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					 Advantages of Doing Business with Agribusiness
      Feature                             Benefit                              Proof Source
Broad Appetite        •   Coverage for a vast array of                •   Travelers Agribusiness
                          operations that grow crops or raise             Appetite guide.
                          animals that other carriers do not.
                      •   Gives you easy access to coverage
                          for unique accounts such as horse
                          farms, wineries, equine mortality,
                          country estates, and high valued
                          property in unprotected areas.
Dedicated &           •   Specialized Agribusiness staff              •   Leadership experience
Experienced Staff         provides underwriting expertise.                average over 20 years in
                      •   You can trust that your coverage                Commercial, Agribusiness,
                          needs are being met.                            Product and Underwriting.
#1 Company Writer     •   Travelers is the largest countrywide        •   AM Best 2006 Premium
exclusively through       writer of farm and ranch business               Exhibit
Independent Agents        written exclusively through
                          independent agents. We have a
                          common goal to help you improve
                          your market share against direct
                      •   You can rely on our commitment to
                          Agribusiness and the consistent
                          pattern of success we have achieved.
Product Available     •   Ability to service your accounts that       •   Active Agribusiness
across the U.S.           have multi-state operations; relieves           product filings in 48
                          you of the burden.                              Contiguous United States.
Financial Strength    •   Less volatile pricing and underwriting      •   Annual report
                      •   Travelers is the second largest writer
                          of Personal and Commercial P&C
                          insurance in the U.S. We provide a
                          solid financial footing, excellent A.M
                          Best rating of A+ with total assets of
                          approximately $113 Billion at the end
                          of 2006.
Capacity              •   As farms and ranches consolidate            •   Annual report and many
                          (vertical integration), it's important to       long time experienced
                          have a partner with the capacity and            employees in Agribusiness
                          capital of Travelers, that can                  underwriting.
                          undertake substantial exposures on
                          well managed businesses.
                      •   Capacity is critical when looking at
                          large values in rural / unprotected

       Feature                               Benefit                             Proof Source
Stability and Pricing    •   Our consistently positive financial       •   Profitable and growing for
Flexibility                  results allows for more stable pricing        over 10 years.
                             during market fluctuations. Our
                             agents often witness wider premium
                             swings made by our competitors.
Flat & Agile             •   The Agribusiness division has             •   Agribusiness Organization
Organization                 immediate access to monthly and               chart.
                             quarterly results – that means you do
                         •   Actuarial support and access to
                             management information makes it
                             easy for us to work together with
                             you, respond to market fluctuations,
                             and develop product filings quickly.
Automated &              •   Competitive pricing over the long         •   Agribusiness Automation
Efficient                    term because of our commitment to             made easy.
                             automation and efficiency
                         •   Ease of doing business for our agents
                             and customers.
Flexibility & Tailored   •   Flexibility to customize the product to   •   Coverage Brochures along
Coverages                    be in-synch with our insured's                with actual coverage
                             coverage needs and price                      forms.
                         •   Reduced E & O exposure.
Travelers Enterprise     •   Access to a wide breadth of products      •   Travelers Enterprise sell
& Network Access             (Personal, Business & Specialty)              sheets and Local office
                         •   Simplifies your daily operations              structure.
                             knowing you can get one-stop
                         •   Helps your agency address client
                             needs more accurately and

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