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Free mobile stock trading software Download Golden Sun trilogy:
1, sent to 95 536 DB A15071391000 Register (DB and A should have a space
(Note: In addition to regular SMS text messages this registration fee -0.10 element,
the will not produce any other fees, free use of this software)
Second, receive messages, click on the login and press the corresponding brand
models Golden Sun software download
(If you can not click, please direct your phone's browser to enter the site
visit, if not your phone model, can directly select the "universal
download", try to download KJAVA keyboard touch screen version)
Third, start Golden Sun Enter your phone number log into the mobile phone stocks in
the world of Golden Sun
?Note: Golden Sun Securities is free cell phone use, the software itself does not
charge any fees, other fees and charges a lot of stock trading software is to be,
otherwise we can not use all the features, but Golden Sun is a free mobile stock
trading software available to investors a friend use, we do not receive any information
fees and software costs! But when you use the Internet traffic generated by fees that
mobile operators charge to move or Unicom, is like the Internet to pay access fees to
use the same computer, mobile phone access is also required to pay traffic fees, if you
frequently use cell phone software stocks, then recommend to your mobile operator,
China Unicom, or move there to open Internet traffic charges monthly, so that too
much to pay to avoid traffic charges, the general now is five yuan monthly, for
example, mobile users can be open GPRS Package: 5 yuan monthly flow with far
more than 30 trillion market needs to see. Specific traffic situation can cost you a
local operator.
※ Golden Sun is currently one of the best cell phone software stocks, fast, easy and
free to use, in addition to online quotes, online trading and Yinzhengzhuanzhang basic
functions, there are the following features:
1 F10-rich stocks of information and timely information on stocks of landmines - the
latest information to help you understand the individual stocks;
2, Free Hong Kong stock market - concerns changes in the external market;
3, Lightning commission orders - a flexible, fast commission orders, to ensure your
4, professional financial and investment information - your professional financial
5, subscription Po - Flexible and convenient IPO share living strategy
Related honor received:
1, won the securities newspaper, organized and co Shanxi Securities, "the
first Chinese financial institutions CIO Ninth Annual Conference on Financial
Securities Outstanding Website" Award "Best Mobile
Security", "2008 Top Ten financial institutions, IT innovation
case" Award .
Annual Financial Innovation Award for the third 2,2008.
Phone stocks, allowing you to devise strategies successful in distant!
More details see:

Latest update 2009-05-01 ※ ※
▲ Golden Sun debut, enter the registered mobile phone number verification.

Customers in the first before the login screen enter your own text message issued by a
registered mobile phone number, press OK you can visit;
▲ purchase treasures: a flexible strategy for new shares subscription
Golden Sun The latest addition to "purchase Po" function,
multi-branch subscription of new shares when investors can choose a flexible
subscription policy (custom, and so on funds, such as shares, proportional)
subscription of new shares, as shown below:
▲ rich stocks of information and timely information on landmine stocks
Golden Sun The latest addition to information and information-rich stocks of
landmines, and specially designed display and read way to facilitate investors to read
An information mine operation method: time-sharing figure shows the
"*" symbol indicates that the stocks are mines of information,
press "*" key to select and click "OK" to
see the content, the following chart:

2 units of information methods of operation: time-sharing plan point
"F10" to enter units of information page, select the Click to
view the following picture:
(Select five-speed market price, may buy or sell lightning) (in units of information can
also view information on mine)
Free Hong Kong stock market ▲
Reminder: Hong Kong stocks Quotes delayed 15 minutes for the market.
Hong Kong stocks Query: Enter the 5 digits code, point determination; or direct input
alphabet, point to determine query.

▲ fast, secure online transactions
Used for the first transaction, first set up an account where the sales department,
improve transaction speed and convenience of operation.
Time-hold in the stock price of 5 stalls orders direct orders, but also can click the
"Options"              ->       "buy,           sell
▲ timely and professional information service
According to market hot spots, launch wholeheartedly, professional information
services, a daily update for your professional investment advice
Dear customer if any issues and other information, please contact QQ: 734481930

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