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									                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

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                     The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings


Even though it would be great to take full credit for the creation
of this book, I can’t do that. I have to give credit to and thank
Gefrey Milan, my assistant who undertook the time consuming
hard work of researching and collating the immensely valuable
information you see before you.

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                     The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

   Free Distribution Rights to this Guide.

I think you will agree once you have a look through the guide
that this document holds a lot of value for anyone that loves to
travel, or even for those people that HAVE to travel and would
like to make the whole thing a lot easier and more enjoyable.
With that in mind, feel free to forward any of your friends,
family, colleagues, Facebook friends, twitter followers to They will thank you for it!
Those of us that love to travel, know that the people we meet
on our travels are often the most memorable part, so don’t keep
the guide to yourself, get it out there to as many people as
possible, PASS IT ON. The more people that have the guide,
the more likeminded people we will see out there as we travel
this fascinating planet.
I also believe that this guide will be updated quite regularly, so
if you have a website that you think is absolutely priceless to
you and you want to share it with others, leave a comment on
my blog – and I will have a look at it
and see about putting it in the next edition!

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                               The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

Free Distribution Rights to this Guide........................................................................3
Table of Contents.......................................................................................................4
How to Use this Guide...............................................................................................7
Flight Category...........................................................................................................8
Accommodation Category.........................................................................................12
Family Category........................................................................................................16
Vacation Category.....................................................................................................18
Adventure Category...................................................................................................21
Plans/People Ideas Category....................................................................................23
Business Category.....................................................................................................28
Helpful Tips Category................................................................................................32

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                     The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

I’d like to take a minute to give you a little bit of background on
me, which will in itself highlight the reason that this guide came
into existence and hopefully give you an insight into why I think
it’s so valuable to my fellow travellers and why I want as many
people to get their hands on it as possible.
I have always loved travelling – I do believe it’s in my blood. I
am half English and half Chinese, was born in Germany and
took my first flight aged 6 months old. I think unconsciously that
is where my love of travelling started.
I am the son of an ex serviceman and my Dad’s job meant that
he travelled as he worked on behalf of his country – the travel
element of his job took him to Hong Kong, where he met my
Mum and it also took him to Germany where I was born, as well
as back to the UK, where my sister joined us. By the time I was
11 years old, it was quite natural for my sister (18 months
younger than me) and I to get ourselves from our boarding
school in the middle of England to our parents in Hong Kong
without as much as a second thought.
All the exposure to travel must have struck a nerve, as I
proceeded to go and study International Tourism Management
at University, with a far flung notion that this degree would give
me an insight to the other side of the coin. I had been a
consumer long enough and wanted to know how it all worked
on the other side. By the time I had finished my degree I had
been lucky enough to live in a variety of different countries,
experience a wealth of different cultures, meet an amazing

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                     The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

number of truly incredible people and generally realise that this
world we live in, truly is amazing. So much so that I promptly
jumped into a career in the IT industry!!
Strange you might think and it is! But that’s just me; I
proceeded to spend the next 10 years working for some of the
biggest names in the IT Business Solutions arena and
continued to travel as a consumer.
Currently I am based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
and am exploring the Middle East one destination at a time, as
Dubai is a great hub city – albeit a little expensive to start your
travels here!
Now in my 30’s (I know it has taken me a long time) I realise
that travel and travelling is actually my passion – I want to
indulge in that passion as much as possible and I want people
to share that passion as well. So 10 years later, I have finally
decided to do something about my passion and produced this
I find all the websites you will see in this guide extremely useful,
some of them I use before each and every trip I go on. Some
of them fall into their own for specific trips. Whatever your
travelling pleasure I know that the following guide will become
as valuable to you, as it is to me.
All the very best and Happy Travelling

Barry Lee Cummings

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                     The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

                     How to use this guide

What I have done is to group the sites into similar categories,
so you can quickly jump to the page you need – basically some
of them are all encompassing sites where you can literally do
everything from research your destination to book your flights
and accommodation – but some are specialist sites focussing
on one thing only and doing them exceptionally well. I have put
the sites in an ordered list for most categories, but I would
hasten to add that this doesn’t mean that they are ranked in
any kind of order. To be honest, each and every site in this
guide is in on merit for what it offers and to rank them all would
be a near impossible task.

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                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                         The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings



    This site offers the best prices for booking an entire vacation as late as three hours before departure
    on domestic trips.

2   Seat Guru

    Great site to make sure you get the best seat on the plane. It has the layouts of most type of plane
    with the various airlines as well as the pro's and con's of each seat, including things like recline
    ability, proximity to bathrooms and galley etc. Never get stuck in the wrong seat again!

3   Most Travelled People

    Check out how far you have to go to become a Most Travelled Person - I used to think I was well
    travelled, but I've only done 55 out of 871!!

4   Century Club

    A site for those of you that have travelled to 100 countries of more. Will be a little while before I
    make it in!!

5   Maupintour

    Travelling to a foreign place on your own can be intimidating, not to mention confusing. Booking a
    guided tour trip can be useful when visiting places with lots of sites and landmarks to see. Not only
    do guides keep you informed, but sometimes they allow you to bypass long lines. is
    a great place for booking escorted tours and creating itineraries. Unlike most tour companies,
    Maupintours are all inclusive, so you know exactly how much your trip will cost before you go.

6   cFares

    The world of online booking sites has become so popular that you may not even get a deal by logging
    on to big name sites. claims to have the lowest prices with the widest selections. You can
    also become a member and get below market fares, or use their name your own price feature. It's
    basically all of those popular booking sites out there rolled into one, without the big name.

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                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

7      Kayak

       The only place you need to search for discounted airfare. Kayak searches over 140+ airlines and
       travel agencies (including,,, and other big airfare search
       engines) to aggregate the best flight deals all in one place.
8      Smart Travel

       Discomfort has always been a frequent complaint of airline travellers; will give
       them an advantage even before boarding. This user-friendly site automatically locates the best and
       worst seats on your next flight. The airplane comfort guides consider factors such as seat width, seat
       pitch, seating plan, seat configuration, and legroom to determine overall seating comfort. is a great way to be informed, and make the best of your next flight.

9      Orbitz

       The most low fares for airline tickets, hotels reservations, car rentals, travel deals, cruises and
       vacation packages.
10     Travelocity

       Flight schedules for more than 700 airlines worldwide, including up-to-the-minute flight arrival and
       departure information. Access existing itineraries and a flight paging service.


11     Airfarewatchdog

       The customized e-mail fare alerts are ideal for travellers with a specific destination in mind. Just
       select your departure airports and the city-to-city alerts. You also can set the frequency for receiving
       alerts — daily, frequently (two to three times a week) or weekly.

12     Cheapflights

       Enter your departure airport and destination, and keep the flexible dates box checked to find the
       lowest airfare available. You don't set your dates with this method, but you will find rock-bottom low
       prices and exceptional last-minute deals.

13     Hotwire

       A travel website that sets out to find discounts on cruises, package vacations, car rentals, hotels, and

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                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

14    Sidestep

      SideStep, now a subsidiary of, scans more than 100 flight and hotel suppliers to find low
      fares based on your preferences. In our tests, SideStep and Kayak came up with the same results for
      both nonstop and one-stop flights. We give a slight nod to SideStep because its intuitive matrix
      comes up automatically, allowing easy comparisons among airlines and by number of stops (on
      Kayak, you have to click the "Matrix" tab to see this). Both sites have slider bars to narrow results by
      arrival and departure times, layover duration and total flight time. As with Kayak, you can use
      SideStep's "chart" feature to see historical fare patterns.

15    Vayama

      These guys focus only on international travel, so they know the right airlines and prices to get you
      abroad. Direct discounts with over 75 airlines, exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else on the net
      and an advanced website that will make your travel booking a pleasure

16    All Ways To Know Cuba

      All Ways Travel is a tour operator company registered in Panama with a special staff well trainned
      and with a good experience, specialized in the tourism to Cuba. We design, choose, contract and
      materialize every trip making your vacation or business travel something very special. We can assure
      that we have personally inspected every hotel we recommend and that our packages represent
      quality and value in order to bring you the best destinations in Cuba.

17    Flycheap

      flycheapo is a specialist guide to flying with low-cost airlines in Europe. We provide route and airline
      news and a powerful flight search engine, which will immediately show you the airlines that can fly
      where you want.
18    Travel

      The Difference: While most travel websites claim to be a one-stop site for travel
      shopping, they normally only have their own booking engines online which are aimed at selling just
      their own product lines. Frankly, no single travel booking engine covers even a small percentage of
      the diverse travel arrangements available. So if you are using such a site for your travel
      arrangements, you are likely missing out on the majority of travel values worldwide.

20    Jet Blue

      JetBlue Airways is dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel. We strive to make every part of
      your experience as simple and as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when things
      do not go as planned.

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                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

1        City Search

         One for the US only - will help you find restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, shops, spas movies and events
         in popular US cities. There is also a mobile version so you can access this site from your mobile phone.

2        Sneaky Sunday

         US only - awesome site that will find the best restaurants, things to do, attractions, music, hotels, bars
         and clubs in any city in the US.

3        Iagora

         Looking to get away, and stay away? offers information on internships, study abroad, and
         permanent positions available abroad. This site will help you find housing, hotels, and provide tips for
         working and living abroad. By signing up for premiere membership you can submit your resume and
         network for job offers from around the globe.

4        Hotel Book
 presents travellers with a unique lodging option in today's increasingly complex
         online travel arena. They provide travellers with alternative hotel options that will offer them
         something different in a hotel. Looking for a chic boutique hotel in Aspen, or a hotel with a golf
         course in England? can help you meet these specific travel needs without trying to
         sell you a stay at the Marriott.

5        Unusual

         Unusual Hotels of the World will help you book an experience, not just a hotel. Stay in an old railway
         car nested in an Alaskan mountain, a tree house in Sweden, or a hemp hotel in Amsterdam. The site
         features a detailed description of each hotel and member ratings.

6        Airlinemeals

         Airline meals are probably the most hated food since Brussels sprouts, and yes-this site is really
         devoted solely to discussing them. Surprisingly, it really is quite fascinating. Quirky and user-friendly,
         the site provides images of meals from more than 500 airlines, as well as the latest news and trends
         in the airline food industry. Even if you're not at all concerned with your next airline meal, the site is a
         must see.

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                             The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

7        Home Exchange
         The most comprehensive listing of home listings. You list your house on the site, find another house
         where you'd like to stay, and contact the member to see if they want to trade homes for a bit. This
         exchange system lets you live like a local in a comfortable house or apartment instead of a tiny and
         expensive hotel room.
8        iStopover

         Connects people who want to rent out extra rooms in their homes to travellers who want to save on
         costly hotel bills. It has the added benefit of offering travellers a taste of “home” on the road; a cosy
         place to stay that is far from the sterile cubicle environment of a hotel or motel. iStopOver currently
         has listings in the United States, Canada, London, France, South Africa, and Brazil. But they are
         expanding as hosts from more countries are adding their listings each day.

9        The Backpacker
         The community reviews local bars, restaurants, accommodation, attractions, and tours. All reviews
         are user-submitted, and many places have multiple reviews. They also have a travel wiki (destination
         guides) and you can post your vacation stories.

10       Frugal Traveller

         Matt Gross, the Frugal Traveller, seeks out high style on a low budget. Follow his journey every
         Wednesday as he uncovers affordable hotels, cheap eats and other budget tips.

11       Trekhound
         a web site for independent travellers. Here you will find information on travel literature, movies,
         travel tips, budget saving ideas, chronicles of past trips, food and lodging reviews, information on pet
         travel and much more.

12       Bed and breakfast
 is a comprehensive worldwide listing of bed and breakfasts, B&B home stays,
         country inns, urban bed and breakfasts, guest houses, lodges, cabins, historic hotels, small resorts,
         guest ranches, farmhouse accommodations, working farms, and ranch vacations. B&B searches allow
         you to find the ideal bed and breakfast inn, whether you are looking by date, location, amenities,
         online bookings, recipes, special packages, last-minute availability, or gift card
13       Hotels gives travellers one of the widest selections of accommodation on the net, including both
         independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over 100,000 properties worldwide.
         The company offers a one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability and also
         specialises in providing travellers with accommodation during sold-out periods.

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                         The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

14    Laterooms

      There's a whole world of hotel possibilities out there that we bet you never knew existed. With up to
      70% off hundreds and thousands of rooms, you'll find yourself amazed by all the choice… B&Bs to
      castles to cabins to hotels to pub rooms to chalets.
15    Flyertalk

      When it comes to travelling by plane, really does have it all. With forums on frequent
      flyer miles, travel & dining, and airline news, it is a great place for regular travellers to receive and
      share information on air travel.
16    Abercrombie & Kent

      Looking for a travel company that plan for things like a private picnic for two in the middle of the
      African savannah or give you and the children your own tropical island for a day? Abercrombie & Kent
      can make it happen. They specialize in matching travelers with deluxe accommodations in unique
      destinations. A & K is more than just an agent in one far away office; they have over 48 locations
      around the globe to serve their customers needs during their stay.
17    Menu Pages

      With approximately 25,000 restaurants across eight cities, MenuPages makes it easy to plan meals by
      type of food, neighbourhood, price or random craving (bialys in Philly?). Caveat: Menus may be a bit
      stale; 3,000 to 5,000 are updated per month.
18    Trip Kick

      At Tripkick, we aim to take the guesswork out of your hotel experience. Not all hotel rooms are
      created equal, so we sought to devise an online concept which would deliver more choices to
19    Home Away

      Consider an alternative to hotels: Condo-apartment rentals. Vacation rentals generally offer more
      room and amenities for the same price as hotel rooms. Plus, their kitchens can spare you from having
      to dine out for every meal. The best selection of rental lodgings

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

1        Travel Muse

         Great resource for choosing and planning your family's next destination. If you really have no idea
         about where to go, the 'get inspired' tab will even help you find the perfect destination for you and
         your family

2        Best Beaches of the World

         If your idea of a holiday includes lying on the most beautiful beaches soaking up the sun, then this
         website is for you. Not a comprehensive list but helpful to get an idea.

3        Worldwide Weather Guides

         Want to make sure there will be hours and hours of sunshine when you arrive in your dream
         destination? Take a look here to ensure that you don't end up visiting during monsoon season!

4        Dog Friendly

         If you love to travel with your entire family and that family happens to include a furry, four-legged
         friend, then this site is essential to planning your itinerary. It’s as easy as picking a destination and will show you dog friendly lodging, parks, attractions, stores and outdoor
         restaurants. And whether pooch is a Maltese or a Newfoundland, you’ll find travel guides for all sizes
         and breeds, so he’ll never be left out of your vacation plans again.

5        My Trip Journal

         Personal travel blogs have overtaken mass e-mails as the tool of choice for staying in touch with
         family and friends while on the road--and thank goodness. We like for its colorful
         and easy-to-use features like "Find a Friend’s Web Site" and the customizable world map. Even if you
         aren’t currently travelling, browsing the site allows you to experience someone else’s vacation

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                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

1        Contiki

         The youth travel industry is booming. More and more young people are leaving their local hangouts
         behind to go out and experience the world. Contiki holidays are the worldwide leader in vacations for
         18-35 year olds. They offer specialty tours in hundreds of destinations that are created to carefully
         blend old-fashioned site seeing and culture with fun and socializing. They also have two all-inclusive
         resorts located in Bali and the never-ending party island, Mykonos. Bottom line: this isn’t your
         grandmother’s idea of a vacation.

2        Luxury Link

         If budget isn’t your thing then head over to for the best in luxurious travel. With
         articles on which airline offers the best business class, and which hotel offers the best spa, won’t help you save money on your next vacation, but will be sure to help you enjoy
3        Vacation to go
         Vacations To Go is America's clearinghouse for deeply discounted cruises. Since our founding in 1984,
         we have provided more than two million savvy shoppers with a dream vacation at a fraction of the
         regular price.

4        Susan Michelle Compass

         It's about the lifestyle of travel. Home life stylist Martha Stewart showed the world how to make their
         home life better. I'm a travel life stylist who wants to make your world away from home a better one.
         So the time you spend preparing, and recovering, from a voyage doesn't leave you feeling worse than
         if you'd never taken your trip at all.
5        World Snow Board Guide
         If your one and only requirement for your vacation destination is always that the snowboarding is
         stellar, then don't miss this site. World Snowboard Guide gives it to you straight and isn't afraid to
         give a resort a bad review if you're going to get snowploughed by skiers.
         offers detailed info about top spots to snowboard around the world. Get the skinny on the slopes,
         number of lifts, whether or not they use artificial snow, and more. Check out the daily top 10 most
         popular Snowboard Resorts.
6        One Bag
         Do you envy that traveller strutting onto the plane with that one little carry-on bag?
         might be able to offer some help. With tips on how to go anywhere, for an indefinite amount of time
         with one single carry-on bag, there simply has to be an art and/or science involved. So even if you
         can't get down to a carry on, at least you can make the most of the one you have.

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                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

7        Travel Guard

         With more than 20 years of industry experience, Travel Guard is America's leading travel insurance
         plan provider. We specialize in providing innovative travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel
         service plans for millions of travellers and thousands of companies throughout the world. Our
         industry-leading, comprehensive travel insurance plans are distributed by more than 12,000 travel
         companies through virtually every distribution channel in the travel industry.

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

1        Adventure And World Travel

         The number 1 ranked website for adventure and experiential travel. Considered Google's 'authority
         site' in the adventure travel category

2        GORP

         For all you adrenaline junkies, this site is a haven of choices for those of you looking for some
         adventure on your holidays, whether that be in your back yard, or much much further a field. Head to
         the 'Gear' page to make sure you have everything you would need for your chosen adventure with a
         very handy checklist.

3        Urban Rail

         The one stop shop for anything to do with railed travel world wide, trains, trams, metros or subways,
         this site has everything you need to research and plan your rail adventure

4        Travelvice

         In December 2005, Craig Heimburger sold most of his possessions and took off for an extended travel
         adventure around the world. Join the journey by reading his travelogue, exploring the topics inside
         the Compendium, or perusing the Snapshots gallery.

5        Veg Travel

         Donna Zeigfinger, President and owner of Green Earth Travel LLC, and seasoned traveller, started to share her experiences with other vegetarians/vegans looking for travel advice. The
         site caters to travellers who wish to maintain their lifestyle while adventuring throughout the world.

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

                              Plans/People ideas
1        Trip it

         Plan and organise your trips in one convenient location and share you travel plans with your friends
         and family. No effort required, just submit your confirmation email from whoever you are travelling
         with and Tripit will consolidate the plans and share them.

2        Travelogues

         A directory of over 1600 travelogues and a great way to do some research on areas that you might be
         planning on visiting.

3        Yowtrip
         Find a travel companion, meet cool people, find a free place to stay or create or organise a travel
         group. Get the inside track on your planned destination and make the most of your trip

4        Wayn

         Think Myspace, for travel lovers. (where are you now?) allows users to keep a log of their
         travels; past, present, and future. The idea is that you share them with other members, and maybe
         even meet some of them along the way.
5        Planetware

         Many of the most popular travel sites provide little information on U.S destinations. It may be hard to
         come across a site with detailed guides for U.S cities. That is what sets apart from
         other destination guide websites. Their ultimate goal is to eventually database every attraction in the

6        Real Travel
         Voted as one of the 12 Best Travel Sites by, Realtravel is an online community for all
         things related to travel. Featuring photos, blogs, member profiles, and links to the latest in travel
         deals, it is a great way for people to obtain and share advice on travel experiences.
7        Wego

         Ever since I discovered recently and used it to book my flight to Barcelona, it’s quickly
         become popular among my friends and family for their travel search needs. We all like how its quick
         and easy interface presents search results across hundreds of travel websites, and always gives you a
         good fare.

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                              The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

8        Yapta

         Yapta stands for Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant. Yapta notifies you when prices for flights
         drop. It can do it even after you purchase your tickets, giving you a chance to get a refund of the
         difference from the airline. If you prefer, Yapta will haggle with the airline on your behalf for a $15
         fee. Their new killer feature is emailing you notifications when a seat that is redeemable for reward
         miles comes available.

9        Frommers

         Whether you're venturing close to home or across the globe, whether your budget is limited or
         limitless, Frommer's strive to live up to your discerning approach to travel by delivering the most
         candid and reliable information. Explore your travel destinations the way locals do.

10       Uptake

         Aggregates information and travellers' opinions from 5,000 Web sites -- some 20 million opinions --
         and boils them down to a single rating along with the most telling traveller comments. It's like visiting
         TripAdvisor and every other travel review site in one fell swoop.

11       Web Flyer

         Frequent travellers are a special breed -- so we've developed a special line of Postcards just for you.
         Now you can share your on-the-road experiences with family, friends and fellow travellers alike.

12       Planet Eye

         These recommendations and content are a great way to discover and learn about places that you may
         have never heard of otherwise. It’s the kind of information that can help make a good trip great by
         simply going to the right places that meet your interests.

13       Hot Spotting

         Think Zagat-for international nightlife, without the attitude. Arranged by city, users can submit a
         “hotspot,” rate it, and even upload their own madcap photos from their night out.

14       Literary Traveller
         Created by a husband and wife team with a love for literature, brings readers
         inspiring, informative articles about writers, creative artists, and the places that they’ve lived and
         travelled. Whether you’re planning a trip to NY and would like to see it through the eyes of Walt
         Whitman, or are interested in exploring the many homes of Hemingway, Literarytraveler has
         something for all lovers of the written word.

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                          The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

15    Momsminivan

      The road trip mom has put together a lengthy list on ways to keep the little ones busy while
      travelling. With printable car games, ideas for keeping babies busy, and the license plate game,
      momsminivan may actually eradicate the “are we there yet” road trippin’ parents hate to hear.
16    Europeonrail

      the easiest way to travel in Europe
17    EuropeTrip is an independently owned travel website and community based in Boston,
      Massachusetts. For over ten years, we have been the definitive site for those passionate about
      budget travel in Europe.
18    The Safari Company

      Provide you with up-to-date travel information enabling you to make informed decisions with
      expertise assistance from us during the whole process.

19    Traveling

      To plan the trips, he had to search the whole net to find all the information needed for a trip. That
      usually took ages. From travel experiences, he also knew that the best places aren't usually found on
      the net, nor in travel guides. He knew that the best information you usually get from other travellers.
20    Gumtree was started in March 2000 as a local London classified ads and community site,
      designed to connect people who were either planning to move, or had just arrived in the city, and
      needed help getting started with accommodation, employment and meeting new people.
21    My Friends Hotel

      It’s an accommodation rental site but is basically one that is created for travellers by travellers. As a
      host you can rent out your spare room and meet new like minded people and as a guest, you can
      keep your costs down, benefit from local knowledge and stay with others that share your passions
22    Travel For Kids
      Planning trips with kids is easier than you might think – do a little research, find the itinerary and
      budget that works for your family and everything will fall into place.

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                          The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

23    Perceptive Travel

      An online travel magazine that is home to interesting and award-winning stories from some of the
      best travel writers on the planet.

24    Budget Travel

      Web magazine by Frommers (the guide book publisher) focused on budget travel. Writers post
      stories on destinations, budget itineraries, tips for finding cheap flights or accommodation, and
      more. You can even post your own travel journal, photos or videos, and read others' travel journals.
      There's a paper magazine version that you can subscribe to ($20 for 20 issues), if you prefer to read
      your cheap vacation news in print.

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

1        Priority Pass

         If you are a frequent traveller - for business or pleasure, the priority pass is well worth an investment.
         3 levels as you would expect, each one offering a little bit more for a little bit more! But for access to
         business and first class lounges for a small fee, it's worth having in your wallet so you can start your
         trip in style whatever class you are flying

2        Gullivers Travel Blog

         Entertaining and dry view form the Economist's world weary Gulliver - insights into the travel industry
         from the perspective of a business traveller amongst other things

3        Points

         Swap, earn, buy, share and redeem your points or miles - check it out and see if your program is a
         partner, you might be surprised what is on offer to you, or how close you are to making that dream
         trip all on collected points/miles

4        24 Time Zones

         Invaluable site for anyone that travels extensively or does business with a global customer base - find
         out what time it is anywhere in the world and start planning how you are going to adapt your body

5        Currency Converter

         Without doubt the best currency conversion site on the Internet. I can't count the number of times I
         have used this for travel and for business

6        Working Your Way Around the World

         Between telecommuting, work visas and networking, it's perfectly possible to pick up and move to
         different parts of the world on a regular basis — and work along the way. We focus on jobs that you
         can be proud to put on your resume: from finding a job abroad to building a business of your own,
         we've got the resources you need.

7        Cruisecompete

         A quick & easy way to get the best deal on your cruise vacation. No shopping around-- let agents
         compete to offer the best prices!

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

8        Travel Zoo

         The most trusted publisher of travel deals. Our team researches, evaluates and tests thousands of
         deals to find those with true value. We recommend only deals whose accuracy and availability we can
         confirm. With over 18 million subscribers, we are the largest publisher of travel deals on the Internet.

9        Budget Travel
 is the website for Budget Travel magazine. In June 2005, Budget Travel launched its
         own website in partnership with Washingtonpost .Newsweek Interactive; receiving approximately 1.8
         million unique page views per month.

10       Rough Guides

         Rough Guides is a leading publisher of travel and reference information, respected for their accurate,
         up-to-date content and informed contemporary writing.
11       this is TRAVEL

         This is Travel is a trading division of Studio West & has affiliation with Teletext Partners. This is Travel
         is at the forefront of independent travel agencies, offering specialist knowledge in charter flights and
         tailor-made holidays. Our long-established rapport with the UK's leading tour operators ensures
         cheaper prices and unique deals. As a fully ABTA and ATOL bonded agency, we can guarantee your
         booking is protected and supported by the UK's leading travel authorities. For more details, please
         read our terms and conditions.

12       Unusual Hotels of the World

         Unusual Hotels of the World will help you book an experience, not just a hotel. Stay in an old railway
         car nested in an Alaskan mountain, a tree house in Sweden, or a hemp hotel in Amsterdam. The site
         features a detailed description of each hotel and member ratings.

13       Unclaimed Baggage
         If you’ve ever been a victim of lost-but-never-found luggage, somebody in Scottsboro, Alabama may
         be shopping through your bag right now. Unclaimed Baggage is the final destination for lost luggage,
         where it is picked through and sold directly to some very lucky consumers. If you can’t make it to the
         store for some major bargain shopping, you can visit the website for some entertaining lost luggage
14       AirportDiscountParking

         Visit to save money when parking at airports. By entering your airport
         and travel date, the site will direct you to the cheapest lots available. Lists of affiliates include other
         valets or off site self-parking, to help you save even more.

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                           The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

15    Home and Abroad
      By providing travel businesses with better, innovative tools for reaching more travellers and for
      marketing their travel products and services, Home & Abroad hopes to lead the way to a new era in
      the online travel business.

16    Balismile
      online shopping and travel reservation for hotels, villas, spa, rafting, golf, tours, cruises and adventure
17    Rick Steves
      you have seen him on TV, now check out this excellent travel site!

18    The Savvy Traveler
      Rudy Maxa's public radio's nationally broadcast travel show. Join them for travel tips with attitude
      and dreams of "the road less travelled."

19    Travel Supermarket
      Covers everything from late package deals to insurance; one of the best price comparison sites.
20    Breezenet
      Some of the best domestic car-rental discounts on the Internet are available here. The site compiles
      pricing info from car-rental companies at major U.S. airports and links to special rates on other sites .
      Because it works with airport locations, is most useful if you’re travelling via plane and
      want a car waiting for you when you land.

21    Site59’s niche is the last-minute weekend getaway: Bookings can be made up to three hours
      before departure. The site works with partner hotels, airlines and car-rental companies to garner
      deals on last-minute inventory or services that would otherwise go unsold, compiling packages in site-
      specific categories like "Under $250," "Romance," or "Vegas/Casino." Packages are available in
      flight/hotel, flight/car and hotel/car combinations, but users must use every component of the

22    Bidding for travel
      Priceline's rates for four-star hotels are usually the best values available from online travel sites. Yet
      you can boost the chances that you'll submit the lowest possible winning bid by checking the message
      boards at, where recent Priceline users note their successful and unsuccessful

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

                                          Helpful Tips
1        Yapta

         A really useful free site to join up to. Don't you hate the feeling of buying your ticket and then 2 days
         later seeing that the price has dropped. Well this site helps you get a refund if the price drops after
         you have booked - so you never need have that feeling again!!

2        Country Calling Codes

         Very useful site for travellers - never worry about dialling codes or how to call a particular country.
         Jump onto this site and it has just about any combination of country you could imagine. Extremely

3        Inside Trip

         Really useful site that rates airlines in terms of comfort, flight time and accessibility. It allows you to
         determine what is important to you and then goes off and finds hundreds of results.

4        Vcarious

         VCarious is a new way to explore travel destinations. Pick your spot and read Travel Guides written by
         fellow travellers. And when you get back, post your photos and share a journal with your friends.
         Great site to get a real insight to the destination you are planning on visiting.

5        Zuji

         Fantastic site for great deals if you are thinking of heading towards Asia Pacific. Voted best online
         travel agent for 5 years running!

6        Worldwide Travel Reservations

         Over 5000 city guides, travel tools, web directories in 70 languages and relationships with over 80
         cruise lines. Truly a one stop shop for your global travel needs

7        Trip Advisor
         A great site that can cater to your every travelling need but most importantly they have user
         generated reviews, so you can read someone's review of a hotel etc and evaluate it from a real life
         experience, not just the hotels marketing material.

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                            The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

8        Lonely Planet
         One of the most recognised travel brands providing excellent insights, reviews, warnings and
         recommendations for just about every destination across the planet.

9        Wikitravel

         We all know Wikipedia is the place people go to find out just about anything and this site is travel
         oriented part of Wikipedia. The amount of information available is astonishing and you can find out
         just about anything you want. Are you a culturally sensitive traveller? Want to know the etiquette for
         tipping in Guatemala? Want to know what hand gestures are deemed rude in Brazil? This is the site
         for you and it's all first hand, user generated content. Invaluable!!
10       IgoUgo
         IgoUgo travel reviews and photos will spark your wanderlust and help you plan your next adventure.
         With more than 500,000 travelers on IgoUgo sharing trip stories and pictures, they've built a library of
         honest opinions, tips, and experiences that you won’t find in any guidebook. To date, their travel
         community has contributed hundreds of thousands of reviews and photos of everything from cheap
         eats to luxury hotels in 8,000 destinations worldwide.
11       Bootsnall
         BootsnAll seeks to cultivate an organic community that encourages independent travel. It does this
         through thousands of travel stories & travel blogs written by travellers, travel guides to destinations
         all over the world, a membership of passionate travellers, and the ability to book all of your travel
         needs - air tickets, hostels, RTW tickets, adventure trips, and more - from one website. In this way,
         BootsnAll aims to be the ultimate resource for the independent traveler.

12       Lickety Trip
         Luckily, is there to help. All of the vacation rentals on the site are available for the
         next two weeks. The rentals are mainly U.S destinations. The property search is user friendly, and
         from there you can contact the owner for a more personal booking experience.
13       Hostel Bookers
         Easiest way to book hostels all over the world. You can find prices, amenities (including pictures), and
         customer reviews of each location so you know what you're getting before you land. You can also
         book directly from the site.
14       Write Away
         Lauren Carter is an award-winning writer whose articles about trekking in Ecuador, searching out
         authentic tango in Buenos Aires, hiking the Matra Hills in Hungary, paddling Ontario’s French River
         and discovering Toronto’s West Queen West have appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Arthur
         Frommer’s Budget Travel, the Toronto Star, and many more.

    Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                         The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

15    Roomorama

      Roomorama is a peer-to-peer short term rental marketplace. As a host, you'll have peace of mind
      knowing that your guest has paid in advance of the stay. As a guest, rest assured that Roomorama is
      keeping your money secure until you check-in and hand over the payment code.

16    About

      As a capital of luxury, designer fashion and champagne-drenched soirées, Paris may seem inaccessible
      for travelers on a tight budget. Behind its opulent veneer, however, lies a city that offers scores of
      free attractions and activities, no matter the season. Check out our Guide to Paris Travel's tips on the
      top free things to do in the City of Lights.

17    Places of Peace and Power

      Sacred sites are the most loved and visited places on planet earth. Since prehistoric times they have
      exerted a mysterious attraction on billions of pilgrims from every region and religion. These holy
      places have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind, and awaken the soul.

18    Expedia

      Expedia believes getting the trip you want for the best price shouldn’t be hard work. That’s why we
      created our Best Price Guarantee—so you can always book your trip with confidence.

19    Cruise Critic
      Cruise Critic is a community of folks who love to cruise and we all benefit from the exchange of advice
      that takes place here! Our Cruise Community is a cooperative effort which depend on all of you to
      make it work well. If you post questions, please try to take the time to answer other members'
      questions as well. Cruise Critic has adopted a series of guidelines to help make the Cruise Boards
      easier to use and better for everyone.

20    Farecompare
      The My Trips alert allows you to set up a profile and notifies you via e-mail when a published price
      changes for your destination city. You can keep your dates flexible, fixed or within a specific time
      range. Then when a fare comes along that fits your budget, you can book it. The downside is that you
      can designate only one departure airport in your profile.
21    Cruisemates

      CruiseMates is an independently owned and editorially unbiased "Internet Cruise Magazine and
      Cruise Information Guidebook" offering accurate and up-to-the-minute cruise information and
      providing a place for cruise enthusiasts to meet.

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                         The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

22    Fodors

      Fodor's helps you unleash the possibilities of travel by providing the insights and tools you need to
      experience the trips you want. While you're always at the helm, Fodor's offers the assurance of our
      expertise, the guarantee of selectivity, and the choice details that truly define a destination. It's like
      having a friend wherever you travel.

23    World Travel Guide

      We supply many of the top-ranking travel companies in the world with destination information for
      their public websites as well as many smaller travel and propertywebsites.

24    Gayot

      The website serves as a serious, honest and professional resource on dining and travel
      for an international readership in search of the best.

25    Time out

      Before travelling, it is advisable to check all information locally, including without limitation,
      information on transport, accommodation, shopping and eating out. Anyone using this guide/site is
      entirely responsible for their own health, well-being and belongings and care should always be
      exercised whilst travelling.

26    Concierge is the only site that helps travelers make the first, most important decision: Where
      should I go? Combining the trusted editorial voice of Condé Nast Traveler with interactive planning
      tools, is where discerning individuals can find inspiration through travel.

27    Hitcher

      In many destinations cabs are the best way to get to your destination from the airport and back, but
      they can get expensive. is a web-based system, which conveniently connects travelers
      so that they can share taxis, and thus split the fare. So, whether you’re interested in saving money,
      time, the environment…. or just looking for a cab companion, can help.
28    Board First

      If you’ve ever been frustrated with Southwest Airlines’ no seat reservation policy, is
      there to help. For a $5 fee they will secure an ‘A’ group boarding pass for you. No more waiting by the
      computer, no more waiting to be called on. The best part is if they don’t get you a seat, you don’t
      have to pay.

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                         The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

29    Virtourist
      Take a photo tour of hundreds of world destinations at Users can upload their travel
      photos with a brief description of each. Fun and informative, it’s a great way to get a fellow traveler’s
      view of a location before you decide to travel to there.

30    Hopstop
      Decide on your transport of choice, as well as how far you're willing to walk, and get point-to-point
      directions for five cities. Bonus features: You can see what the trip would cost by taxi and look at
      panoramic shots of what to expect when you emerge from underground.
31    Global Travel Online
      This travel search engine lists travel related web sites from around the globe and is packed with travel
      information, tips and news. We list some of the best travel web sites in the world. Our travel search
      engine is packed with information on hotels, bed and breakfasts, airlines, vacations, cheap flights,
      rentals, pensions, inns and all inclusive resorts and you can also reach travel agents in your area of
      interest or location.
32    Travlang
      Travel and language super site
33    Travel Website Directory
      Travel Websites Directory is the first consumer website to be launched by Really Useful Websites
      Limited. More specialist directories will follow over the coming months, as will other innovative new
      website concepts.
34    Travelogger
      This is a neat little travel blog written by The Traveller. Not sure who the traveller is, but he or she
      sure does provide some great travel tips, stories, and news. Articles like ‘Affordable Tokyo’, and ‘Child
      Friendly Asia’ are written in several different parts, so that they are very thorough and informative.
35    Chowhound
      An obsessive community of feisty people around the world share secret finds. The site features
      interviews with experts, videos of local culinary customs (watch how to tie pancetta), and blogs such
      as the newly launched Tasting Notes.
36    Gridskipper
      Owned by Internet empire Gawker Media, is a self-proclaimed "urban travel guide,"
      pointing out the raunchier aspects of life in big cities across the globe. Recent posts, inspired by
      emails from international tipsters, include "Paris Riotblogging" and an interactive map of New York
      City bars in honour of St. Patrick’s Day.

 Want more FREE invaluable travel related information, visit us at
                    The Travellers Website Guide by Barry Cummings

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