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									Personal Accident Insurance Xiangjie
What is personal accident insurance? Personal accident insurance coverage what?
Personal accident insurance, yes means the insured person in the insurance period,
due to suffer from non-intended, the external suddenly an incident, Zhi Shi physical
disability suffered Shanghai Er or death Baoxiangongsi in accordance with the
provisions of the insurance Hetong insurance payment Insurance. Personal accident
insurance can be divided into personal accident injury insurance and accident
insurance group two categories: one, personal accident insurance, refers to the insured
in their daily lives, work accident may encounter the subject of insurance, insurance
generally short term, a period of one year or one year. Second, group accident
insurance, is the social organization in order to prevent members of the organization
suffer accidental injury because of disability or death suffered huge losses to
policyholders of the social organizations to the social organization of all members of
the insured person to be insured for accidental damage to a major personal injury,
disability and death insurance for the insured event.
Accidental injury must meet the following conditions:
1, external factors, is due to the insured caused the accident outside the body, such as
car accidents, attacks by bandits, drowning, food poisoning.
2, sudden, and that caused the accident in an instant, no longer processes, such as
drowning, electrocution, falls, etc.. The occupational disease is due to the gradual
formation of damage and is predictable and preventable, it is not an accident.
3 accidents in that the insured does not anticipate, and non-intention of the accident,
such as the crash of Deng Fei Ji, while some of Shigusuiran can foresee or avoid, as
they were unable to resist or Lvhangzhize not Huibi should be included in
"Yi Wai "scope, such as the ship was forced to jump into the sea
to escape the fire, Samaritan and the gang fighting and wounded so.
4, non-diseases, diseases caused by injury, not the one I could have expected
beforehand, but it is the result of the body itself, not an accident. If unconscious stroke
5, physical injury, accidental injury insurance, the object must have been part of the
human body belongs, and the fact that the establishment of injury, such as: Although
electric shock but did not harm the body, are the fact of injury does not hold.
Personal Accident Insurance general liability deductible Disclaimer:
1, whether or not the situation in the sane, committed suicide or self-injury;
2, your insurance benefits or death caused by people deliberately;
3, due to their own criminal conduct or a result of resisting arrest;
4, war, military action, riots, insurrection;
5, the illegal taking, smoking or injecting illicit drugs, addiction inhalation of toxic
gases, alcohol abuse or assault;
6, drink driving, driving without a license or driving without valid driving license for
motor vehicles;
7, diving, water skiing, parachuting, rock climbing, bungee jumping, horse racing,
racing, wrestling, adventure activities and performances on high-risk activities;
8, pregnancy, miscarriage or childbirth;
9, drug allergy, food poisoning, medical malpractice or injuries caused by prescribed
by a doctor taking, coating or injecting drugs;
10, because of mental disorder or disorders caused by;
11, atomic energy or nuclear devices cause an explosion, burning, or radiation.
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