Professor Chen is not everything

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					Professor Chen is not everything
Professor Chen Description:
Looks like 07 text Zhuanmaodaoyuan
Sissy whiskers myopia 500 ° + generally mirror with blind
The largest group of beneficiaries - class leadership
Most abused groups - students
Class public criticism of female students hostel bc health needs of each pay 5 yuan
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Praise such as "Tide"
He is said to be from the opening 7 to 10 open and listen to their students in the class
that it has nothing. . . . . . .
Man great personality
If added please leave a message. . . . .
Professor Chen is following the classic quotes:
1: Shandong University, Professor Chen, MBA
2: Life is two people, the feelings are mutual
3: Professor Chen said that everyone should be in the first quarter play, but also talked
about the Chinese education and American education differences, say 90 minutes. . .
Khan. . . .
4: Professor Chen to go once a week, Wal-Mart shopping
5: Professor Chen home TV is Sharp
6: Professor Chen is the Southern Weekend newspaper read
7: Professor Chen to Starbucks coffee and a glass of 80 dollars, oh you better. . . . . .
8: Professor Chen said that we always play, but he, because he ate more than we face,
to eat salt than we do. If we play Professor Chen, Professor Chen will play dead we
9: Professor Chen is the tiger, the tiger is a person with a stubborn temper, Professor
Chen has. Example, once the Pro class two minutes up on the class, and Professor
Chen is not happy, said: "You have more they want to go the more I let you
go, delayed for five minutes after class." Then a man in waiting, the next
minute left, Professor Chen said the countdown with us right, so she started the
countdown, 60595857. . . . . . This shows that Tan's school mathematics
foundation so solid, so you can last as flow, respect! ! ! ! !
10: LV small bag ~~~~~~~~~
11: Chen teacher like a rainy day, rainy day to go out running, so that teachers feel
very joyful Chen. . . . .
12: Chen teacher like classical music, listened to more than ten years
13: Chen teachers use the cell phone is a Nokia
14: Professor Chen praised China Vanke, praised Wang Shi, Professor Chen I regret
not buying a house Vanke
15: Professor Chen college food is fried dishes
16: Chen teacher always said that we accidentally becomes richest man in Shandong
Province. . .
17: Teacher Chen's house furniture is pine
18: Chen curtains teacher's house is done in a known name brand linens,
natural, cotton ,,,,, no taste, and good results
19: Chen teachers have a variety of arts-loving, poetry and painting, everything like
Chen urban teacher once a week, always go to the city museum to see a way to go
20: Chen teacher wearing a pair of sunglasses. . . . . . .
21: Professor Chen said a grateful people will not go near
22: Professor Chen drinking water is Herbalife's
23: Chen teachers do not want to live so make do with
24: more to say about the real estate issue, others say brother Chen said as you talk on
the nature
25: Geely this poor young man went to the Princess of Sweden, the teacher if the car
would definitely not buy Volvo

............. Just over half of this semester, Professor Chen certain there's more
words to tell us, look forward to the. . . . . . . . . .

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