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Opening ceremony
Assumptions: the soul of the Three Kingdoms 108 people through the time tunnel
1700 years, to the beginning of the twenty-first century in Huasheng Shi, each office
in an enterprise, job level similar to the level of the Three Kingdoms period of
military administration. Their own experience fresh in mind, but can live in harmony,
hope that two years of study toward a society for the enterprise, as countries continue
to contribute. Chen Shou, Luo Guanzhong, Sima Guang, Fan Ye, Mao Pei pine and
six cases of gang leaders and consultants to return to college world, and they create a
brilliant career.
Background: at 9 o'clock on the September 1, 2008, is located in Jingzhou
School of Management established the Three Kingdoms, and the first EMBA, MBA
students held a grand opening ceremony, the General Assembly, presided over by the
Luo. College in front of a huge banner that read "Today, three of
Management so proud of you" put the wind Gone with the Wind, the
morning sun with a colorful light radiation.
Luo: I declare the opening ceremony of the three School of Management now.
The first General Assembly in the following activities: All rise for the national
   (Fiery anthem, all with distinction standing)
The second General Assembly in the following activities: I declare the establishment
of three School of Management of time, place, and hospital air.
Established: September 1, 2008; set up Location: Jingzhou; School Wind: embracing
the Sea
The third General Assembly in the following activities: I declare that the three bodies
of Management list of members.
Honorary President: Chen Shou
President: Luo Guanzhong
Advisor: Sima Guang, Fan Ye, Pei Song of Mao Zonggang
Fourth General Assembly in the following activities: I declare the first three of
Management EMBA, MBA students admitted list.
A total of 36 EMBA students, 35 male students, female students 1. Chinese surname
strokes, as follows:
Martens Gongsun Zan Sima Shi Sima Zhao Sima Yan, Sima Yi Lu Bu, Liu Xie, Sun
Jian Sun Quan Sun Closed
Liu Bei Liu Biao Liu Liang Liu Chan Sun Sun Ce Sun Hao Zhang Jiao Wu Tai Liu
Zhang Liu Bian (female), Zhang Lu Zhang Xiu Yuan Shao Yuan Shu Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Ke Cao Pi Cao Rui Cao Fang Cao Mao Cao Huan Cao Cao Dong
A total of 72 MBA students, 67 male students, female students 5. Chinese surname
strokes, as follows:
Ding Feng Wang Yun Wang Ping Ma Chao Ma Su Yu Jin Jung, Deng Ai Gan Ning
Taishi Ci Xu You Sima Hui Guan Lu Hua Lü Fan Yang Hu Liu Ye Xu Chu Zhangfei
Air / Lu Kang Zhang Bao Zhang Hesheng Dian Wei Yang Hsiu Xinxian Ying Wu
Kingdom (female), Zhao Chen Gong Du Yu Chang Chen and Liang Pang Tong Zhou
Tai Zhou Yu Teng method is Zhao Yun Chung Pound fees will Xun You Xun Yu Jiang
Wei Zhu Rong Yi, Mrs. (Female) Jia Xu Xu Huang Xiahou Dun Xiahou Yuan Xu Shu
Zhuge Dan Gu Yong Zhuge Jin Zhuge Zhan Guo Jia Tao Qian Cao Ren Huang Huang
Shuo (female) Huang Gai Yun Cao Dong Lu Su Cheng Pu Han Sui CHENG Yu Jiang
Wan Diao (female) Jianyong Cai Wenji (female) Wei Yan
The fifth General Assembly in the following activities: from Chen Shou, Sima Guang,
Fan Ye, Pei pine, floor leader Mao Zonggang 5.
Shou: Hello, everybody. As we all know, in the Twenty-Four Histories of China, there
are the Four most famous, they are "Han", "the
Book", "Historical Records" and "Three
Kingdoms." "Three Kingdoms" is my masterpiece,
but a lot of people did not understand, it is not very widely spread. And based on my
"Three Kingdoms," based on "Romance of Three
Kingdoms," user-friendly, and has become one of the Four Classical. As
for the "Three Kingdoms" and the specific status of
China's "Three Kingdoms" Society, said Executive
Vice President and Secretary General Shen Bojun good: in the history of Chinese
fiction, classic, "Three Kingdoms" has six first: (1) it has come
out 600 Duonian, is recognized in China's first mature novel; (2) its total
write the more than 1200 people, of which about 1,000 people identified by name,
which ranked first among all the novel; (3) According to It is adapted and broad
categories of literary and artistic works, of their number, certainly the first; (4) and its
related attractions located around the country 20 provinces, municipalities and
autonomous regions, the total number up to hundreds of Department, other works can
not simply look The back of the neck, this is the first; (5) and it is the sheer number of
legends, the wide spread in the classical literature is also famous in the first; (6) of the
spiritual life of the Chinese nation and national character impact, it certainly is the
You are three people in the crowd, today you can learn in three of Management, is
your honor! I hope you learn, that it will be like the "Three
Kingdoms", as has a brilliant achievement!
Sima Guang: Hello everybody, I'm "Sima Guang drop
tank," the man Sima Guang. I have been on the "Three
Kingdoms" highly. Famous Prussian military strategist Clausewitz said:
"War with the same business activities, conflicts of interest of human
society are a form of expression." War war and the core essence of
business is to outwit. Wisdom as money, get more richer. "Three
Kingdoms" is not only a history textbook, it is a wisdom Daquan. It relies
on three characters, financial wisdom and one thousand Chinese, Yang indemnity is
high, amazing; its "treasure" is rich enough to allow each a
"poor" become "rich man."
Three from the cook, to the Three Kingdoms, to use the three countries, is an ongoing
development process. School of Management in the three countries hope you study
hard, this three gold mining, and full use of today's business to the sea. I
am sure you will succeed!
Fan Ye: Hello, everybody! I was "the Book" author, I also like
watching        "Three          Kingdoms."        "Three
Kingdoms" is the most legendary in Chinese history has the greatest
classic of wisdom, is a master of Chinese wisdom. "Three
Kingdoms" has proven to be a "life training, doing things side,
successful method, leadership skills, game theory," social science
Winning in this era of competing, you can be such a good environment to learn, really
rare. I hope that you strive to your own experience and current business management
theory and practice closer together, success great achievements, but also for the
School of Management to create three gold standard!
Pei Song of: Hello, everybody! I is for "Three Kingdoms" for
comment and famous, you are also a result of "Three Kingdoms"
were people talking. "Three Kingdoms" is really a soldier
fighting Collection, Business Tips war.
Ming and Qing dynasties peasant uprising leader Zhang Xianzhong, Li Zi Cheng,
Hong and others, have the book as a guide the operations of "the secret of
this unique jade account", the Qing rulers in the book to teach them
Zeng said: "Three of the strategy, into big things, it not it would be
Li Ka-shing said: "Three times is the best management of history
textbooks. Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang and other historical figures are worthy of modern
success, especially in reference to business executives."
TV series "Long", the Central Political Bureau alternate
Kaifeng reviews Mao: Do you rely on to fight on two books, one is the
"Art of War", the other is "Romance of Three
Kingdoms." Mao Zedong and other proletarian statesman, military
strategist, regard the "Three Kingdoms" life-long collection
with me, repeated reading.
Can be said that almost all military strategy can be in the "Three
Kingdoms" to find application. Reading a "Three
Kingdoms" will fully understand the essence of China's military
Can also say that almost all of the commercial warfare strategy can also be in the
"Three Kingdoms" found in application, which your ability to
see it! I hope you live up to expectations!
Mao Zonggang: Hello, everybody! I was Mao Zonggang, by commenting on
"Three Kingdoms" and famous. I had said at a well-known,
namely, "past and present personnel of the public, who have not flourished
in the three countries." You are the talents of three people.
The leaders just ahead on the "Three Kingdoms" the impact on
people. In fact, the "Three Kingdoms" and even overseas
United States, West Point has been the "Three Kingdoms" and
"The Art of War" as a required course for students.
In Japan, many entrepreneurs in the three strategies successfully applied to modern
business management and economic competition, and generated a very significant
economic and social benefits. Industrial Research Institute of Japanese society in the
last Kenjiro said: "Whether in international or domestic, Japanese
enterprises to enhance competitiveness, you have to study" Three
Kingdoms "in the ability to deal with complex situations."
There is one called the accounting department of Japan all U.S. business management
theorist, said: "If you can read" Three Kingdoms
"and the words will be used to ensure a millionaire."
In South Korea, Southeast Asia, even in Europe, there are a lot of people, especially
the business community in the respected research "Three
Kingdoms", and to which the use of strategies to the Business
In today's society, you have become a model for others to learn, can you
not take the opportunity to take practice, the final victory over others? I am sure you
can! I wish you an early success!
Sixth General Assembly in the following activities: to ask questions freely. Due to
time constraints, EMBA, MBA students limit two questions.