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  ?Why up to 66 minutes of the parade, people have caught a brief second that


Black suit, black tie, black glasses, the Prime Minister in expressing what ... ...

Up to 66 minutes of the parade
A uniform way of the walk
Have so many people stick to "covet" the beautiful female
A vibrant young pioneers
There are various kinds of parades form

Allows the moving of many people
, Was the second flash off camera
That one he sacrifice the long quiet tranquil corner of the elderly
That a gray-haired former prime minister wearing sunglasses
That one alone lean on a railing of the Lonely

Articles and photos overwhelming cover the whole network again
CCTV must be very strange why only the second time Zhu Rongji, only second to get
photographed so high than Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, and even more
I wonder how many viewers like me, heard the Comfort said, "Hu Jintao,
Jiang Zemin," began when waiting for "Zhu Rongji"
in the name of Jiang Zemin, in that languid look askew, looking anxiously after the
figure we patiently Zhu waiting until Li, Wei have appeared one after another we can
not wait to ask the people around you see Zhu Rongji Zhu Rongji, then you

CCTV broadcast do not know I.
If he lives in the hearts of the people
Before and after the location of the length of time
Can not diminish people's feelings for his beloved

Then a brief stop of a second lens then flashed a matter of fact, this moment, while
giving the startled many Chinese hearts

We are after young 80,90
Never experienced the bloody Cultural Revolution could not understand then send the
Prime Minister's mood miles long street know that Zhou Enlai was a
turbulent period in order to single-handedly saved a lot of revolutionaries
Not experienced the wave of reform and opening up and economic changes of the
SAR can not understand the phrase friendly "Hello Xiaoping"
entrusted with the feelings of the people only know how to save the brink of paralysis
Deng Xiaoping, China's economy
But we just are bathed in sunshine and rain in Zhu growing sense that we are like
hothouse flowers going through since the founding of new China, the most steady and
rapid development of two decades and this is precisely these two decades position has
been very old man years of painstaking

I am not an economist I do not know how advanced the knowledge of economics
But I was born in the beginning of Zhu Rongji took his personal experience of the
changes brought about
I remember when my mother's wage is only several blocks on January 3
Nyan Win took over in 1000 as a unit can be measured either in Zhu many
people's wages are nearly two times turned
I remember in 2003 when there is a lot of people can not afford a house can not buy a
house then a lot of fear for working-class and now many people buy a house has
become a piece of heart disease
I just heard on the street remember birthday public voice of the mouth constantly
criticized Zhu for his iron hand, then I discovered many severe food only makes the
fact Salary forced laid-off employees of state enterprises
I remember junior high school, Chang-old teacher in geography class that detract
from the Prime Minister of a country against government officials after the burst of
Jiujiang cursed is the son of a bitch respect the image of his works have not the
slightest damage to these dirty
I only remember the gentle when Premier Wen Jiabao took over his
family's many friends and relatives to our house were all moved to tears
when one of their loved ones as if about to leave the general travel
I remember in 2004 after the summer vacation to Beijing, Zhu Rongji SA car around a
fellow who said his wife, Zhu will leave a lot of people have tried to assassinate him
his life but also difficult than at any time
I remember in 2007 an Israeli summer white to me "Most foreigners deem
that JZM is a vase, but ZRJ is a miracle."
I only know that the bookstore "Quan Zhu Rongji" in the
bookstore has sold off many goods I bought a home is being circulated to more than
one book prodigiously Break

If I am fortunate to live in the age of 60 years of the anniversary of New China, I wish
to remember the founding of portraits will be remembered as the Prime Minister Zhou
Enlai, Zhu Rongji, he let the Chinese economy is really strong up to China he had a
right to bring locus
If I wish I was then fortunate to have many, like me, old man that gathered in the
capital Beijing in this international city in order to feel proud of being Chinese
Premier Zhu Rongji at the bottom of my heart and silently for the feelings of nostalgia
If the age of 60 I wish I had the honor of the descendants of His children have done
Zhu light enumerating the fact that every piece of regulation has been to every corrupt
officials said was sonorous and forceful rhetoric of each sentence
If I wish I had the honor has gone through a century of vicissitudes that time, China
can make the heroic legacy leaving a mother can give him a fair evaluation and the
more praise we can look into his exploits Albert

If I wish I had the honor as alive as Zhu Rongji, you can limit the power or the wrist,
he can suppress his extraordinary talent to make a clean at all times and shook his
selfless heart to millions of people miss

Have children when such an official should be if Joe To Yong Zhu

A few days ago that Premier Zhu's birthday, can not this is hereby

HE Zhu Rongji, 80-year-old birthday (hard with the Prime Minister)

  ?"A stormy, calls forth the hero."

The early nineties, China, Eastern Europe, changes in the haze has not retreated from
China. People panic to find the last coin, buy rice, buy oil, buy salt, buy any of the
commodities can live. Price index as high as 24%. Enterprises lose morale and
become a state-owned bank's ATM. Business administration worthless,
Chao Hui. Corruption rife.
   ?Western politicians and drinking champagne, China becomes the next Poland,
Russia. Just around the corner.
   ?1991, Zhu Rongji of the State Council Deputy Prime Minister. Central Bank did
not listen, do not when, and while standing. Contraction of liquidity, the cessation of
all government building. Bank statement is not a go-vern-ment, and between officials
and businessmen of the ATM. Persistently high food prices, the national grain storage,
opening and food, 400 billion jin of grain reserves level is not only the people under
the fear of the mind, more important is that people go-vern-ment confidence.
   ?State-owned enterprise employees do not work, would rather pay 200 yuan a
month led a reluctant to go when the cleaners, but also ants, like stealing and selling
to corporate fortune. It must reform or bankruptcy. Socialism does not support idlers
and the lazy. Withstood rioted, lying on rails demonstrations pressure. Forced
exchange reform; national price of RMB against the U.S. dollar exchange rate of 5:1
for the; and international markets, the exchange rate was 8.3:1, the free market is as
high as 10:1; exchange rate vulnerability has become a way of people's
way of making money. Exchange rates to cut off a large number of interest groups
getting money. Zhu Rongji is resisting strong pressure, there are ways to know is are
these ah. But the trade has thus gradually get out of trouble.
    "100 coffins, 99 are for corrupt elements, one is left to their
own." What a boost people's words ah. A large number of
political, economic corruption official sacked. People applauded.
   ?Soft landing of China's economic success, the Asian financial crisis, but
scare. Zhu Rongji's monetary policy for China spared. And fully support
Hong Kong Soros attack repulsed. Think of it scared, if there is no exchange Zhu
Rongji to change the economic soft landing, advance up the loopholes in the Chinese
economy, that the Republic's economic building came crashing down in
2097 is also quite possible. Is God to save the economy, Zhu Rongji, to save the
Chinese people.
    ?Western forces have not achieved the purpose of economic aggression, cursing
bitterly Zhu Rongji as "economic czar." Chinese believe that the
"very good, very good." Fortunately, China, the nation
   ?If China's servile Mao.ZD change, then Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji
will change people's lazy nature. Can be said that most drastic of
state-owned enterprises without Zhu Rongji, there is no current state-owned
enterprises, private enterprises benefit first, the first sense of competition. Allow the
city to lay down their face, aside your traditional moves of self-reliance. Chinese
people are growing vegetables to Siberia, to Africa to work in the world to work to
earn money.
   When a reporter asked what Zhu Rongji's four-year policy regrets, his
feelings biggest regret is that we do not rescue the farmers. 98 floods, Zhu angrily to
some shabby Yangtze Dike. When Zhu Rongji, Hong Kong newspapers reported
frequently pounded his desk, when Deng Yanjing. Zhu Rongji said bluntly:
"table, filmed, eyes wide before, but corrupt officials, I have never
pounded his desk on the people, Deng Yanjing."
   ?We are now reaping the results of Zhu Rongji's reforms, the state failed
to continue the political culture of Zhu Rongji. Our leaders frequently to the affected
areas, to the mine site, but do not want to break out most drastic solution. We face a
number of high corruption arch corrupt official, but that no one could prepare a coffin
for them, not to mention prepare for their bite. 97 Asian financial crisis has not spread
to China, we shot up. Now China's stock market lost more than ten trillion,
the 100 million people, assets, destroy them, not only did not people say something
sympathetic, then a "Who told you stock" chilling endless.
   ?Putin's "Give me two years, but also you a powerful
Russia." Strongman Vladimir Putin took eight years to a bankrupt Russian
pullback of the Empire. We could not help but sigh, "Zhu Rongji returned
too soon!"
   ?Now China's economic hurricane again. "State-owned
condensate is difficult to ask who?"
   ?Now is the birthday of Zhu 80. We miss you.

If you believe that Premier Zhu is really good Prime Minister, please bring this article
up top, so that students have to wish each of our great Prime Minister's 80





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