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									On the monster and a monster
A letter is all far the most like a Mayday member, regardless of which web forums,
like the letter A is always the largest, the other four probably did not add up to more
people like A letter bar. In this case, I am not very sure, after all, I do not know who
all like Mayday, that they like. Just feel like A letter may be more people, we like to
call him Prince, really, compared to other people's funny and such crown
Woo's been loss, A letter was like a prince as protection, but in fact the
other four individuals also have great ah. But I really had ignored them.
For the first two have been married for:
Stone, I have always felt that he was not very handsome long Xiang, very kind of type,
are not particularly important to the kind of feeling, actually saw his Xianchang later
marry, with the kind of tenderness he Meici Speaking Jiating feeling, I know, he must
be good man, though they said he mad hot temper before, but now he Querang dog
Guan Yu, I always think that he is not Mayday most outstanding one, he later married,
then start watching the video before Mayday, we are all crazy like loss to him, and
basically all loss to him, but he only Ha ha ha, and sometimes fight back, and he is
Taiwan's first drummer, but the hair will not mess who, haha, actually feels
he is loved home, although he could before the scandal and great, they may do more
Fa, but he actually got married after a very qualitative, he has family, they will not
have some of the others did not.
Then Martha, as if his nickname is "Tsim Sha Tsui," What harsh
Martha mouth, which he is speaking the most vicious, even Axin Guan Yu on behalf
of the Class LOVE DJ, the A letter asked the crown of Mary, the typhoon and Martha
you compare the fear of which, without thinking woo Crown Q & A
"Martha." Oh, in fact, I think Martha is very cute, although he
bad mouth, but he was real, he better say so, not good also direct, and such people get
along well, you never have to worry about, he will not tell lies to deceive you, but
many people may start this speech will not accustomed to Martha, but for a long time,
and very like him in such a way, to speak directly, and sometimes it is very funny
though vicious, Martha's joke, the joke is always like the letter A, is cold. I
remember originally posted it in the Martha saw an article, that Martha once said,
"you really thin Hanma me?" This is the case. The
article's authors say, when I heard Martha say so, I would liked Martha. In
many cases, just a word, a smile will make you love a person. Martha cute, chubby,
cute Oh.
Monster, this I have to carry to talk about, and Oh. I have just had to know, oh, is head
of the monster, I have always wonder, why is not A letter when the head of the? But
now is not strange, monster cohesion is no doubt that yesterday morning I saw
monsters and in accordance with the "chaos Sentimental
Journey", the MV, I have not heard singing what the letter A, I only see a
monster, and by morning to necklace in 101 runs, monster he's laughing,
really deeply touched my heart. As someone wrote to "Tonight,
okay," the scene, said that like a good monster, monster short of cute Oh.
Oh, I am also impressed by people who smile monster.
A letter, I remember the funniest joke he had two.
One is the "good bad tonight," some students call in, then A
letter and she said: "The monster was very powerful in the math exam,
exams are out of, I figure has a very good test scores do?" The audience
asked how many points. A letter said: "Five." I am laughing, A
letter also joked: "So and now the rationing are co-ah."
The second joke, A letter on a radio show, and then say how provincial they buy high
school musical instruments, stone that is not bad, is one to eat lunch at noon and the
students on to say that your food is very good, give me a little, on This province took
a long time to buy his favorite instrument. A letter? More must he saved a long time
did not save money, he went back and his mother said: "Mum, you do not
give me money to buy musical instruments, I went to a band when the lead singer of
Oh." His mother once gave him the money because his mother thought he
sang very difficult to listen to, how can sing, and even today his mother also thought
he sang it very hard.
Two people you like, you always would be more, there is always a favorite little more,
less, I have an exception, I also really like the little monster, but in fact all five are
really missing a not, there are five of them are the Mayday, less any one person would
have to change to our move, as long as the five of them, no matter how many
outsiders criticize them or praise them as long as we sing, we have enough.
However, whether I'm not a princess, I have not Prince, I just monsters.
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?Monster is because the stone scissors cloth won only when the head of, but we have
seen, after he became head of the Mayday's development is very good!
Monster is very strong, the other four say If not monster, Mayday ~ rock band
dissolved early, when conflict is inevitable, as the head, the pressure can be imagined,
each recording, he must be the last to go in the head, monster set force is very strong,
so individuals can withstand 5 large group pressure.
Building 5 of that said, I think the defect is right if we are not qualified as head of the

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In fact, I just wanted to express their views, perhaps I am more one-sided it, I just
want to say that we like to join the group, even if that which you have a favorite, there
is no relationship, ah, like him well, it does not matter. The five people together is
As for my last sentence, in fact, I just want to express personal views, does not mean
that all your friends, I hope, if married, marry monsters such as the charm of a
cohesive, very strong man. I am not saying the other members of this area is poor, I
just prefer the feeling of this monster. Mayday only five, has two married, a name of
the Lord of the grass, we do not fight, and many people around to see it, many people
gave us the feeling of actually similar, in fact I very complex, we would like to say,
me and really enjoy the rationing of music, to your life.

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They do not know that Monster is Doraemon it?
Is he deliberately lost soil ah .....

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?Martha also has said that fortunately is when the head of the monster, or Mayday
certainly not now like this, or just scattered.
Monster is not very high, have to admit I build super bad, but I still think he is a very
"MAN" of the people. Very responsible, very cohesive, it will
engage in the atmosphere, very filial!
Wen I think of my mother's condition began to sad monster, and I like him
as a tragic role, and may in fact head of the then laugh, then freedom-loving.

Mayday monsters mixed in, should be very happy.
The head of the adults holding a guitar, it should be very happy.

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Beast beast is one of the largest return, he is really tired, super tired, and his body is
also super bad, and every rock in the ability to see the letter to hear A physical
condition of the period that monster, I really super- sorry, there are drops of tears ...
hey ... dear head of adults, without him there would be no rationing of today ... by:

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Students, I tell you,
When the head of the monster because he was strong, not seen him for each concert
are you when the producer,
His greatest merit, and elbow grease.
And before the establishment of Mayday, they practice every day in the monster
house music, so out of a book
Called <monster house named>.
So I think this is the reason he became head of the

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A letter like no not `````````
A letter just like the expense of other people on the no mean ````````
Ah, if only like the other four letters and even contempt for the efforts and talents, it
too kind a ```````

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Is the temperature in the 28 day that saw white beast beast post TO the.
He said he liked girls, and I bowed my head, ten seconds of silence. Ten seconds later
I walked out of Internet cafes. May have been a very hot wind suddenly swept a while.
Mingled with a few slices of dead leaves. My hair is pretty long, they get entangled in
the wind especially lonely. Bustling Long Street, an empty sky. Dozens of lattice
groups of flash, the shadow at me overwhelming. My hand covered his eyes. Sunlight
shines into the eyes for fear of tears.
?May's weather, moist earth. Unfamiliar sunshine, clouds of the sky,
decadent life, crowds, bright smile, lonely breath.
?June is coming.
Middle School friends break from running out all night like crazy Debu Middle
School students. They shouted towards the sky: "After this June, please let
me leave. After this June, the three animal beast rise, I rise along the trajectory of his
second, every step of the hardships.
Teacher Division today issued a questionnaire so that we fill. I pen, right in front three
minutes of silence, and eventually "in this column on science, then a hook.
Red hook tragic as blood. Because the beast beasts Theoretical so I do not regret it,
just sad. Sorry for the next semester I had to abandon the text of a person to go to
school every day school rush. with all kinds of bandits Yi Sisuo point to think that the
physical problems that I have a headache. I want to test and the same animal
veterinary school. So we must learn.
?Learn every day.
?Words and words of wisdom MAYDAY posted on the wall together. Black and white,
?Everyone will encounter something worthy of his compromise.
?I met Mayday, the Society of stubborn.
?Temperature in the understanding of animal after animal learn to compromise.
?Beast beast guitar in another she said, so sorry.
?I smiled my heart burst into tears. Does not matter, as long as I have stubborn love

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?I also really like monster
Is also touched by his smile
Although not very handsome
But it is pure
Really like
Dream to see his smile again
Like a flower

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