Production Planning and Material Control _PMC_ 2009-4-16 Guangzhou_ Shenzhen to house training 5-16 by fdjerue7eeu


									Production Planning and Material Control (PMC) 2009-4-16 Guangzhou, Shenzhen to
house training 5-16
             ?Production Planning and Material Control (PMC) 2009-4-16 Guangzhou,
Shenzhen to house training 5-16

Dates: Guangzhou: 16-17 April 2009 in Shenzhen: May 16-17
Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
● Meetings Registration
1. Deadline: Registration starts
2. Contact Phone :021-54483382 ,0755-61289005
MSN Application:
Registration Q Q: 707593039
3. Registration: phone cord "(or online registration) → return the
registration form → → transfer notice issued by participants Contributions
● Course Style
  ?"60/40" time principle (40% of lecturers, students 60%),
group discussion / publication, administration film sharing / discussion, case analysis,
scenario simulation, own corporate data on-site diagnosis and implementation
measures, game sharing, students and students, lecturers made interactive
complementary, less about theory and more about practical experience requires
students to combine classroom situation tailor our questions (which can interrupt the
lecturer in class thinking), not just spoon-fed indoctrination, nor is it an objective
study case. but to give students experience of the implementation process, concerned
about the real case. face to face with the teacher of the company to the problem,
teachers need to commission to solve the problem of measures / programs. Please
First meeting of the company to collect school problems. With questions, to go with
the program
● teaching teachers
  ?Not a professional trainer, but a full-service executive management experience +
trainers + company executives
● syllabus
Production planning / materials control techniques of solid exercise classes
First Room: Sales Plan / Production Planning / Material Interface Management
program coordination
1. Sales plans / production planning role and position of General Director --- Order /
2. Sales plans / production planning / organizational structure of advanced materials
   ◆ Dongguan Nokia sales plans / Production Planning / Material Planning
3. Production Planning / Material Control functions ---- Less material of the five
follow-up / stock preparation functions / Ailiao prevention - treatment ---------
4. Links production planning and sales process -
   ◆      production plan on time VS VS market Business customers
"win" rule
   ◆ ZTE sales plans / Production Planning / Material Planning Interface Function
Chart / Resource Graph Case Analysis
   ◆ U.S. group plans a continuous rolling load analysis and three-day week
production plan can not change the functions of Figure
   ◆ Volkswagen locking week production plan can not change control process
instance analysis
   ◆ effective control Qian single, urgent orders, fill one / plus one of five measures
(example )----- a Limited Zhongshan
   ◆ by market research / information feedback to improve the prediction accuracy
of three approaches Order
5. Sales forecasting and long, medium and short-term production plan management
mode in China
   ◆ Sales Forecast Planning / production planning and forecasting changes in
feedback coordination of inventory control management
   ◆ rolling plan trimming sales forecasts predict lower inventory costs
institutionalized principles of
   ◆ marketing planning process - sales forecasting process / marketing planning
process / stocking planning process / production planning process
   ◆ Huaqiang Sanyo sales forecasting process / marketing planning process /
stocking planning process / production planning process of case analysis
6. Manufacturing Production Planning and Control of three models - the expected
rolling plan system / push (push) the production control system / pull (pull)
production control system
   ◆ Five hundred companies in the world. Schneider Electric Schneider push
production control system
   ◆ expected rolling planning procedures / features / operation ----- effective control
of acute single / drop single / multiple single-mode
   ◆ traditional push and pull type production time sample analysis flow chart
   ◆ Shenzhen Huawei fine examples of program management manual ---- sales
plans / production planning / materials planning / procurement plan / stock plan
 ?Summary: Different products, different from the five major logistics strategic
decision plan (marketing plan / production planning / materials planning /
procurement plan / stock plan)
   ◆ a well-known enterprise product manual examples of logistics strategy
   ◆ The second room sales plans / Production Planning and Control ----
equalization / flexible production planning and production
1. Sales plans / means of production planning control process 7 --- lecturer / student
commented a company on-site diagnosis
   ◆ improve the preparation of sales forecasting accuracy of six steps planning
   ◆ China Resources Group, sales forecasting planning Huajing examples of six
   ◆ Qingdao Haier sales plans / production plans of the overall instance of program
control flow
   ◆ Shanghai a company month / week / day of co-ordination process instance
   ◆ Dongguan Nokia pulling examples of production planning control process -
   ◆ Foxconn Group (Taiwan) monthly rolling load capacity analysis / three-day
rolling production plan can not change the load capacity of case analysis
   ◆ Suzhou Siemens production plans (pull) production plan can not change the
three-day rolling load capacity of case analysis
   ◆ Shanghai a company (small) Qian single, urgent orders, fill one / plus single
sales plans / production plans of the emergency control process instance
   ◆ Daikin Air Conditioning (Japanese companies) Qian Shan / emergency plan for
emergency control of a single case analysis process
   ◆ a famous French company (pulling) a week can not change control process of
production planning case study (on-site supermarket two-bin kanban pull)
   ◆ a five hundred companies in the world (United States) Flextronics Production
Planning and Control of process instances
   ◆ a company (European wholly-owned) ERP-SAP/R3 system of production
planning process of the main interface case
   ◆ Shenzhen Huawei batches of a small amount of production planning and
stocking program management process analysis
   ◆ China's state-owned shares of a well-known enterprise push (push)
Production Planning and Control Process
   ◆ Shanghai a company (small) pull (pull) production planning control flow
in-kind picture series analysis -
   ◆-to-order production and program control flow ------ Dongguan VTech Holdings
   ◆ Dalian, a Japanese company the main business process / production control to
share the basic flow case
   ◆ Dalian, a Japanese company query interface / production deletion information
query interface / product process query interface / product operations
   ◆ Examples Analysis report query interface
   ◆ Dalian, a Japanese company manufacturing engineering capacity load of the
table interface / Production Order / schedule management table interface / Production
Record change the interface dependent on the book case studies
 ?2. Production Planning and Control Management (lean) model --- Balanced /
Flexible pull Plan (Summary)
   ◆ in-time / balance of production (JIT) method using four unique
   ◆ Just in Time (JIT) method using four unique
   ◆ Hangzhou Bosch (BOSCH) Balanced production planning board (production
billboards) pictures and descriptions
   ◆ Hunan Bosch (BOSCH) Balanced production planning board (billboard
production) workflow sharing
   ◆ an American company (pulling) a week production plan can not change
(production kanban) instance of the picture and description of
   ◆ Suzhou auto parts company production planning three days of equalization
board (production kanban) pictures and descriptions of
   ◆ day of a rolling plan auto parts company (JIT) table instance of
   ◆ in-time production details of the implementation of three
   ◆ On-line semi-finished products (IPK) KANBAN calculation
   ◆ load bottleneck stocks set method
   ◆ Dongguan VTech Load Pull System of stocks setting examples of bottlenecks -
Discrete Production Model
   ◆ BMW IE site preparation material delivery time table analysis
   ◆ production mechanism through the time change of three methods to solve
frequent orders
   ◆ Shenzhen way of a two-time production company billboard basic principles of
management analysis
   ◆ in-time production --- flexible and synchronization and equalization
   ◆ Flexible key management requirements of production and use of methods
   ◆ by PE / IE approach to achieve flexible
   ◆ production line / fixture design flexibility ------ --- transform a Shanghai
company's on-site image analysis of electro-acoustic
The third room production progress control program
1. Shorten the product life cycle process
   ◆ Siemens production plans (pull) production planning process to shorten cycle
Case Studies
   ◆ shorten product cycle of a company computer systems (UF) process instance of
the main interface
2. Month / week continuous rolling production planning capacity load of
   ◆ Chinese company of a well-known master scheduling plans to introduce a
monthly basis 13
   ◆ China, a production plan based on well-known companies, nine-day basis
3. Interpolation yields to six-way contingency planning
4. Analysis of factors of production --- load of seven human load / machine load ... ...
   ◆ Guangzhou monthly production capacity of a parts company 2007/04 Record
file will load analysis
   ◆ capacity load of the table instance of a car parts company in Guangzhou -----
   ◆ capacity load of the table instance of a company in Dongguan ------
5. Zhou elements of production planning, content and preparation of training ----
   ◆ month / week production plan and implementation schedule for the
development focus of the exercise - a Shanghai firm orders for five month / week
schedule for production planning exercise to develop case
   ◆ five production scheduling priority rules
6. Production scheduling three standard
7. Monitoring the progress of the three stages of production ------ advance / things in /
   ◆ How to statistical analysis of production data
   ◆ computer systems through the production plan data collection and progress
monitoring plan --- a group company in Dongguan
   ◆ site using LED display simultaneously monitor the progress of production of
physical things in the management ---
8. Coordination and communication issues dealing with abnormal production - the
production of eight improvements behind schedule
9. Marketing disorders Causes and Countermeasures - Cross-sectoral control of seven
steps in the production schedule
10. Philips (Shanghai), abnormal working hours of all sectors / departments to
production losses after the management plans case studies --------
11. China's production capacity of a company production line efficiency of
the table / beer machine after the management Composite Efficiency --------
Fourth Room MRP and inventory control ----- up-to-order (OEM) / stock type (ODM)
   ◆ Material Requirements Planning Process Seven Steps ---- Students diagnostic
field to a company (students and lecturers interact Comments)
   ◆ Shanghai Siemens Materials Management MRP process diagram (principle)
kind of
   ◆ Beijing a company Normal Order / CONSIGNMENT / VMI / JIT / Buffer
Control of four procurement processes
   ◆ Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned European)
ERP-SAP/R3 system purchase order management process instance of the main
interface - Shenzhen, a private company through the ERP-UF system to shorten
procurement cycle mechanism case study
1. Ten supplier delivery control of Road
   ◆ Flextronics (Flextronics) in the material due to material of an instance of the
   ◆ a five hundred companies in the world (United States) procurement tracking
sheet case studies - Jabil Circuit
   ◆ China's household electrical appliances in a well-known private
enterprise ERP-ORACLE system material inquiry / follow-up analysis of the main
interface instance
2. Materials management processes complement each other 14
   ◆ Materials Management essence of the three blind spots and eight soft spot ----
Flextronics (Flextronics) U.S. company Ailiao prevention / treatment system for
   ◆ a company to change flow analysis materials engineering / well-known U.S.
company in a recent Ailiao handling system
   ◆ Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiangmen a feeding / Loss Control Case Study - reducing
the cost of inner loop
   ◆ US / TTi / FAW Mazda / Seiko Group (Japanese) feeding / Loss Control Case
3. New Advanced Materials Management (Lean) process model (summary)
   ◆ Materials Management --- JIT 3 A policy of six measures
   ◆ Shenzhen, a famous Taiwan-funded enterprises (Lei Weixu counseling) Lean
procurement supply schedule to implement 12 steps to resolve instances of
   ◆ a well-known U.S. corporate flow chart of JIT supply / return flow chart
   ◆ A well-known US-owned enterprises (Lei Weixu counseling) JIT
implementation examples of the nine steps -
   ◆ General Motors JIT logistics supplier selection criteria analysis (SQE)
   ◆ General Motors sent through the electronic platform for physical delivery
schedule for materials analysis
   ◆ online supplementary material (RIP) KANBAN calculation
   ◆ the interval calculating supplementary materials
   ◆ On-line material identification and KANBAN card design
   ◆ billboard production conditions / Kanban management flowchart
   ◆ Seven billboard billboard production rules
   ◆ material requirements of a company's real image examples of
   ◆ Hangzhou Bosch (BOSCH) physical distribution system materials, billboards /
Photo Case Study
   ◆ ABB / AREVA two-bin kanban supermarket site, please share examples of
   ◆ Daikin air conditioning for three days in Suzhou, please purchase materials
equalization program board (material billboard) pictures and descriptions of
   ◆ Shanghai a company (small) suppliers of materials distribution system physical
picture examples of billboards
   ◆ Huaqiang Sanyo Mill suppliers on behalf of distribution / return material /
physical picture refueling examples of billboards
   ◆ JIT supplier direct-station management
   ◆ Gree air conditioner operating instructions JIT materials analysis
   ◆ BMW site, please share pictures supermarkets Kanban Case Study
   ◆ BMW-site suppliers (materials Kanban) Set goods distribution (Milk-Run)
   ◆ BMW-site use of electronic tags issued case study material
   ◆ Lean Procurement (JIT purchasing) --- in-time procurement process design /
features / advantages / methods
   ◆ FAW Mazda pull distribution of materials Lean Case Study
   ◆ Beijing Sony Ericsson Normal Order / CONSIGNMENT / VMI / JIT / Buffer
Control four kinds of work processes
   ◆ Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI )---- drum-point manner of delivery seven
   ◆ Record a well-known enterprises of VMI Agreement
   ◆ Implementation of a well-known companies charge sheet VMI
   ◆ China Great Wall Computer (Shenzhen) remote control (VMI) examples of real
   ◆ sales forecasts of a U.S. company planning and VMI Record of Material
Requirements Planning
   ◆ Internet-based e-procurement - information sharing with suppliers / real-time
video Procurement
   ◆ Huawei case of electronic transactions
   ◆ Mitsubishi Electric (Japanese) company flow chart of e-business supply chain
logistics systems analysis
   ◆ A well-known enterprise ERP-ORACLE system collaboration platform SCP
instance of the main interface
   ◆ use of bar codes and with suppliers of electronic data interchange (EDI) show
examples of
4. Material Management
   ◆ material specifications set on four areas and controlled
   ◆ bill of materials (BOM)
   ◆ Material Category / Number ------ three principles, 10 the nature of
 ?- Industrial Co., Ltd. coding system in a case study
   ◆ ABC analysis and use of materials
   ◆ ABC implementation of the six steps of materials
   ◆ ABC classification of materials management. In the case of ERP Functional
5. Inventory Control
   ◆ demand forecasting, materials planning and inventory control of the four points
   ◆ Op Lighting Demand Forecasting and inventory control functions of the site
analysis plan
   ◆ Qingdao Haier demand forecasts change and adjust inventory control of process
   ◆ volume and prediction of long-term procurement of inventory, demand
forecasting principles
   ◆ Changhong purchase order model case study ---- mainland standard / general
   ◆ TCL examples of long-term procurement inventory model --- a long lean time
overseas purchasing
   ◆ nest egg VS top stock VS. Minimum stock
   ◆ nest egg set of three methods
   ◆ demand quantitative method (LOT-FOR-LOT)
   ◆ ABC Control Act
   ◆ Short-term forecasts and safety stock inventory control method
   ◆ Long-period order quantity, inventory control and sales forecasts for the
quantitative relationship
   ◆ strategic stocks two kinds of setting methods
   ◆ five methods of reducing inventory
   ◆ inventory turnover and sales plans, inventory plans for quantitative calculation
   ◆ Ways to improve inventory turns
   ◆ the entire process of inventory control and inventory trends in sub-
   ◆ students through on-site diagnostic status of the company stock inventory
control model using six kinds of proper inventory management methods set ----
reduce the cost of external loop
   ◆ - through supply chain management control: MTO / ROP less demand / supplier
requirements MOQ substandard cycle cost of inventory
   ◆ Wuhan, a famous example of companies to optimize supply chain management
analysis - to reduce inventory costs outside the circle
   ◆ a well-known telecommunications companies to break through the conventional
realization of "zero inventory" story
   ◆ Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, a material flow rate / flow rate / feed rate kept
simple example
   ◆ Ailiao / prevention and treatment of spent materials management processes and
   ◆ Qingdao Haier Ailiao prevention and treatment of flow analysis
   ◆ Eight reasons for the shortage of materials and seven preventive measures
End: wake-up call - pierce Chuangzhi
   1. Learning / exciting days, back to the company ... ... combined company after the
actual situation -
   2. The results published by students - Experience Sharing / Experiences / lecturer
   3. Practice / utilize what they have learned the five steps
● Lecturer Introduction
   Leiwei Xu Hong Kong Polytechnic University, MBA, lecturer of Hong Kong
Productivity Council, American Management Association (AMA) authorize the
professional training division, Tsinghua University / Peking / Shanghai Jiaotong
University / Sun Yat-sen EMBA class guest lecturer in combat-type contract .. Beijing
Guanghua Times Bing division. 2004/2005/2006/2007 training forum was pushed as
the "Top Ten Shi Zhanpai trainer" curriculum taught expert, a
senior consultant. Zeng Yim Vice President of large joint ventures in Japan and Hong
Kong, has 19 years of production plan / materials management experience. top
management and course delivery are very experienced teaching / counseling over
4,920 Chinese and foreign enterprises (up to end 2007), financial set Europe and the
United States. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises experience the essence.
Published by the Peking University, "How do production / purchasing
program control" series of books and Beijing Guanghua Times Publishing
Management CD, especially for regular counseling Shunde 2004/2005/2006 U.S. The
Daily Group / Foxconn Group Supply Chain Management Project (Lean /
JIT-production / materials planning / procurement). "Apartments ideas in
talk and laugh between Yun philosophy at humor in" lively style, humor,
explaining in layman's language or light out into the deep, rich not only
cases, and offers a variety of practical tools and techniques to solve problems. So far,
more than 57,000 thousand people to receive professional training courses, the
pragmatic style of popular manufacturers rave reviews.
   Has been teaching and counseling companies are: Qingdao Haier, China Mobile.
PetroChina / Sinopec. Beijing, China Unicom. Shenzhen Huawei. U.S.
air-conditioning. Lenovo, China Southern Power Grid. Shenzhen plant. Three Gorges
Power Station. Datang Telecom. Baisha Group. Guangdong Power Group, Hainan
Airlines, Shanghai Hitachi / Hitachi Elevator. Coca-Cola. Schneider Electric. Ahai
method switch. Shanghai Matsushita Semiconductor. Xi'an-Janssen
Pharmaceutical, Suzhou / Shanghai Siemens. Flextronics (Flextronics) / Jabil Circuit
(Jabil). Bombardier locomotive. Mengniu. Henan miss food. Long Big Food Group.
Nanjing BASF. Bayer. Hangzhou / Changsha Bosch. Hong Kong's Cheung
Kong Group. Dongguan VTech, Canada, Nortel. Tyco Electronics / Casio Electronics,
Shanghai Michelin / Goodyear. Agile real estate. Mead Johnson (MeadJohnson), Pearl
River beer, backgammon Electronics, Daikin Air Conditioning. Gree air-conditioning.
Shanghai GM / GM-Wuling. Chengdu Toyota. BMW / Gold Cup. Guangzhou Honda
Plant. Hainan Mazda. BYD Auto. Changan Automobile. Zhengzhou Nissan.
Zhongxing vehicles (pickup). Beijing ABB and a number of well-known companies,
had Mill counseling Dongguan Nokia, Sony Ericsson Beijing. Founder Technology.
Huizhou TCL, Nanjing / CD Ericsson, Huaqiang Sanyo, Samsung Electronics. LG.
Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba Electric. Dalian Hitachi motor. Changhong Electric.
Carrier / Daikin / Shen Ling / Chigo central air conditioning. Changsha Kansai Paint.
China Resources Group. Kingboard Chemical. Amoi. Xoceco Group. Huizhou Desai,
Philips (Shanghai) / Suzhou Philips, Huawei. ZTE. Science and Technology, Wuhan
war. China Great Wall Computer (Shenzhen). Dongguan Thomson (electrical).
Shunde Midea Group daily. Supor. Op lighting. DF-group. TOTO Shunde Lehua
Ceramic (arrow). Have the reach faucet (Delta). Kohler bathroom. Mindray
Bio-Medical. Dongguan VTech. Mattel. Heng Paper (heart with India). Semir.
Jeanswest (Sunrise Holdings) Hong Kong Kai Huan trading. Esquel Textile. Crystal
Garment Group. Dongguan Delta. Foxconn Group. Konka Group, and
● Price: 2600 yuan / person (including training costs, course materials, lunch,
refreshments, etc.)

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