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  Shanghai taxi drivers Philosophy

   I rushed to the airport from the Xujiahui, so hurriedly concluded a meeting before
the Metro Building, Search taxi. I found a popular, very professional, straight to the
stop in front of me. This stop, so I have followed this story deeply shocked, as a vivid
lesson MBA case. In order to be faithful to the original intent of the name of a taxi
driver, I try to repeat from memory the words of his original.
   "Where ... ... Yes, the airport. I like to do in the Xujiahui Metro Building
on the business. Here, I only do two places. Metro Building, both Yao Building. You
know? From you before, I am in the U.S. Law Building, a pocket door twice, finally I
see you! came out from the office, and certainly do not go near ~ ~ ~ "
"Oh? You have a method!" I agreed.
"Taxi drivers do, but also with the scientific method." He said. I
am surprised a moment, suddenly very interested in some "what the
scientific method?"
"To understand the statistics. I have done a precise calculation. I say to you
ah every day. I open 17 hours by car, costs 34.5 yuan per hour ... ..."
"How to come from?" I asked.
"You count ah, I have to pay 380 yuan a day, oil costs about 210 yuan or so.
17 hours a day, the average fixed cost 22 yuan per hour, to the company, the average
fuel costs 12.5 yuan per hour. This is not is 34.5 yuan ? ", I am somewhat
surprised. I played for 10 years the car, the first time I heard a taxi driver so
computing costs. Previous drivers, and I said, the cost of 0.3 yuan per kilometer, how
much pay other day like.
"Cost is not considered by kilometers, and can only be counted in time.
You see, the meter has a" check "function. You can see a
detailed record of the day. I have done data analysis, each carrying between Kongshi
The average time for 7 minutes. If up a starting price of 10 yuan, about 10 minutes to
open. that is, 10 per each guest takes 17 minutes cost is 9.8 yuan. do not make money
ah! If so, Pudong, Hangzhou , Qingpu's guests are eating, do 10 per guest
with a bite is worse than spreading some MSG. "
Strong! The master sounded really do not like the taxi driver, to the cost accounting as
a teacher. "Then how do you do?" I'm more
interested in, and continue to ask. It seems the way to the airport can learn new things.
"Do not be customers pulled filling the streets. But by selecting the parking
place, time, and customers take the initiative to decide where you want to
go." I was very surprised, it sounds very interesting. "Some
people say that taxi drivers do the job luck dinner. I think not. Your
customer's position to stand, to think from the customer's point
of view." This phrase sounds very professional, a bit like a lot of business
management training teachers said "put
yourself into others' shoes. "
"Give you an example, the hospital entrance, a holding of drugs, a hand
basin, and which one you take." I thought, did not know.
"You have to bring the wash basin. Most people sick to the hospital to see
a small pain, take some medicine, do not necessarily go very far from the hospital.
Carrying a wash basin, and it is discharged. Hospitalized How can die people? who
died today on the second floor, third floor tomorrow, another had died. out of the
hospital people usually feel a kind of rebirth, the idea of the meaning of life, health is
most important. the day that said: go to Qingpu. the eyes are blinking. You said that he
would take a taxi to People's Square, and then do Qingpu line? absolutely
not! "
I began to admire.
"Give you an example. That the People's Square, waving in
front of three people. A young woman, holding a packet, just bought things finished.
There are a pair of young men and women, a look that is shopping for. The third is to
wear down inside shirt and a down jacket men, holding laptop bag. I see a person as
long as three seconds. I did not hesitate to stop this man before. this guy on the train
said: Yan'an Elevated, north-south elevated ~ ~ ~ not say that later on could
not help but wonder why you did not hesitate to open in front of me? in front of two
other people, they do want to get on the train, I am sorry and that they robbed. I said,
noon, also ten minutes to 1:00 a. That girl is slipped out at noon to buy things,
estimated the company close; that men and women are tourists, not to get something,
do not go very far; you are out of work, and holding laptop bag, a watch is official.
but this time out, estimates should not be near. The man said, you're right
to Baoshan. "
"Those in the supermarket entrance, subway exit a taxi, wearing pajamas,
people may go very far? May go to the airport? Airport will not let her into the
Makes sense! I heard the more interesting.
"Many drivers have complained that businesses have suffered ah, the oil
price has risen ah, have to find reasons from others. I said, you always find reasons
from others, you'll never improve. From himself look around to see the
problem went wrong. "It sounded very familiar, like" If you can
not change the world, change yourself ", or Steven
Corvey's "sphere of influence and concern circle
beneath." "One time, a person in Nandan Road Blocking, to
Tianlin. Then another one, a person Blocking Nandan Road, or to Tianlin. I asked,
how come you people from the Nandan Road, many are to Tianlin it? people said
Nandan Road has a bus terminal, we are by bus from Pudong to here, then ride to the
fields, forests. I understood why. For example, you see we've opened the
road No offices, no hotels, no nothing, only the bus stop, standing here, most are just
Blocking of the bus, and then choose a minimum passing taxi. Here the customer is
usually no more than Blocking 15 yuan. "
"So I said, attitude is everything!" I heard a dozen words spoken
president, the first time listening to taxi drivers say. > "Use the
scientific method, statistics for business. Every day so I line up at the subway station,
how to make money? Earn 500 dollars a month on how to feed wife and children?
This is the murder ah! Chronic murder you the whole family. to use the knowledge to
arm themselves. acquire knowledge of a person can become a wise man, a wise man
to learn the knowledge can be turned into a very intelligent person. a very wise man
learn, can become a genius. " > "Once a person a taxi to
the train station and asked how to get. He said so just leave. I said slowly, on the
elevated, then so just leave. He said that this detour. I said, okay, you always take your
have experience, you then go 50, you go by my method, such as odometer 50, I will
turn the table. you only like a 50 speed, and more on me. Then you said to go to 50
minutes, I walk with you so as long as 25 minutes. Finally, by the way I walk, to walk
the 4 km, 25 minutes faster, I only charge a 50. passengers are happy, saving about 10
dollars. This 4 km to me is more than one oil money, money. I have the equivalent of
more money with a 1 per 25 minutes. I said, my one-hour cost of 34.5, I am more
cost-effective ah! "
"In public companies, generally a driver 3,4 1000, to take home. To do
good around 5 thousand or so.'s Top drivers about 7,000 a month. All the
public 20 000 drivers, drivers probably only 2-3 , ten thousand a month to get 8000. I
was the middle of a 2-3 person. and very stable without large fluctuations.
Too strong! This point, I more admire the taxi driver.
"I always say I am a happy driver. Some say that because you earn more,
so of course happy. I said to them, you just wrong. Is because I have a happy, positive
attitude, so earn more. "
That's more than good!
"To know how to appreciate the beauty of the work to give you. Blockage
in the People's Square, many drivers complained about, but also a traffic
jam! Out of luck. Do not ever try to experience the beauty of the city, there are many
beautiful girls out pass very modern high-rise buildings, although not afford, but can
appreciate the vision to enjoy. drive to the airport, looking at both sides of the green,
winter white, so beautiful ah. look at the odometer, 100, and even more beautiful!
every job has her beautiful, and we need to know from the experience of this beautiful
work. "
"I was 10 years ago, Johnson & Johnson's head coach.
8 years ago, the company made three different departments of the department manager.
Then I quit a month on 3,5 thousand, boring. To take the initiative to do the drivers. I
want to be a happy driver. ha ha ha ha. "
To the airport, I left him a business card, said: "You are not interested in
this Friday to my office to talk about your company's employees how a taxi
driver? You when the name of the table, 60 km one hour, you say how long, how
much money I'll pay you. to call me. "
I can not wait on the plane to record his vivid MBA class this court.

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