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Obama Girl


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									Obama Girl
Origin of name Barack Obama on November 15, 2009 -18 days official visit to China.
November 16, U.S. President Barack Obama at the Shanghai Science and Technology
Museum and the Chinese Youth Dialogue. In his speech, Obama appear together on
site and within the lens of a Chinese black beauty photo is exposed, quickly became
popular in the network, known as the "Obama Girl." Identity of
the mystery of beauty has also led to human flesh search users. November 24, the
exposure of the identity of beauty: Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai SEM study of
a purple King Philip students. Obama Girl in the report, the media has this passage:
"The United States President Barack Obama, in Shanghai, and to dialogue,
I do not know why the did not leave something worth remembering, then, it touches
inadvertently made a star the scene did not get a chance to ask questions of female
college students Purple King Philip. "speech live [Edit this section] the
parties to respond to
"President Obama brings me to what?" As the theme, open the
Internet to respond to all kinds of speculation Bo, a detailed description of the Obama
speech the day the situation. "Destruction of people as long as the word,
people have to cultivate a thousand words, I Xia Liuqing it." Purple King
Philip said.

"See the misunderstanding with the hours the news has been increasing, I
think with the strength of a person simply can not shake the speed of network
communication, even if the excuse is so pale and weak, so I adopted an evasive
attitude, not my natural things expected, My silence instead give rise to more
speculation. "In his blog, black women denied their network jump up
photos of red is a speculation, and said meeting was attended by students from nine
universities in Shanghai, each school assigned a fixed seat, the location of their seat
share of the seats is one of National Chiao Tung University, has not been particularly

The flurry of red jacket, a blog is explained, "because of the need to wear
formal dress to show respect. Afraid I chose to highlight their simple black
shirt," "Shanghai and rainy day, morning only several times, I
wear a coat should be no surprise to it. we first arrived at the venue waiting to enter
the venue I'll coat off, then Obama did not occur. "
"Mystery has been lifted, we do not have to bother guessing, the recent
study by a certain troubled life, I hope I can continue to do after this simple

Purple says Philip Wang

[1] "to destroy a person as long as the sentence, a person has to cultivate a
thousand words, please exit Xia Liuqing it. Mystery has been lifted, we do not have to
guess. Recently, my school life plagued by a certain hope to restore calm as soon as
possible . I like small animals, because they are so cute and simple. hope that after
this, I can continue to do the simple themselves. "[Edit this section] User
As a good blogger in literary grace, many users believe that this is not a hype, chosen
Zhu Fubo Lord, "Your popularity is inevitable, keep a clear mind, well all
the way."

Netizens have been temperament and beauty black beauty dumping, animation and
video quickly became popular in various forums. User "alex"
praise: "This woman feel better than the big stars, in particular
temperament, really refined." Netizens "honolulu"
quipped, "do not know whether this power to crush Obama?"
Have friends describe that the presence of Chinese students, one is a hurry to want to
shake hands with U.S. President, there is a very shy manner and Barack Obama shake
hands, just to complete the task. Except for this woman, gracefully stood, pressing a
unique temperament, OL wearing a black dress, black stockings below, from the hair
plate is markedly effective noble. Even more Xinchan is the thousands of female
deportment, demeanor action is so reasonable manner, the presence of other ordinary
Chinese university students are not behind the black beauty with a total of Obama.
About the parties
Wang Zi Fei, his childhood was admitted to CCTV Galaxy Youth Art Troupe, after
studying at Nanjing Agricultural University, in 2009 walked to Shanghai Jiao Tong
University Antai School of Economics and Management graduate. Is said to live
according to their school

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