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					Participate in Mulao Yifan Festival (1)
 ?27-29 of this month, had the honor again to participate in Mulao the Yifan Festival.
Unlike in the past, this year's event is invited to drive to go to Mulao
Autonomous County participate in the celebrations. Many people do not know this,
but the Immortal Liu San Jie Luo County where it was born and raised. In the
Immortal home we feel strong Mulam festive atmosphere to the beautiful Mulam
Ferris Township customs.由衷地感叹 Rochester Township enticing landscape of
human relationships with the charm of songs: Mountain or the romance of the
mountains, water or soft water so, people are still so simple people, places, or piece of
magic, the song is so passionate song!

   ?Yifan Festival joyfully, Mulam Township passion flying. November 28, Mulao
Nationality as the square bunting flying, filled with strong ethnic festival atmosphere.
Emotional "Yifan Festival Fu" Speech opened the first Mulam
Rochester Chinese Cultural Festival Prelude by Rice: "Today in
accordance with rice / unprecedented flourishing / decorated / Carol
flying ... ..."

Cultural Festival to be held in accordance with rice, is promoting Mulam national
culture, create culture brand, show the people of all groups began to split Township
spirit to make progress, and promote regional economic and social development of
ethnic minorities, the expansion of Tourism Industry in the good carrier.

    Than 500-year history of the Mulam Yifan Festival is also called "joy
like" Thanksgiving is Mulam people would also like to celebrate the
harvest, pray for people Ding Antai traditional festival, is unique to the Mulam
festival. In 2006, according to the first national food festival to be included in the
Cultural heritage.

Day festival, held in accordance with rice, traditional folk festivals organized by the
Government's first landing on the big stage. Guests walked over 100
meters long followed the "Harvest Road", received master Wo
panicle flower blessings.

   The middle of the stage stands a nation known as Our Lady of the white horse to
save Mulam Goddess of the sculpture, statue behind him hung 35 Mulam first
Zusheng Xian statues, Mulam villagers and guests have presented incense and harvest
stage tribute.

 ?The Lions inside the shuttle and the 18 with rice straw woven grass dragon, the lion
dance Tappi singing the praises of the happy scene work hard for the descendants of
ancestors who founded Foundation of the End. Groups began to split open section
with a sacrifice sons and daughters the way to express sincere gratitude.
  Followed the national customs dance performances, from "intoxicating
Autumn,"        "according       to     rice    charm,"
"Rhyme slope away", "Mulam Charm"
and other programs form, the entire performance reflects the original ecological
character. From Guangxi University for Nationalities Institute of the Arts and the
Rochester team of local amateur actors art would blend folk and dance, art
reproduction of the excellent traditional culture Mulam, to express the Township to
build a harmonious beauty of the good Mulam wish.

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