No books to read - but it is justified overreaching by fdjerue7eeu


									No books to read - but it is justified overreaching
No books in three versions (rpm)
This is a Focus of the times, what are people reading books, garbage overflow,
appreciation is hard, so can not read the book; this is a fast-food era, made of paper
books into fast food, it is dull, so read the book disdain; This is a utilitarian age, total
book sales only, reading only for the rice grain plan, so do not read the book. When
the books from an almost mythical sense of spiritual food transformed into a mass
consumer goods, the Chinese people's reading life, in the end has
experienced a kind of change?
2300 years ago, Aristotle and the disciples walking on the avenue, sigh: no books.
So, while doing his Prince Tutor King of Macedonia, while hands-wrote
"physics",                             "Poetry",
"Nicomachean                  Ethics",             "Political
Science", "metaphysics" and other books leave
future generations;
2200 years ago, living in the First Qin Emperor Qin men were Fenshukengru purified
environment, scholars have no books. World there are only a handful of several trees
and fortune telling. Qin Yu-chip scales the light, singing the praises of the inscription
can only look for;
500 years ago, the best practice of the history of Leonardo da Vinci scientists
complain about no books. So he painted the "Mona Lisa",
"Last Supper" and "Virgin of the Rocks,"
many famous sculptures carved, presided over the construction of many large
buildings, and wrote many scientific papers, many with anatomy body, also designed
the first airplane model in history;
400 years ago, mirror grinding poverty, Carpenter argued the gap in religious theology
sad to find no books. Church is not subject to its prohibition of all written world,
translate into less confusion in the eyes he wrote anti-theological moral
"ethics" is also known to the world is almost impossible;
200 years ago, Dai Zhen, Wang Nian Duan and Sun are in that "people are
just Victoria," "breeze illiterate" have been
implicated in the era of family, no books. If unable to speak, the Qianlong era master
of textual criticism it is their only buried pile of paper, life is music to name objects
100 years ago, Yinke go overseas, he visited Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany,
the United States after twenty years of various elite schools, no books. He learned Pali,
Persian, Western Xia, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Sanskrit etc. in several languages,
exhaustive knowledge of their possible return to China, a wave of the sleeves, do not
take a degree;
60 years ago, Qian called "sweep Tsinghua Library", read no
books. His room, leaving only when the tool is said to use encyclopedia, others with
book, he said to go on the burden to sell. He just ruminating his knowledge, he
mouthful of Fairview;
30 years ago, Gu Zhun material and ideas in China are extremely famine on the land,
no books. He could only limited newspaper reported falsehoods to find clues to
material overturned in the face of farming in the loess meditation back his
3 years ago, Zhang Wuchang boasted that: "no books." This was
said from the Nobel Prize in Economics to the nearest old elf, the most know how to
use simple writing style to writing economic papers, and even complacent in their
graceful poems ;
... ...
Uncontested top dog hiding in the mountains in the world only to spread his name and
his grief. No one can work with shoulder to shoulder, no sword worthy of dance, this
swordsman lifetime of pain. However, there are a number of earth in the skilled are
also like him to enjoy such a lonely, standing above the crowd: no books.
Those legends are in the wind scatters, generation after generation of paper was
passed bark beetles priority Pinza. Book more and more, fewer and fewer masters,
that lonely time to study has been disappearing, and now everyone in literacy,
everyone reading, however, everyone had to share this book readable without times,
share a common loneliness that everyone.
This is a Focus of the times, book not read
"That year, we line up in the canteen where Da Fan, heard the radio was
playing called A" love the location, "the novel. Everyone
familiar with it, no other book, the people are reading the same book to listen to the
same a story. "senior publisher Huang Jiwei said. Today is a happy day, a
new writing market, "Living History" and "Harry
Potter: Order of the Phoenix" born on a lover with,
"Xuechoudinglv" phase in the mouth, where intellectuals
granted, Yang Jiang "We Three" in the book market sales of the
decimal point gently Wanghou Yi, Yang glory of the "start from two
eggs" taste for fiction readers a kind of Cishi happiness ... ...
What people what to read. Read all the people together, "How the Steel
Was Tempered", "Fortress Besieged", with chant
Wang Guozhen, read together with an explosion of literature in Latin America is over
the years. Today, in addition to "clinical", "higher
mathematics",          "History         of     Chinese      Literary
Criticism," a teacher will be listed in studying, what books are must-read?
Those who sell plasma lead car have their fun, philosophy professor has their own
preferences, then someone love Qiao, John Doe playful, what what radish planting
hole, no one would dare attempt to take to give conclusions. Read any good?
Xinhua Bookstore in the "world famous" counter, a lot of
catching up is still full of curiosity in high school, "War and
Peace", "Notre Dame de Paris", "Sister
Carrie"; and comics bookstore, "Quanzhilieren"
"Up" is great for those who wear the uniforms of the
children's pocket turned old.
Just white-collar entry will generally Nianqi "Who Moved My
Cheese," "Rich Dad Poor Dad," right when
vocational training; experienced little bag is also filled with "GRE Red
Book," "Harvard MBA materials, ""
Economics ": they are a group are to" IF family "on
the mad rush of the alternate; sometimes, they love to see moderate" Moon
forgotten "as the swap.
Petty had read Murakami's "Norwegian Wood",
"Invisible        Cities",      at    the    most     re-read   the
"Shanghai's Past and Present"; only those who will
make persistent efforts to see a purely literary, "Wu Wuwu",
"A Wild Sheep Adventures "and Calvino collected works,
unless he is masochistic. Guangxi Normal version of "Reading
History", "History of Science" is designed for supply
to those thirsty for knowledge of that molecule, and they have such a large and
omnipotent stomach to digest.
In July to a small office in the textbook list is this: "Hannah
Arendt," "the window of the small Peas",
"photographer              Dialogues",            "female
shaman", "History of the European Bathing"
"convento" ... ... those hotchpotch of fun in every possible blend
of the aesthetic tendency.
Shaw revival pillow book of "Dictionary of Music,"
"Music          Bible",       "modern       Western     art
history," Liu Zhen read before going to sleep, "the
Bible", "Koran", "Zahar by",
"Pak Chang Qing Ji "... ... there is no similarity between the
authors and writers, who know better than anyone else in the book.
However, nothing is impossible, only really interesting. Specifically about current
affairs, fashion and gossip in the saliva guys Dou Wentao love of the classics, Fudan
University Feng, associate professor of astronomy and usually love to play games.
And said to the small Kunbao prostitutes, usually stood condoms and
"cultural Journey." Who should read what kind of book?
Sometimes is blind, and only God knows. Is, not read.
This is a fast-food era, the book not bother reading
Frankfurt Book Fair has just concluded, though capable, engaged in a massive new
Chairman of the "Literature and Film" theme activities,
intended to set a Guinness record of drawing activities to promote the pro-Muhammad
Ali, Günter composing poems recited even the Russian disco concert, but did not
restore the book market, like the dismal low. The world's largest book fair
in addition to efforts to put the book, is a fable: the soul of the book became
Maiduhuanzhu abandoned sinking in Pearl.
More and more bestsellers. Only buy the book before the general public may be
selling only all understand the simple truth is the public can accept. This causal
relationship is doomed to a best-selling book more than filling of meat, one can
clearly view the article insisted zoom into a 500 books, such as "Peter
Principle." Look at it, 2001-2002, 5% of books, its sales accounted for
49% of the market book sales to 52% share. Squeezing out the water left in the
number of books worth reading?
Books out faster and faster. Shangu reputation poetry by his friends "public
poems such as sex, never married has Allure", and now carry on this
stunning has been rare. Are some scissors + paste, Diana, Leslie Cheung, the Iraq war,
the "Shenzhou V", a time filled the spreading everywhere, from
the outbreak to the books available in more than three days, with "two
years" should assiduously compared to texture loose, terrifying.
More topics the book mentally handicapped. The "Beijingers in New
York" have "Shanghai people in Tokyo"; a
"Who Moved My Cheese" followed later on "Who I
am active cheese"; "Harvard Girl," one, provided
two days of stay abroad Emaoegou have begun to write a book; riffraff Cai, and there
are more people to cross back from the online real space ... ... are sure they follow the
trend, speculation, the first move is bold, and the second can only be considered
gluttonous passenger Moreover, naked greed.
Increasing the opportunity cost of reading the past, the book is difficult, low volume,
good books like the pebbles on the beach as obvious; and now, babbling to have
begun writing a book and learn signings, and such as the 6-year-old on a book of
cardamom. The total amount of books in the infinite expansion, and excellent work
could not quickly puffing, books will be buried in the sand like powder inside the chip
can not find the same fine, first reading will be fooled. Read a bad book, just like rice
and grains of sand were people, like Ge and sour gums, corrupt appetites.
Books, alternative to reading more and more old people feet bookcase, full of poetry
and gas from China that they own entertainment, and now we read from some place.
These activists know that the morning news and aphorisms, the evening will be
included in his article, love the out the book bags fiddle information, we sip of their
sleep more than second-hand information of their digestion. Who is happy to go read
Samuelson's "Economics"? Read Zhang Wuchang,
Lin Shan-muk, or Xuezhao Feng column is enough.
Whitman worried that: "where to find back to where we lost the idea of
knowledge? Where to find information in time we lost in knowledge?"
Clearly, today's garbage out of the book can not undertake this important
task, therefore, not bother reading .
This is a utilitarian age, the book not read
Code book full of words often make our hearts warm: a book in 1990 is 80,224 kinds
of species, to 2001, has grown to a variety 154,526 kinds of books (including new,
reissued), the total print run of 2.9 billion. Beijing Book Building is a single annual
sales of 157 million yuan, while Shanghai Book City is 120 million yuan, the
Guangzhou Book Center is 170 million. But as young scholars Kong Qingdong said,
the book is not called out, called publication. Remove features that are not only
printed nutrition, what books to read?
People no longer read, only wish to book. Quietly making money is not necessarily
the big publishers, which are probably the primary and secondary school textbooks
publishers. At the university bookstore, the clear and a color of good books out in the
cold, everyone in the pick four, six English language reference materials and
computer materials. Transplantation and Hemopurification's "C
Programming Language," has sold 4 million, Tongji version of
"Higher Mathematics" hundreds of thousands of science
students nationwide almost every one, all 10 years.
People no longer read books, only willing to buy books. The streets are still selling
the book for a discount, which nicely bound, but the typo more than the correct word
is also a gift book, which was never used to read, but to put the.
People no longer read the time, and only complained of the time. Literary critic Li
Gongming said he books more than 100 books a month, "But I always feel
that not enough time to read." United States academia has always been
"do not express the self-death (publish or perish) to say, only one paper
copies of a land rush, how can such pursuits to sip scholarly materials?
Reading is no longer happy with the cultivation, but the task. Shenzhen Book Center,
various classes of people pushing the cart, a basket in a basket to move out of the
book, but, years later, Shenzhen people are still laughing at himself: a cultural desert.
Light long exposure is not long culture. Precisely, to store textbook with a clear aim
of those who is obviously increased, but those willing to take the time to soak in a
bookstore to browse their own as more and more good news for people already hard
to find. With professional instinct to study, where also accommodate the relaxed
Library in Sun Yat-sen, often looked to some full of beetle marks the bindings, the
book shows their card to a reader from the 1940s or even earlier. Unfortunately, this
non-utilitarian reading of history has become a thing of the past. The book is still,
people go. How to Find the joy of reading the simple meaning?
So Yan Juan. No books. (Text / Hou Hongbin)

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