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					Not be learned is
?A student took a "zero" and signed papers to her mother

The child's mother still maintains a smile and said:

"Children! You are so good, teachers said to be sealed, you will be used to
seal. You are a good boy!"

Then she asked her son what title is it difficult?

Son actually said:

"It is not ah! Because the teacher said: 『 papers written to play
basketball. 』

My speed, written, and courts must have been fully booked, so I just went to play the
written name.

Sunshine is good and then I was the only pitch one good happy Oh!

Anyway, will send down the papers, go home to write the same. "

Zero after the mother finally realized that another episode;

Son do not care about the score then, that as long as you can after the hang of topics.

Really free and easy!
This is from his mother often said ------

"After the exam all make sense, people with perfect marks as
good" idea in this house only tolerance and praise.
Another class, the top students who have no children so happy.

Often the top students 99 points and depressed.

Because his mother was a perfectionist, often said:

"How do you be so stupid ah! Help you study a night, still so careless, lost
a point."

Curbing, go home, but to be knocked about the head. And 100 sub-branch collar,
pocket money and a difference of 90 several times!
Besides the joint entrance exam, one point difference a few people might lose the
Children in the home rarely smile. Family's emotions and
children's scores are closely related.
One lesson is always the end of primary school sophomore trailer, one day, took a
nine is the quiz papers, and excitedly got the run home to tell her mother.
Mom happy to it in a frame and hang in the living room.

Evening performance has been good brother sister asked: "Did anyone test
the class 100 points?"

Brother replied: "A lot of people ah!"

Sister, no one has asked him nine great age?

Brother laughed and said: "Not really!"

Sister secretly laugh the younger brother is the last one too!

His father travel back and saw his brother's achievements, happy to say:
"My son improved a lot!"

Grandma every day after dinner, looking at the papers, he showed nine very satisfied
smile, friends and family came, and praise the child.

The boys think the day you getting happy, good sense of achievement,

Start each day more carefully at the books, homework soared so high esteem the
students and teachers shocked, why a trailer tail always strive children have suddenly!

Today's learning environment, If there are children in school, scores on the
often affects the family atmosphere and the parent-child relationship.

Real control of their own feelings, not scores affect very few people. But the scores
really matter?

Scores, the children leave the road is long. Waste of life on meaningful things, you
Not be ...

Is learned, very healthy outlook on life.
You do not get a satisfactory cause; is to learn how to be more close to the well-being.
You do not get the victory; is to learn how to avoid failure.

You do not get the final result you want; is learned ...

Things do not always satisfactory.

Not be learned ... is the kind of life,

No so-called lost.
This life will be very happy very comfortable ...... ......