Note to purchase overseas travel insurance

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					Note to purchase overseas travel insurance
Note to purchase overseas travel insurance
   Currently, more and more people travel abroad, outbound and domestic tourism in
very different, if unexpected, need to use the international relief efforts, therefore, to
buy overseas travel insurance is effectively a means of protecting their own interests,
going abroad to buy a high insurance, particularly medical services, including
overseas insurance is necessary.
According to the company related to introduction, Mr. Liu units before leaving the
company for its coverage of "going abroad accidental injuries, medical and
rescue insurance, B section." Mr. Liu has a sudden heart attack in Germany,
and was quickly taken to a local hospital for heart surgery. After the operation, Mr.
Liu as soon as possible proposals of Germany return to the hospital infirmary, and
made the distance in the home is still in need of medical injection problem. Customers
report the company quickly started receiving relief outside the system, commissioned
its partners AXA Assistance company arranged a special medical Liu Germany Lau
went the distance in return provide a comprehensive medical services. It is reported
that Mr. Liu during the operation in Germany, medical expenses will also be up to 30
million in claims.
【Insured should be the preferred travel accident insurance】
Travel accident insurance on the important role of outbound tourists. Outbound and
domestic tourism in very different, if unexpected, need to use the international relief
efforts, therefore, to purchase foreign bailout insurance is effectively a means of
protecting their own interests. The so-called emergency travel insurance, that
insurance companies with International SOS (SOS) jointly launched insurance travel
medical insurance, and the original travel personal accident insurance services
expanded to the general insurance companies after the claims of traditional extended
forward, into the accident occurs to provide timely and effective relief.
As the nature of the commercial toll agencies, international aid agencies to domestic
insurance companies will charge a certain amount of the fee (and insurance
companies through the form of premiums charged to individual customers), will be
targeted to the user to provide the ambulance service, including emergency situation
occurs, they can employ military aircraft to transport a patient is rushed to the
accident will be sent around the world care health care workers treating patients,
while all over the world with alarm centers, medical services together to provide users,
including Telephone Medical Advice, coordinated look for lost luggage, accident
emergency, hotel reservations, arranging hospitalization, emergency medical transport,
hospital charges, advances, etc., worldwide travel assistance services.
Currently there are more than 20 insurance companies established with the
International SOS, a partnership, the insured to purchase insurance products in the
same time, you can enjoy the international rescue service. In addition to the
International SOS, the AXA relief, superior general global assistance to two
international aid groups have also entered the domestic market.
In the Mainland, currently the shortest period of 7 days insurance premium is usually
outside the rescue of 140 yuan, the longest a premium as high as 2,900 yuan, but the
amount of insurance may, the level of premiums from 45 million to 1 million per
month. Although foreign aid insurance premiums than the number of travel accident
insurance premiums twice about, but a higher security level, can allow consumers to
more realistic, more confidence outbound tourism.
【Market】 awareness needs to be increased
The       "insurance"         and      "rescue"
combination approach has become an international trend. Ordinary Europeans abroad,
must carry their passports, credit cards and emergency cards. The Japanese did not
dare to go abroad for emergency cards, buy rate as high as 100%.
Although there are many insurance companies in China and international aid
organizations, but the market perception is not obvious. International SOS China, said
a leader in foreign travel accidents, often forget the call of internal policy holders
travel assistance hotline Shi Jian. For example, in the company's
implementation of the tsunami relief mission in Indonesia which, there is not even a
Chinese call the International SOS alarm call. This shows on Chinese citizens to the
international SOS services do not yet know, on the other hand also shows that the
proportion of overseas travel insurance to buy low, or buy some though, but did not
realize that you can use.
Tourists that travel abroad when the travel agents have purchased travel insurance,
they did not need to buy other insurance species. In this regard, the experts advise,
travel insurance only if the travel agency responsible for the accident, the insurance
companies settle claims before; responsibility to the individual if the tourists can not
get any compensation.
【Buy insurance for travel outside the three major attention】
For consumers outside the current selection of travel insurance should pay attention to
what matters, insurance experts recommend the best option to provide health
insurance and double insurance in emergency relief.
First, the choice of medical insurance overseas travel insurance, do not just choose the
cheapest to buy, the products of different companies vary the level of protection. For
example, in offshore escape from danger, was rushed to a local hospital emergency
surgery, accidents, like medical insurance, some companies do not bear the medical
costs of all local, but rather converted into the domestic claim the costs of operation,
such "conversion" will make Insured losses are not small.
Second, overseas travel insurance is very important one is the emergency assistance.
Whether tourists out losing a purse or passport is lost or adult child care, after escape
from danger, can call the rescue hotline, a number of large international insurance
group also offers Chinese language services. Therefore, the insured must seriously
study the contents of the emergency services and the provision of such services
offshore rescue services companies, including foreign aid agencies in the world
network conditions of service in the tourist destination status.
Also, plan to travel in the Schengen countries in Europe, pay special attention to the
insured amount. According to the provisions of the EU Council from 1 June 2004,
registration for travel medical insurance is a basic prerequisite for issuing Schengen
visas, and the minimum guaranteed amount of € 30,000. Some tourists travel abroad
once because the purchased amount of insurance protection for less than 3 million
euros, and had to buy insurance.

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