Young Farmer Agribusiness Program by ror63494


									                  Young Farmer Agribusiness Program
                   Adult Enrollment Data Instructions

The information that was provided to you at Summer GVATA Conference
(hard copy and floppy disk copy of Adult Enrollment) or any updated copy
provided to you by the State YF Office following Summer Conference should
be utilized to create the 2007 – 2008 Adult Enrollment Report for your

Teacher Information - Confirm that the teacher information at the top of the first
page is correct

Teachers name, Ethnicity (White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Other), gender
(male or female), and teacher’s SS#, system code # and course CIP code (YF
program is 10128).

Participant Information

          Delete rows containing data on persons who did not participate
           this fiscal year. (right mouse click on the row button and select
          Make any necessary corrections to the data on those who did
           participate this year. (use all caps and no spaces when making
          Insert new rows at the end of the document for data on new
           participants. (right mouse click the last row button and select
           insert to put in new rows) Do not enter an ID Number for the
           new participants.
          Block the entire participant data entry area, select data on the
           menu bar, then select sort in the menu option window, in the drop
           down window select no header row, select sort by column B in
           ascending order.       This should have sorted your data in
           alphabetical order by last name.
          Block the entire A column and delete all the 9 digit numbers.
           Place the insertion point in cell A15(first 9 digit number cell)and
           type the county code(3 digits), the chapter code(2 digits), and the
           number 0001. This should be the first 9 digit ID number. (click
           outside the cell to make the formatting apply.( the number should
           appear like a social security number)
 Place the insertion point in cell A16, on the formatting tool bar
  choose the paste formula function icon(fx), in the paste function
  drop down window, choose the category ALL, in the function
  window select SUM, click ok, in the SUM window click the
  insertion point immediately to the right of A15, insert +1 to set up
  the formula to add 1 to the numerical sequence each time, click ok
  and the second number should be added.
 In the lower right hand corner of cell A16 is a small + sign, left
  mouse click and hold the mouse button down, drag the format
  application all the way to the last data row in column A to
  sequentially number the column. Your list should now be
  updated, alphabetized by last name, and in sequential numerical
  sequence for the 9 digit ID numbers.
 Check the totals calculations at the bottom for accuracy and
  submit the completed form electronically to the State YF Office.

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