Personal Accident Death Insurance

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					Personal Accident Death Insurance
   Personal accident insurance is an agreed period of insurance due to an accident
caused death of the insured, the insurance company in accordance with the agreement
of both sides to pay the insured or beneficiary a certain amount of insurance an
insured. The so-called accidental death is violent, accidental, visible injuries caused
death of the insured. Such as people swimming, unfortunately drowned should fall
accidents; and sudden cardiac death in the water, not part of the accident, because it is
already present inside the body caused by disease. Currently, there are several
insurance companies in New Zealand have such insurance. Characterized by generally
contributed less to protect high.
Accident identified the principles?
First, external damage. Refers to the harm suffered by the insured non-intention, and
from their own causes other than the occasional accident. Here we note that the
disease is not an accident. Some policyholders tend to believe that got the disease
(such as heart attacks thrombosis, etc.) is also unexpected, to the insurance company
for compensation. In fact, although the disease is accidental, but also contrary to the
wishes of the parties subjective, but its occurrence is a factor from inside the body, it
is not personal accident insurance within the scope of the death. Second, severe
damage. Is caused by loss of function, deformity, dysfunction, accidents and other
injuries. Third, significant harm. Refers to the responsibility period (usually 90 days)
the consequences of death, the insurer should bear liability insurance. Fourth, a
sudden injury. Refers to the formation of a very short time too late to prevent the
Personal Accident Death Insurance What are the characteristics?
(1) short-term: personal accident insurance to life insurance, usually 65 years. (2)
Flexibility: personal accident insurance, and many are signed by the parties agreement,
the insurance amount is agreed upon by mutual agreement (not to exceed the
maximum limit), insurance coverage is relatively flexible. Insurance is also very
simple procedure, the spot that paid signature effect, without the insured to participate
in physical examination, as long as the ability to pay, the average person can
participate. (3) insurance companies usually require only a simple insurance insured
personal information (such as age, birthday, address, etc.), payment methods,
conditions and occupational situation of beneficiaries in these areas of information,
other information such as the health of the insured conditions, both medical history is
necessary. (4) premiums low: generally do not have the savings function, the
termination of the insurance period, even if no insurance accident, insurance
companies do not refund the premium. It is generally a lower premium, high security.
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