Professor: Chen Qiwei

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					Professor: Chen Qiwei

Shanghai Jiaotong University is currently Professor,
China Venture Capital Research Center.
* Work experience
   Graduated from East China Normal University in 1982;
   From 1982 to 1997 taught at East China Normal University, the international
financial system;
   Ph.D. in economics in 1988;
   1997 - has taught at the Shanghai Jiaotong University, Antai College of Economics
and Management.
* Research
   The representative works are: <"International Competition
of>> this book, and in 1987 by Sun Yefang Economics Prize for
outstanding work; <" International Financial Management
>>,<< contemporary international capital markets and
international financial risk management >>.<<
>>.<<            Corporate      Banking>>.
"Introduction to venture capital". "Investment
Banking" and so on. It is worth noting that Professor Chen Qiwei In
"" International competition on the>> first book
discusses China's opening up the system theory and system. The first time
and set out the "modern principle of comparative advantage."
And described the first time clearly the present era new era of international
competition at the point of view. Subsequently In ""
International     Financial     Management         >>.<<
contemporary international capital markets>> and other works put
forward and 80 since the international financial environment to market-based view of
innovation tools and analysis on this basis the structural characteristics of the
international financial market. These new ideas, in academia and society have a
greater impact.
* Awards
   Third Plenary Session by the CPC Central Committee Memorial Outstanding Paper
Award, Outstanding Young Teacher of Fok Ying Tung Research Award, national
award 2, tem-level awards 11. Has been named a special allowance by the State
Council, national young experts with outstanding contributions, the Ministry of
Education personnel century economics.
* Taught in the field
   1, for the MBA, on "Venture Capital and Venture Capital"
program, lively lectures, contact practices, with students alike;
   2 doctoral programs, research directions: (1). Investment Bank (2). Venture capital.
* Social activities
   Of the China Venture Capital Research Center Director, Asia Business Consulting
Co., Ltd., commercial, executive vice president of the Asian Research Institute, also
director of China Economic Reform, director of China Society of World Economy in
Asia-Pacific Society, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences outside Economic and
Trade Research Center, special researcher, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Center for Financial Research special researcher, International Finance Research
Center of Nankai University special research fellow, Institute of Finance and
Securities of Peking University special research fellow, the Asian Development Bank
consultant, University of Southern California School of Business Visiting Professor,
etc. duties.