Organizational Behavior and Conflict Management Advanced Practice by fdjerue7eeu


									Organizational Behavior and Conflict Management Advanced Practice
Organizational Behavior and Conflict Management Advanced Practice

Starting Shenzhen City】
Starting time】 April 2010 03 ~ 04
【 Target Audience 】 business owner, general manager, senior and middle
management, department managers, corporate key personnel.
【Background】 Course
  ?"Organization Behavior" taught by the best of Sun National
Speaker of non-teachers. Sun made from individual behavior, attitude, motivation, the
results for their students carried out a detailed explanation and incisive analysis of the
case. Sun non-teachers think that all the acts of individuals, and childhood Huan Jing
has a direct relationship, in business management, employees should be to understand
the different family backgrounds, education situation, the growth of their experience,
know their future direction, and better guide them. From the study of individual
behavior which extends to business management, leaders must recognize the
importance of the role of management, different occasions, the most decent thing to
do, says the most decent, then, in order to better understand others, for different
individuals in the organization behavior, communication and motivation in different
ways to do Use of Personnel, set Peoples on one, these gifted young and used to fierce
competition in the social environment in which enterprise can go better, go further!
  ?"A man not afraid of other people know about you, fear you do not
understand other people." If we can understand others, respect others, do
not do bad things. This course is designed to help professional managers in
developing positive ideas, concerns and understanding of others, anywhere, any time
reflecting on its own, to do more business!
【】 User-friendly training style, witty humor, language, concise, easy to understand,
tastes, and interactive teaching. Has strong appeal and penetration. Touch the hearts of
every person to ensure training effectiveness.
First, organizational behavior and development of the system
  ?● organizational behavior and development of the system
  ?● Evolution of Organizational Behavior and Development
  ?● China's development and organizational behavior research
  ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
Second, organizational behavior, research methods
  ?● The concept of organizational behavior and design
  ?● Measurement and Evaluation Research
  ?● Data analysis and conclusions of the study
  ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
Third, perception and individual decision-making
  ?● theories of perception
  ?● Attribution Theory and the perceived bias
 ?● individual decision-making
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
Fourth, the overall quality of individual
 ?● ability and management skills
 ?● personality and management
 ?● Values
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
Fifth, work motivation
 ?● The concept of incentive
 ?● Incentive content theory
 ?● the process of motivation theory
 ?● Motivation in Management
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
6, attitude and stress management
 ?● attitude
 ?● job satisfaction and performance
 ?● stress theory and stress management strategies
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
7, group dynamics
 ?● group stage of development and community relations
 ?● group norms and group cohesion
 ?● Group Decision
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
8, Team Management
 ?● Definition and Characteristics of the team
 ?● effective team formation and development of
 ?● team decision-making and team management
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
9, communication and inter-group dynamics
 ?● communication, inter-group relations
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
10, conflict, negotiation and power
 ?● Conflict Management
 ?● negotiations
 ?● Power
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
A ridge, leadership and management decision-making
 ?● Characteristics of leadership and behavior of
 ?● Contingency Theory of Leadership
 ?● management decision-making theory and method
 ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
12, organizational structure and organizational design
 ?● Organization Theory
 ?● Organization
  ?● organizational design and contingency factors
  ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
13, tissue culture
  ?● The concept of the role of organizational culture
  ?● construction of enterprise culture
  ?● Cross-Cultural Organization and Management
  ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
14, organization change and development
  ?● organizational change and organizational development theory
  ?● Organizational Development and Management of the way of reform
  ?● Organizational Learning
  ?● Case Study, Chapter Summary
【Introduction】 Lecturer
    Professor Sun Fei: current and former Hong Mai Fast Food Co., Ltd. Tianjin Jin
Management Consultants, Tianjin Rieter Medical Electronics, consultants,
international consultants U.S. Integrated Science Research Center, Shenzhen, Senior
Advisor Retail Association, Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. Tianjin, special advisers,
Shenzhen Youth College Visiting Professor, Renmin University of China, Tsinghua
University, Peking University, Wuhan University, Northeast University of Finance
and Visiting Professor, University of Science and Technology, the All-China Society
of Aesthetics, Chinese Human Society, Department of Sociology, University of
Minnesota Honor members include American Biographical Institute, "Who
in the world," Seventh Edition, and China, "Dictionary of
Chinese heroes."
  ?Training services through the company recently include: Motorola (China) Co., Ltd.,
Bausch & Lomb-US joint venture company, Huawei Technology, Ministry
of Railways, 39 pharmaceutical, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tianjin
Branch, Bank of China Tianjin Branch, China Ocean Shipping Company Kansai Paint
Company, China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch, Shanxi Yangquan Mining
Bureau, Dagang Oilfield, Tianjin Iron Factory, Tianjin Steel Plant, the shares of the
new Pharmaceutical Group, Shenzhen Mao Industry Group, Dalian Institute of
Technology Center materialized by the membrane, United States, GlaxoSmithKline,
Ting Hsin (Master Kong) International Group, Tasly Group, China National Offshore
Oil, Hyatt Hotel, the first Ministry of Chemical Industry Design Institute, Tianjin
Chamber of Commerce, dozens of well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
【Application】 way
  1. Training costs: 2500 yuan / person (including training costs, handouts fee)
  2. Tel :010-59284328 enrollment duty Mobile: 13683686366 teacher;
  3. Registration: Phone Registration -> complete the application form
-> issued by the training confirmation form
  4. Note: For more courses, please visit our website for the latest course
  5. Website: (China's most professional integrity
training network team of lecturers)

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