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My father was a sculptor and painter, I usually heard the most frequent reply is
"play to be." Ago, when I heard these words will be a few years
ago because of that father engaged in other businesses is not very smooth, and now
focuses on "cultural" self-comfort, but now I would taste this
simple word, but that extremely profound.
Some things also recently gave me great inspiration, a few days ago to Shanghai
Jiaotong University Antai School of Management Business School of Marseilles
project, a teacher, when we parted he told me that he would immediately rushed to the
Pudong Airport, today night would fly to Italy, going to go on vacation in northern
Italy. He said he would give himself a holiday each year to the casual look Haohao Di.
Today, reading "Youth Daily", the newspaper describes
Although Bush has been 60 years old, but the bike or the speed of the professional
players than the general good, quiet time heart rate only 46 per minute, the very good
health. Even the U.S. president are to take some exercise, maintained a strong effort. I
have reason to complain about what life, give up the exercise it?
In the past I have always emphasized that he needs to, has been emphasized that he
would struggle to work really hard the last few years three Long, overtime is common
on business and will not break will not play. Do not know how things are not entirely
successful effort, but also luck; do not know how to pay will not return, but also
In fact, there is a "play" mentality more important ah! If you
have a fun, there is a spirit of meaningless, life sometimes gives you a lot of
unexpected surprises you. So I started and all kinds of friends to play in Shanghai, to
the best nightclubs Paganini singing, to the highest floors of Bank of China Tower
Bank of club playing pool, to the old Zhai Zi Du boss eat the hotel's top
floor to the Wei Siting listen to jazz, to Athens Palace wash meal, to read books about
the day Shaoxing Road, Shanghai Opera House to see the opera, I would like to learn
to swim, drive, play golf, but also tennis, art exhibits, art collection, Around the World.
My future life will be in the "play" in the tide, and the only
"play" is looking. Oh, play was!

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