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									Permanent magnet
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The long term to maintain their magnetic properties of magnets, said permanent
magnet. As a natural magnet (magnetite) and artificial magnets (iron-nickel cobalt
magnets), etc.. Permanent magnet is hard magnets, magnetic loss is not easy, nor
easily magnetized. As a guide magnets and magnet materials are mostly ...

Permanent magnet magnetic closure and will not be closed by the method

The present invention is to use magnetic force of permanent magnets can be closed
and not closed principle, the development was closed by the magnetic control of the
stator, the stator and rotor magnets of permanent magnet attraction among all with
very different structures. The permanent magnet magnetic force into mechanical
power and electricity ...

Power plant and method of permanent magnet (Animation)

Magnet power device and method. (Its success will be the first time in human history,
epoch-making invention) investors can be certified for their inventions and patent
evaluation. The theory of the inventor has not yet opened. ...

Other rare earth permanent magnet -2009 annual domestic and international market
analysis and forecast report - permanent magnets at home and abroad ...

Magnet Alibaba -2 009 annual domestic market analysis and forecasts, market
research magnets at home and abroad, gathered here for a wide range of suppliers,
buyers, manufacturers. This is a permanent magnet at home and abroad in 2009
Market Analysis and Forecast ...

Rare earth permanent magnet motor application in
Rare earth permanent magnet material is a high-performance functional materials, this
material is the basis for many high-tech industries. Permanent magnet motor used in
electrical products make light of, high performance, and power electronics
technologies, made of speed, torque adjustable machine ...

Rare earth permanent magnet product information, manufacturer of rare earth
permanent magnet, rare earth permanent magnet manufacturers, suppliers ...

"Self-trade" to provide product information catalog of rare earth
permanent magnet, there are rare earth permanent magnet manufacturer,
manufacturers and suppliers directory, containing the latest products and business
opportunities of rare earth permanent magnet supply information, search-related

Permanent body to explain - CNKI Metabase

1, according to the magnetic magnets magnetic theory, the half-life it is often referred
to as permanent magnet number of years. Attenuation caused by magnetic force is
mainly due to the oxidation corrosion of the magnet 6. As for the electrochemical
corrosion of dental magnets in this highly corrosive environment ...

NdFeB Magnet (ND-FE-B), vibration motor magnet, speaker with a magnet, car
speakers with magnets ...

NdFeB Magnet (ND-FE-B) production suppliers, Beijing woo rim Magnet Material
Co., Ltd. (Korea Magnet Co., Ltd.) to provide NdFeB permanent magnet (ND-FE-B),
vibration motor magnet, speakers with magnets, car speaker magnet, CD-ROM ...

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