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First reproduced and then my ------ In my opinion, is the lifetime of some people born
with working hard is not willing to cherish the things, the most exasperating is a way
to survive until their last blaze. Get our hands on the wealth and power. Woman, only
to find all these things into the coffin with no, do not want to bring in, because those
last tried to grab something in the palm of the hand, early pawn to life or cheap to the
more experienced. This is lucky, the majority of each of the poor are two smear at first,
like you can not see tomorrow is good or bad, it is not clear whether today to do
everything practical significance. Floating over the world with the smell of money.
Successful people in the bright smile, literati poet in making a fuss. An officer shouted
anti-corruption in the land when the big spenders, this has nothing to do with you, but
also very much related, so it was anger, and was crying, there were crazy, most people
are still numb. I've seen a lot of clever people are born poor, in order to
succeed, advance the talents and gifts, a small part of the Apprentice, most planted
and planted in the belly on a woman, or politicians palm, or profiteers calculations,
many dead, are talented young people, previously have been regarded as a great talent
to cut and polish diamonds in the rough after, 11 died, some went abroad, went to
wash dishes, and some are keeping young lady into a small white face, there is the
progress of the prison, these things may sound today, you simply are far more
resonant story of Mei You, but life is always Bi absurd reality, that 1:00 you have to
remember how Du Yi Hou you Xiandao the Butaizhengchang to guy, or to Hom met
seem to make life difficult, not panic, even if the heart scared to death, but also carried
the teeth down, people do not look at day, but lying underground ancestors must look
I pursue what I pursue stable life, a comfortable life only, I hope to be able to
prosperity to the fast-paced world, maintaining the calm heart, not to material
happiness, not to have been sad. Recently done a lot of things, suddenly a kind of free
feeling down, because I have enough spare capacity to easily handle everything at
hand. Finally found himself more and more free time, I need to do something ancient
times to the spare hate, air-to-glass Mok Wai sigh. (Slightly changed the phrase about
If you want a lifetime pursuit, rather than the pursuit of short-term, I am a man, in the
end in the pursuit of what.
1. Young, pretty? ? No, just ten years, their youthful appearances. Years have been the
wife and kids, but also the pursuit of what young and beautiful, can also give first
wives, I absolutely can not do. When I young and beautiful, beautiful young people
who might have money and can also pursue her love of Adriano. These are normal
expectations of future life choices, there is nothing questionable. But in my poor, she
can accompany me to eat salted fish brave, their lives you drag to.
2. Power? ? Up the need for power has been backed by money, but I do not want to
put a large hole in excessive hard-earned money.
3. Money. May be, my pursuit of life, do not need too much money, but money must
not anyone understand the logic. Then I was a failure even if the money were it to
pursue. I need a comfortable, quiet, warm life, I am willing to pay for all.
I hate myself in the spare time always like to sleep, play or leisure. Many people are
carrying a heavy burden ahead, I did not stay in place affordable happy fun. --- This is
destined to lag behind when I catch up with my people that when I have to bear the
pressure to catch up. If you have spare time such an opportunity, why not their own
without reservation, run a road, widen the distance, run farther.
The reason is simple and obvious, but do not want too many pleasure-seeking, due to
very good.
In a time when they have the ability not to waste time, I have to charge. Because I
have found myself not very frightening increase in road, as if marking time in the.
This time to learn, need to improve, not an easy life.
Here, I am happy to make some friends, several of my friends is enough. Free to chat
with other friends also good. I need a strong myself, I would rather that he is a lion
head and the wild vicissitudes of life, but did not want to wait for the owner of
popular Persian.
For the well-off or middle level of the family, more than I have done. But money is
not a measure of their own standards, I still need more, calligraphy, English,, mba
(science until I need to brush up the knowledge of industry and commerce), training,
as well as caring for their family to continue to improve their thinking, to think about
I need time, but the day really gave me so much free time to. Days was almost
disheartened me, and I busy and sleepless nights, capacity and center finally reached a
Now silent again in heaven, give me a smile, and I have to cherish, God does not treat
men wasted opportunity, I do not know what the future when God will withdraw my
spare time, for I can not think of the test. I was a little man, I do not have the status of
wealth than others. I have to smile, life experiences into a well than I was yesterday,
to meet the test of God to me every day.

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