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					Professors villages
Wu Xiaobo
   This is an era of too noisy and impetuous, and many precious feelings have become
fast-food consumer goods, it is hard and sustained focus and commitment in a work -
even if we knew its value and meaning. If last year's "5 ?
12" earthquake is to remain in 2008 a wound, we want to see it back to life,
and this will be a long and difficult task, not by momentary tears, excitement even by
a two-document charitable donations can be completed.
   To tell a story with the teaching of the village.
   Not long ago, I received a message from the town square monument loess County,
Sichuan village a message, open to, is a red letter of appointment. This is probably the
most special I have received, and most make me proud of the certificate: the village
square monument to honor the village committee to hire my village. Let me get this
honor, is my mentor - former professor at Peking University this year to Shanghai
Jiaotong University Antai School of Management as vice president of Professor He
   Monument Square is a village in County in Mianyang City, in last year's
"5 ? 12" earthquake, devastating the village 95% of the houses
collapsed, 13 people were killed, 190 students were nowhere to school. In the disaster,
nearly ten times Professor Ho rushed to the village square tablet, where a few months
before and after the research, come up with a "bunch of one"
post-disaster reconstruction plan rural homes. To January 22 this year, the program
aided by the first permanent agricultural housing delivery ceremony was held. In the
past six months, the issue with Professor He Zhiyi were rushing together, Nankai
University Professor Bai Changhong, Peking University Professor Wang Liyan,
Professor Zhang Hongxia, Professor Wang Qiwen, Professor Zhang Junni and
Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University Yan Shifu.
   He Zhiyi, who's "a bunch of a" reconstruction plan
is not a simple charitable activities, it is a carefully designed, with a strong academic
program features. Its core content is to launch a city home to 10,000 to 20,000 yuan of
interest-free loan to help affected families rebuild a collapsed house, recipient families
annually in five years to pay off this loan. Lenders, borrowers need to sign a loan
agreement, the village is the village square monument as a third party guarantee.
Under the agreement, the borrower must commit to farmers in post-disaster housing
reconstruction funds for specific, when the borrower voluntarily own homestead land
use permits and new housing mortgage real estate license to the village, if they can
not repay on time, willing to own arable land, All turned over to village management,
until the loan paid off. In addition, the villagers also developed between the
"five joint guarantee" the agreement.
   Professor Ho designed the protocol, with the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh ? engage in rural banking system design would be
similar to his "five UNPROFOR" made directly from in the
inspired Yunus, Grameen Bank is to enable poor people to form teams of five loans,
using layers of trust - the trust of neighborhood friends, the trust bank for the poor - to
improve repayment rates. "A bunch of a" redevelopment project
was not just poverty, but rather based on self-help re-create the production capacity of
farmers to establish urban and rural borrowers, their financial commitments through
contractual relationships, and through the establishment of rural credit to maintain
their way of feasibility. His monument in the village square survey found that
although the villagers affected by the disaster, but they are people who have
self-esteem, they can better accept the "borrowed" and not
"give." Professor Ho said to me, "people who are
willing to loan the city probably will not want to take the money back, so, five years,
farmers will also return the money would be to build the village square monument
fund." This is a The idea is genius.
   Economic circles in China, Professor Ho has always been known for mobility, this
time the village square monument reconstruction is fully dependent on his bustle and
agitation, such as friends and I do a lot of entrepreneurs have become supporters of
the project. He is also editor of the magazine itself published an appeal to the letter,
the letter said, "I urge my friends, my students, my lecture audience, my
books and articles on readers, I implore you to participate in" a gang of one
"post-disaster reconstruction plan rural home village square monument
pilot ? ? ? I urge you, but also because they are the most basic of people, in fact, the
ancestors of all of us are farmers, we just advanced one step the city; also because
China plans to dual structure in urban and rural economy has not changed, in fact we
owe the city Ren some extent, all people with Nongcun. Some people say, the money
Nong Min Jie Bu Hui Huan, I believe they will also. Ruguo was not yet I can for him
also, but I believe that this situation will not happen. "to the time I write
this column, there are already more than 170 individuals Chengwei the redevelopment
of the village square monument borrowers, benefiting 215 farmers.
   Professor Ho had in the practice of the village square monument, is given by a
group of Chinese intellectuals "Wenchuan answer sheet", which
fully reflects the conscience of those knowledge, ability and vision, I am applauded
for it. In fact, it comes from a traditional, forward this observation, we see early in the
last century, 20,30 years, Beijing University Professor Liang Shuming Zouping
County, Shandong Province conducted an effective rural development pilot, graduated
from Yale University The Professor Yan Henan province had been engaged in a
cultural, livelihood, health, civic "four education" as the theme
of experimental zones, in the most recent in 1993, the veteran economist Mao Yushi
professor handedly, in the turbulent water head in Linxian Tau Town, started after the
founding of the first private microfinance poverty alleviation projects, so far, this
project is still running.
   The village is very ordinary professors, very small, very slow to change, but they
really this country one of the few good things.