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									Preston University, USA Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
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   Preston University
  ?Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree course brochures
Fusion of Chinese and foreign management thought the essence of Chinese traditional
culture intermediation wisdom, listen to the wisdom of Tao masters and scholars,
logistics Changsheng large enterprise development policies, financial intelligence,
financial business, financial division, the financial world. Preston University, PhD in
Business Administration course is designed for strategic development vision of
entrepreneurs and high-level decision-makers 定制 committed to develop global
Xing Zhanlueshiye, stimulate innovation, can enhance their ability, to influence. An
Interaction by many industries, and build high-level contacts and resources to promote
win-win cooperation, outstanding business achievements in Kochi leader.
【Preston University (Preston University) Introduction】
Preston University, United States (Preston University) was established in 1976 as a
private university located in the United States, Wyoming (Wyoming) capital of
Cheyenne (Cheyenne) City, is a Wyoming Department of Education by the private
universities under license Bill WS21-2-401 to approve the establishment of the
provisions of 21-2-407, and now moved to Los Angeles, California, schools may be
granted to a variety of different disciplines, associate degree, bachelor's
degree, master's degree and doctorate The school qualification by the
Chinese Embassy in the U.S. Education Department, the United States teaching
permit issued by notary 【word 2000 (011) No.】.
Preston University, Preston American International Education Group is the
world's center of cooperation in running schools. Preston University, with
Asia, Africa, Europe and more than 40 business management and the various aspects
of international trade school or hospital, cooperation with the Department courses
after graduation to grant a voluntary basis for an American degree. Currently, Preston
addition to the main campus in the United States, still the United Kingdom,
Switzerland, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, China, Malaysia,
India, Pakistan, UAE, South Africa, 25 countries with more than 60 Campus or
partner schools.
Preston University's curriculum was introduced into China since 2002 has
been more than 1,500 graduate and obtained a master Preston University, Ph.D.,
which occupies more than 500 doctoral students; currently a doctoral student in
reading more than 200 people.

【Features】 Course
● Enterprise Management Training by Peking University, Dr. ways to guide
● financial intelligence for the most cutting-edge new management ideas, to develop
a global vision, innovation and management experience to share and expand
management New Vision, new ideas, new methods, integrate the profound wisdom of
Chinese culture, exploring management problems solution.
● Students can apply for financial companies to join Huaxia Ru Business Alumni
Association, and thousands of entrepreneurs become alumni, build a network of
high-level network of resources, and interaction between students DBA, DBA and
management philosophy doctoral program (has been successfully held four )
interactions between students, high-quality business cooperation, open up business
space, build a successful win-win cooperation platform.
● financial division lineup of instructors, from the Peking University, Tsinghua
University and renowned international business school renowned professors, Chinese
Studies teacher, combat experts and well-known entrepreneurs, with wisdom, forward
thinking and new perspectives, new entrepreneurs into the wisdom.
● financial Road students can take part in three games Huaxia Ru business Sinology
Forum, visit the Great Masters sermon, and studying the exchange of thousands of
entrepreneurs to explore the practice of true knowledge management, intermediation
Guoxue management wisdom.
● financial world in both work and study while obtaining a doctorate degree in
international recognition, with line world, creating a strong foundation and the cause
of a status symbol, a new starting point to create a business, building a new milestone
in life.
● held annually from time to time DBA, PHD Doctoral Forum, providing
entrepreneurs with the domestic and international top business leaders, management
gurus and the local government officials face to face communication link, Zero
communication platform.
【Course】 A total of 15
Original "8 +4 +3 +3" learning mode, multiple modes of
teaching combines a comprehensive and systematic, thorough, complement each
A total of 15 courses, 24 credits of doctoral dissertation 12 credits, a total of 36
1, eight specialized courses: "Management economics" and
"organizational behavior", "Human Resource
Management", "Strategic Management"
"Marketing",               "Crisis           and        Risk
Management",         "international       financial     and    capital
operation",       "International      Market      Management      and
2, four special courses: "Methods and Research Management
Philosophy," "Confucianism, Taoism and entrepreneurial
management philosophy and culture of thinking", "Art of War
and competitive strategy", "I Ching wisdom and
decision-making thinking";
3, three methods: "Research and Analysis," "The
philosophical      foundation      of     knowledge       and      research",
"Doctoral Dissertation Writing and Research";
4, Ph.D. thesis: PhD thesis (doctoral research methodology and design, Ph.D.
Dissertation, doctoral dissertation final doctoral thesis)
5, value-added elective courses: Students can choose three modules of Chinese
Studies courses, the table below:
Category Course Mode
Chinese Studies Lecture Series, "University" intensive reading,
"Mean" intensive reading, "The Analects"
Intensive, "Mencius" Intensive Reading, "the
moral" Intensive, "Zhuangzi" in seven intensive
reading, Buddhism and Buddhist art of war 13 Intensive Reading, Pre the
philosophers, "Han Fei Zi" Intensive Reading, Xunzi and
Neo-Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, the Early Han Dynasty, Metaphysics,
"Figures," "The Book of Songs" and the
Tang, Song and other courses in the learning time under the premise that do not
conflict, the participants listed elective courses according to personal interest in any of
three modules to choose the school.
History History of China Lecture Theatre series, China origin, Han, Three Kingdoms,
Jin, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, Song, Liao, Xia, Jin and Yuan, Ming and Qing
dynasties rise and fall
Book training series "The Book of Changes," Introduction,
"Book of Changes" Scripture Reading "The Book of
Changes" easy to map the evolution of ancient Divining and Divining,
satisfied a Divining, fortune telling four columns forecast, feng shui (geomancy)

Entry requirements】 【
Preston University will be the basic quality comprehensive examination applicants,
educational background, work experience, leadership ability, merit,
Applicants must meet the following basic conditions:
1, a master's degree certificate;
2, a graduate equivalency diploma, more than three years of accumulated experience;
3, college graduate, the senior management of large and medium enterprises engaged
in the work of more than 5 years, accreditation by the schools were eligible; or are
studying for Master Degree of Management of domestic graduate students and
post-graduate course on the person;
4, with 5 years experience in corporate management, chairman, is vice president and
other senior management personnel; government cadres at and above division level.
】 【Study costs
Registration fee: RMB 8,000 yuan / person
Tuition: RMB 120,000 yuan / person (including materials, lunch, focused thesis,
degree applications)
Total: RMB 128,000 yuan / person
Note: For a one to one instructor student papers, guide fees be paid, the specific costs
of the case may be, as the instructor.
Teaching self-care accommodation costs during the transport.
【Learning Arrangement
2 academic years: every 2 months 4 days focused on teaching, a total of 36 days.
Teaching methods: lectures, Professor, teaching in small classes, group discussions,
case studies, classroom lectures, seminars, high-end forums, networking activities
Combination of fixed and other means. Give full consideration to facilitate the
coordination of student work, life and job learning research. Flexible teaching
arrangements, full of quality education students concentrate on their studies of
organizational Gengrang.
Degree awarded: Students completing all required courses and complete class
assignments, submit 50,000 word dissertation, for the respondent, all pass, receive a
United States issued by Preston University Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Starting time: telephone
Venue: Beijing University
?【Application】 required materials
1 application form;
2, white two-inch color photo 8 (specify name and date of birth on the back);
3, Entry Two letters of recommendation (including one from the academic
4, college degree or college diploma and Management, Peking University, economics
certificate copy;
5, valid ID card copy;
6, the applicant bilingual business card 3;
7 Introduction (or color page).
?【Contact us】
Preston University, United States Business Administration (DBA) Professional
authorized teaching center
Contact: Ms. Hu Fax :010-52766842
Tel :010-52766842 13520657023 E-mail:

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