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					Owner of 22 classic grass-roots business law *
1, adhere to watch CCTV-1 news network. To grasp the Economic Services Bureau, to
be concerned about the Council, the news network illustrated, impressive, indeed, the
best barometer of the Chinese merchants; you can not read financial reports, can not
see the focus interview, if you do not do oil and foreign exchange, even 9.11 you can
never mind a similar incident and the Middle East.
   2, Do not even think about or contract to your lawyer read the contract, and have
notarized a Do not believe, even when you have the money to import your customer
account specified later you have to confirm that the money you can not be out, can not
move, but about other than the conflict of interest involved in any verbal
commitments and explain that you have to be when he is released **, regardless of
incense or foul, all the other promises not to wallow in them before, but no matter
Who is the other side, even if that is what you pay for a decade and your friends or
even a woman on the bed have to be so.
   3, you must be trustworthy, a promise jin, but who are not trustworthy exception! !
You sure you will be able to do the things you can promise, but not exaggerated; you
if you want to have to be a businessman, you must establish your credibility!
Although you may not care about the outside of your dispute you can even create
controversy, but you can not lose credibility, or you are not a businessman but a liar;
credit if you and others specific, including about the 2:00 meeting, then you definitely
do not before 1:50 or 2:01 may occur after the case of traffic congestion or other event,
you must notify the other party, unless you had a car accident crash unconscious or
dead face, or you no reason to breaking appointment as early as too early or too late to
be late, and your conservation is reflected in the treatment when they do not keep the
attitude of broken promises and tolerance and so on; and once you confirm the benefit
of the other party is again in order to deceive you, then you do on the other side not
too much out of all acts, even you can meter on the meter, turn to him to draw a pie!
   4, since you can win but you can not afford to lose do not do business the best!
Before doing any business, you have to think clearly, if you lose, you are able to lose,
rather than to consider what would happen if you won what not afford to lose the
things you better not do! Consider the scope to lose you should not only consider the
money aspect, as half of the business, some things you'll never afford to
lose, including the woman you love, your family, your lakes and even your credit
status; so you must In full consideration before any business is a clear loser you really
afford to lose, if the loser, then OK, you go threw the DOIT it!
   5, do not put too much in advance, you give yourself enough cards not to their own
hands all the light out of all the cards, because the Board at any time will be half-way
stop, and the other to a new card at any time, less than the last critical moment, the
most Do not show your good hands to carry the card the most, the final winner is the
real winner!
   6, the world is nothing not to, but traders have to do certain things, "Tam
Roots" There is a saying that's good "to good rather
than not, not with evil little to succeed", said that in life reason, and the
business is also true: "Do not do less profit, and not to do risky to
do"; but also in China, contrary to what the law can do, but things are
firmly against the moral can not do.
   7, careful selection of partners, whether team or individual, many times we are
eager to join hands with us are able to conquer the world's gold partner, but
must be careful buddy is very very prudent choice, each case is carefully not only for
the unilateral and close ally must meet the following preconditions before they can be
your buddy; First, he and you will need to fight together in a trench had at least one
year; Second, you do not bear him in The premise of his every word you said he could
responsibly; The third is that he must be a Director General and to having peace of
mind, his four he is considered much more common interest between you (either
short-term or chronic), and this common interest above personal interests; the five
critical moment he did not escape nor betray you, or we cooperate in the benefit he
could receive bigger than the greater good of the premise, 5:00 lack of a can not, or
their cooperation will not last long.
?8, not in your team has the shadow of your family, whether your wife or your parents
are not able to order one of your core business team, there are too many to intervene,
as to one of your core team accept that you, not your family members, all members of
your team to accept and invite your family members to become a member of your
team before, no matter who your family members, how much ability, or can give you
The team brought forward to help much, can not be you let your family members into
the team a reason; and when your team (three or more persons) where the members of
the opposite sex and once you get on the bed, then You must consider each other to
leave the team, or her (him) and find another job, or her (him) to be your full-time
lover, or wife (husband), in short, she (he) can no longer remain in the team, So it
should not be considered in the team and the opposite sex to go to bed or emotion.
   9, do not you have a conflict of interest with the women who go to bed no matter
who account for cheap, or you can parallel between the two kinds of relationships,
should not go to bed with them, but no matter how sexy this woman, more sensational;
this women include: business dealings with you have a woman, a woman working in
your hands or your family members and colleagues, subordinates, and even manage
your government agencies, functions in the female civil servants, for two reasons:
First, This woman can make you die do not know how the dead, and the second half
though you are a businessman, but not the other half of the prostitutes sell their
   10, do not give you the details of a woman say your business is your bag, whether
the woman had the prostitutes, mistresses, or do you among the many lovers of a
more or the wife you married for many years, you should not and they talk about your
business details, the first you do not know about the possibility of them, the second
you talk about the details of which will allow commercial content of your
imprisonment, third, it involves trade secrets; no matter how much you trust your
Women should not talk too much and you about the commercial content; there is a
need not separate the business rules that do not place in the night club Cabaret and
other sex should be recruited to the lady and the girl made business cards, be sure to
   11, you can bribe but do not do evidence tainted witnesses to the court to accept
you no matter how shameless bribery of officials, much less meaning, you can only
bribe a witness not to go ahead with tainted evidence in court; unless
you're after even half a businessman do not want to do a; but if you take
the initiative to bribery, acceptance of each other but also to do a thing for you, you
also should not come as a result of the evidence to seize the other pigtail to blackmail
each other to give the green light for you to break the law, but also whether
government officials or other law enforcement officers or bank officials and even the
staff of; the most basic, and even dinners to eat mulberry wash large Macau Tour
these feelings are not to separate record into black accounts, while also handling the
financial books time must be leaving any traces.
   12, do not tax evasion but the bulk of small to learn a reasonable tax avoidance is
best distinguished from the end of the invoice, sales taxes and additional education
funds, how much you pay and pay the amount of VAT you better not move my mind
(remember the look on the family arrived to the normal tax receipt button on it), in
addition tariff weigh you weigh the weight of its own, specific treatment of specific
conditions, all to avoid corporate income tax is not paid out a penny, but the best to
rent the face of the other one less point of intersection points money do not pay, pay
more pay less you own choice, but then personal income tax, depending on the local
government to the taxpayers how much real work to do if the Zan taxpayers who
really look at when the taxpayer's particular circumstances make payroll it.
   13, you can use the journalists but reporters do not believe you can give reporters
some money or gifts, but you can not tell the press a lot of your number can not
believe that reporters will give you a more conservative trade secrets, and even you
can not, and journalists are too close and must learn to face the press and fortification,
no matter whether you are facing is pretty trend for the female reporter was able to
send internal reference of the biggest names in news are true.
   14, do not put big, even if you really remember is the boss, there is day, do not put
any big occasion, even if you are really great, and when the other party is a person
who placed large and shallow, if you want to exterminate him, the best random pieces
of brick to drop him a somersault, and then you went your own way! But remember,
the brick is definitely not your own bricks, and the best brick and nothing to do with
your own.
15, to remain neutral, not involved in any factional political disputes sectarian strife in
the face should remain neutral, especially in the face of political factionalism, the
facts show that the commercial interests of a factional dispute in the hopes that any
one could be dangerous and unwise, in the factional disputes between, you have a
cool neutral.
   16, do not worry so much about money, remember that there are gains and losses
and interest income would be lost, but there has been lost from the old saying, money
can no longer earn, the natural world where you win you earn money and endless
business opportunities So why not in front of generosity in terms of money and
interest to do so? Moreover, greater business opportunities are waiting to be sure?
Basically you should not have time to be mindful of short gains and losses is right
even if you have time to tour tea color.
   17, do not gloss over too much money though his face is very important to you, but
compared to your own personal charm, there are no cars, a villa with swimming pool,
golf, and your clothing, and even these will pale hair ; of course you can wear under
your favorite pair of "inline up" shoes, even when there is time
to fly a foreign country to see your favorite team's home or away games,
but even you can in many pumping in front of your own favorite low-quality smoked
   18, the capital decided to say, but you should not easily let people know how much
you care about what you say is your capital and you can control the capital is correct,
even you should care about, including your bad debt and cash earnings and cash flow,
but these should not be too many people know; and when you get a away of great
wealth, you should learn to do not take the news to others, including trouble for a long
time already, and your wife, or She would file for divorce and division of your assets,
this is not small! Remember, the money men and women of the age should be the
same as always belong to the secret, which Payouyitian even have a
woman's age is not a secret, your money should still secret; unless you are
near death, will donate all of your belongings When you absolutely can not tell
   19, summing up other people's successes and failures, but abroad you
can not ignore the case do not envy other people's success, not to despise it
in others, you first should do is learn to analyze and summarize the essence behind the
phenomenon, to identify failure or success of others all causes, whichever is longer,
and make up for short, do you have to do things; and foreign similar to Microsoft and
other stories, too far away from you, you could never mind him, so a certain sense, the
existing MBA to do business in China for you and without any practical significance!
   20, do not use black and white Road rules to solve the conflict in the commercial
business is always business, but business is business rules of the game itself, so even
if you really are underworld characters, can not just use the rules the underworld to
solve business conflicts Similarly, the forthcoming White Road, you have a good
background and resources, you can not easily use these resources to solve the conflict
in your business! Since the chosen merchant, you must comply with all the business
in the rules of the game willing to bet have to admit defeat.
   21, can grasp the overall situation in the premise, do not pursue their own hands-not
to engage in no time with friends, not to let their women do not have time to bubble
and the INTERNET, the most important thing is not no time to relax yourself and
thinking, so , should learn to let people go and handles your business, business, and
although the core business you must have a firm grasp; the same, to do things to
others you need to consider carefully the risks and can be prevented, so that you do
over to someone else to do after you became a busy fire-fighting team, remember the
fire and fire is different, the fire's slogan is "fire combination of
   22, give yourself a posterior section, prevention deserted you can settle down after
years of quiet lakes, but you can not no longer together after the fall, because you are
a man! So you have to give yourself an your own posterior, posterior, including hiding
a piggy bank, although it will only a few dollars but you will rely on a few dollars in
the future is to make a comeback;
Posterior also includes a legal sense, not in the house under your name (you can have
a place a person heal, recover), but also including a less frequent but very generous
attempts from and you give him a lot of help friend (he can take you at a critical time,
to accompany your drink, and such a friend you can face a life has also been very
lucky); If there is no way out, then you must have to sleep on the street begging
psychological preparation, but the whereabouts of a stranger then you can only reach
out, definitely not to help your past you've also owes a lot of debt or favor,
but pretended not to know who your bow. (Reprint)

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