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Zhongshan University School of Management Master of Business Administration in
2010 (MBA) graduate degree
Sun Yat-sen in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen founded a multidisciplinary comprehensive
universities, is one of the first PhD degree granted units and the establishment of
post-doctoral research stations, the first one of the units. Zhongshan University
School of Management was founded in 1985, is the oldest specialized in business
management education and research University, is also a national impact with
renowned business schools. Since its establishment, relying on the Sun Yat-sen rich
cultural traditions and academic heritage, and the Hong Kong Ho's
Education Fund, Henry Fok, Pui Fund Fund support at home and abroad, has become
the culture of high-quality professional managers and entrepreneurs an important
School of Management faculty is strong, the existing teachers of 98 people, including
32 professors, 30 doctoral tutors, associate professors and 47 associate research fellow,
School of 85% of teachers with overseas lectures, research, access and learning
experience, with extensive international background. College will "have a
global strategic awareness of entrepreneurs and adapt to global competition of
professional managers," as the MBA's goal, set up the MBA
curriculum emphasizes theory with practice, stressing that "international
education, local response," focus on imparting theoretical knowledge and
the practical operation of the training.
2001 State University MBA education evaluation, Sun Yat-sen in the second assessed
the institutions, top of the list. 2004-2008, the institute MBA MBA business schools
were ranked as the fifth ranking, were "the most characteristic MBA
Business School" honor, 2007,2008,2009 years, MBA programs ranked for
three consecutive years, "the most MBA ranking influential
Zhongshan University School of Management will continue adhering to the
"pursuit of noble, beyond the mediocre; pursuit of truth, face reality; the
pursuit of wealth in a proper way," the college spirit, make persistent
efforts to foster a broad international perspective, high moral and cultural cultivation,
excellent ability and quality of management as the goal, efforts to build
entrepreneurship in the Chinese business, "Huangpu Military

First, apply for conditions
1. The People's Republic of China citizens, foreign nationals according to
the conditions for foreign students.
2. The People's Republic of China to comply with the Constitution and
laws, good moral character. Physical and mental health, age not more than 40 years of
age, sit Commissioning category irrespective of age.
3. Graduate school applicants need to register before obtaining consent where the
training unit.
4. Candidates who apply for certificates of academic qualifications obtained abroad
must be certified by the Ministry of Education Service Center for Scholarly, eligibility
certification report to be submitted.
5. Candidates are required to pledge degree certificates and examinations as the
authenticity, upon enrollment units or certification is not true for the department to
verify that the cancellation of admission or entry requirements into the
school's students have student status will be canceled.
6. Education: Bachelor of not less than 3 years after graduation working experience; a
graduate degree and have less than 2 years working experience; college graduate
working experience of not less than 5 years, and has been made to meet ① apply for
the undergraduate curriculum of professional achievement 8 or more (must be issued
by the academic department issued the certification or self-study course examination
results notice); ② academic journal has been published at the provincial level for
more than two candidates belonging to the professional range of academic disciplines
paper, the first author's thesis of not less than one, or by city departmental
level or above (including the city department level) and the professional range of
disciplines applied for scientific research related to incentives, and the principal
persons; ③ through national English 4 Level Examination (100 points to participate
in the four test scores not less than 60 minutes, participants were divided into 710
points of total minimum score of 426 points).
Note: the number of years of work ended on August 31, 2010.
7 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Zhuanyezhizhao scholarship class of
non-income non-working full-time graduate students, and master degree students.
Students are required to pay the training fee requirement (tuition).
Second, enrollment
School of Management in 2010 to continue the national program for graduate students
enrolled MBA 320. Of which about 70 people full-time courses (including MBA
International MBA classes and bilingual classes), about 250 part-time courses
(including MBA International MBA classes and bilingual classes). The number and
placement of specific cases admitted to retest admission results prevail.
Third, application procedures
1. Candidates should carefully check their registration before it satisfied the eligibility
requirements, entry requirements review would apply, the second interview and
admission stages. Applicants who do not meet the conditions of the candidates will be
canceled and applicants, re-testing and acceptance, and other qualifications.
2. Adopt a unified national online registration and on-site recognition (camera, make
payments and verification) of the competition. Candidates are required in October
2009 (exact date to the Ministry of Education document date) visit the
"China Graduate Admissions Information Network (
for online registration, and the Ministry of Education site to confirm time (In early
2009, 11 months, subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Education documents) to
apply for registration information point on site to confirm. Online registration and site
specific method for confirmation and registration requirements will be before the start
of work published online in the Sun Yat-sen Graduate Student Enrollment (http : / / /).
4, first test subjects and test methods
1, first test of time: the end of January 2010 (exact date to the Ministry of Education
document date).
2, Master of Business Administration (MBA) exams: first test subjects for the two,
that is, English II and combination (out of 200 points), English II for the examination
subjects, comprehensive capabilities for the national entrance examination subjects by
NEEA proposition. Ideological and political theory courses by the school since the
proposition, carried out in the retest. See the scope of the joint entrance examination
Examination National Business Administration (MBA) and Public Administration
(MPA) prepared by the Steering Committee of Professional Education exam subject
test syllabus.
3 Test Location: by the Examination Yuan, Guangdong Province designated
examination room, students sit for the required network timekeeping point.
5, the second interview with the admission
1, retest time, location to be determined (usually in April each year). Retest including
political test of English listening and speaking tests, the overall quality interviews.
Overall quality of the interview section includes background on the candidates and
interview a comprehensive assessment of the performance.
2, International Class exam candidates asked a good examination results in English,
and to increase the English retest. Date to be notified.
3, does not participate in re-testing or re-testing unqualified candidates can not be
accepted. All participants are required to retest candidates re-testing during the
designated hospital for my medical school does not participate in physical
examination or physical examination were not admitted failure. Examination time
notice. Criterion-referenced examination, "the Ministry of Education,
Ministry of Health, the China Disabled Persons Federation's work on the
physical guidance" (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, the China
Disabled Persons Federation on the issuance of "College Entrance
Examination Work guidance" of the notice (2003 on March 3) teaching
〔2003〕 3) and published online enrollment for graduate students of "Sun
Yat-sen Graduate medical exception is limited enrollment professional
directory" of the relevant provisions.
Note: All candidates should bring when attending retest valid identity documents (ID
card, military officer or civilian cadres card, passport), the final degree certificates and
original copy of transcript from undergraduate study and for future reference, in
which the above-mentioned documents copy and original undergraduate transcript
study, and second when the pay of Management MBA Education Centre archive.
4 Admission: our school will be based on entrance examination, re-testing results and
medical conditions, combined with candidate work performance, merit.
6, learning
The professional degree in all directions for the national enrollment. Full-time classes
are non-scholarship class of non-working full-time (self-financing) and the
Commissioning of the candidates, school system for two years; non-commissioned
training full-time recruiting classes of candidates, academic years. The direction of
international business management in English teaching, business management
direction in bilingual instruction. Full-time teaching time normally Monday to
Friday;-time class teaching time is usually on Saturdays and Sundays. Registered for
research in the following four:
01 International Business Administration (full time)
02 International Business Management (part-time)
03 Business Administration (full time)
04 Business Administration (part-time)
7, the direction and degree granting professional elective
Elective direction: entrepreneurs, corporate globalization, management, finance and
financial management, marketing management, financial management, human
resources management.
Degree awarded: Students within the prescribed period, completion of required
courses and the results qualified credit course to complete the master's
thesis by the respondent, the Committee examined and approved by the graduate
school, the award issued by the State Master diploma and degree certificates .
8, tuition
1, cost:
(1) Full-time courses (including international classes, bilingual classes) two combined
90,000 yuan, sub-school to pay, each year 45 000.
(2) part-time classes (including international classes, bilingual classes) Total 90,000
yuan for three years, sub-school to pay, each year 30 000.
Note: The above fees per academic year in a paid registration, fees, once collected,
will not be refunded.
2, full-time graduate students in the class lodging accommodations in accordance with
the standard collection of school, each year 1,500; other charges themselves.
3, part-time students in the class back to school to learn the food, lodging,
transportation costs themselves, non-working students in Guangzhou may apply for
the school dormitory.
4, in school, non-scholarship class of part-time training or commissioned types of
post-graduate training, all their relations remain of the original work unit;
non-scholarship class of full-time graduate students (not including commissioned
training, that is, non-scholarship class of non-working day graduate programs), their
accounts, personnel records and the relationship between party organizations
transferred to the school (according to individual needs into account), by the school in
accordance with the provisions of relevant state policies and recommend employment.
9, scholarships
To encourage outstanding full-time candidates registered, and to reward outstanding
students during study, Journal of Management to provide new scholarships and
corporate scholarships, scholarships totaling 350,000. Please specific reward
scholarship published in the year subject.
10, Contact
Sun Yat-sen Graduate School Admissions Office :020-84111686
Zhongshan       University     School      of   Management        MBA       Admissions
Office :020-84113622 ,020-84115584 ,020-84115585
Consultation Website:
Sun Yat-sen Graduate Admissions Office:
Zhongshan University School of Management MBA Education Centre:
Xingang West Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Zhongshan University,
No. 135, School of Management MBA Building, Room N129 (510275)
Fax :020-84113626

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