to 12 )
   (a) Which word comes most often?
   (b) Which word comes least often?
   (c) The letter used most often?
   (d) The letter used least often?

3. Collect newspaper / magazines clippings and photographs of natural
      calamities or road accidents .Paste the pictures and information in the scrap book.
                                                                              (R.No 13 to 18 )
4. Refer to page 98 of Science Book and carry out the activity as explained on
    ‘Recycling of Paper’.                                                        (R.No 19 to 24)
5. Find out what the following terms mean, all these terms have something to do
    with travel by rail –
    terminus, junction , platform , signal , waiting room , two –tier compartment ,
    shunting, footboard , guard , sleeper , reservation .                       (R.No 25 to 32 )
6. Type the following lines in MS – Word and take a printout of the same and paste
    it in your notebook.                                                           (R.No 33 to 41)

           MY COMPUTER
 I have a friend, who is a computer.
 He treats me like a master and works very fast.
 He makes a man wise and gives answers always right.
     He never gets tired and never asks for food.
     Love computer, learn computer.
     It will bring a bright future.

7.    Baart ko caar svatM~ta saOnaainayaaoM ko baaro maoM
      jaanakarI eki~t kroM ijanhaoMnao ―karigala‖ kI laD,a[- maoM
      ApnaI jaana gaMvaa dI tqaa ]napr 50–60 SabdaoM maoM
      AnaucCod ilaKkr ]nako ica~ banaaeÐ.
                                                                                     (R.No 42 to 46)

                                        BAG IT UP
   These are easy and cheap to make – perfect for a party!
Why not make one each for your guests, or have a mask making session               where guests can
paint their own?

      1. Start with sturdy paper bag –

         the kind used for takeaway food is
         perfect .Snip off any handles and
         glue cut –out card ears on top edge.

      2. Paint this side of bag white ,
         Leave to dry . Then draw features
         with a pencil. Fill in the shapes with
         colour , then outline with black
         marker –pen.

      3. Don’t forget to cut small peep – holes
         so you can see where you are going
         when you put mask on your head!

         You could even create a different face on each side of the bag - how
         about a nice face and then a scary face ! Just turn it round to give
         everyone a fright!

                                     SECTION D (Art )

                       SCRATCH PATTERN
      You Will Need: Paints , paintbrush ,coloured paper , pencil , safety scissors , glue.

      1. Squeeze or pour some
         paint onto a piece of paper.
2. Spread out the paint
   Using a paintbrush.

3. Next you’ll need a cocktail
   Stick or a sharp pencil.

4. Use the point of your cocktail
   Stick or pencil to make a
   pattern in the paint, before it dries.

5. Combine different coloured paper
   and make any pattern you like.

6. You can cut the paper into different
   sizes to make the background for the

7. And you can also cut it into shapes to
   make different objects.

8.Here’s a beach scene .Don’t forget
 to stick the pieces down.

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