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									Ninth-grade English exam papers
Ninth-grade English exam papers (120 points out of the whole volume, test time 120
minutes) The first part of the hearing (a total of four, out of 30 points)
Section I hear sentences, select the content-related picture with the sentence. (Paper 1
minute, 5 minutes)
Section II of the sentences you hear, the correct answer selected language. (Paper 1
minute, 5 minutes)
   6. A. Give my best wishes to him. B. Say goodbye to him.
C. See you soon.
7. A. I think I will. B. Thank you. C. I'm sorry.
8. A. Please don't say so. B. I'm glad you like it. C. No, it is not
9. A. The radio says it's windy. B. It 's very hot in summer.
C. I'd like to swim today.
10. A. Hello, I'm Jimmy. B. Hello, This is Jimmy speaking.
C. Hello. Are you Jane?
Section listen to dialogue, to answer questions. (Paper 1 minute, 10 minutes) to listen
to the first conversation, to answer the first 11-12 trivial.
11. Why was the woman late?
A. She got up late.
B. She went to the wrong address.
C. There were too many cars on the street.
12. What can we learn from the conversation?
A. The bus the woman took was very crowded.
B. The woman started too late.
C. It was in winter.
Listen to the second paragraph of dialogue to answer the first 13-15 trivial.
13. Why does the woman look worried?
A. Because her sons was missing.
B. Because her handbag is missing.
C. Because her ID is missing.
14. What kind of bag is it?
A. It is a black handbag made of leather.
B. It is a brown bag.
C. It is a black paper bag.
15. What isn't in the bag?
A. A purse and keys. B. A driver's license. C. A mobile phone.
Listen to the third paragraph of dialogue to answer 16-17 trivial.
16. What's the matter with the man?
A. He finds it difficult to go to sleep at night.
B. He can't sweep the floor.
C. He was seriously ill.
17. How many days has the man been like this?
A. Two days. B. Three days. C. Four days.
Listen to the fourth paragraph of dialogue to answer the first 18-20 trivial.
18. Who had the worst morning?
A. DingJun. B. Li Mei. C. The saleswoman.
19. When did Li Mei's daughter buy her a pair of new shoes?
A. Today. B. Last night. C. Yesterday.
20. Why did she go back to change the new shoes?
A. Because the shoes were too small.
B. Because the shoes were broken.
C. Because the shoes were too big.
Listen to short the fourth quarter, complete the following information form. (Paper 2
hours, 10 minutes) Jim looks very worriedbecause he is having trouble in
His teacher told him to ____22___ to get pronunciation right.The other problem:
can't ________23________.
Jim _____24______ to practice speaking English Jim found a ______25_________ to
practice writing21. A. learning English B. learning Chinese C. learning French22. A.
listening to others B. study the tapes C. listen to the tapes23. A. remember all the new
words B. to remember some of new wordsC. remember a few words24. A. joins an
English club B. joins a Chinese club C. listen to the tapes25. A. pen pal B. his teacher
C. his classmates the second part of the English knowledge application (a total of
three, out of 35 points) Section meanings, select and draw a line sentence explanation
of some of the closest meaning. (Paper 1 minute, 5 minutes) 26. She had a pig of a
day yesterday. She lost her wallet on the bus.
A. a happy day B. a busy day C. a lucky day D. an unpleasant day27. When you are
doing some shopping, you'd better use your eyes, not your ears.
A. decide by yourself B. follow the othersC. Listen to the others D. look at the
others28. He can sing a number of English songs.
A. much B. many C. a lot D. a few29. Do you mean that our school is the top of the
A. heart B. best C. head D. lead30. Don't make fun of the poor man.
It's impolite.
A. make room for B. laugh at C. find D. be funny Section individual choice (Paper 1
minute, 20 minutes) 31. In the United States, Father's Day falls on _____
third Sunday in _____ June.
A. the; not fill B. the; a C. not filled; the D. a; not fill 33. --- Could you lend me your
dictionary? I left _______ at home.
--- Certainly.
A. it B. yours C. one D. mine34 .-- Could you tell me how to get to Xuzhou Railway
Station, please?
- ______.
A. No, I couldn't B. Don 't ask meC. Thank you all the same D.
Certainly. You can take the No. 1 bus35. The spaceship ___________will go around
the earth in 2005 will be calledShenzhou VII.
A. which B. who C. whom D. what36. Don't make so much noise. The
students ___ an English class.
A. are havingB. Have C. had D. were having37. - Shall we go to Monkey Island for a
picnic tomorrow?
- If it fine.
A. isB. Was C. is going to be D. will be38. He hardly hurt himself in the
accident ,________?
A. doesn't he B. didn't he C. did he D. does he39. - Will you stay
here for supper?
- Sorry, II'll have to meet my uncle at the station.
A. mustn'tB. Can't C. needn't D. don't40. -
How much meat do you want? -.
A. Sorry, there isn't any B. I can't give you anyC. Half a kilo,
please D. Twelve yuan a kilo41. Lucy said that she had never heard _________ music
A. such a beautiful piece ofB. So a piece of beautifulC. So beautiful a D. such a
beautiful42. Our monitor takes more exercise every day, for he believes ________ he
does ,___________ he'll be.
A. the less; the stronger B. the more, the thinnerC. The more; the stronger D. more;
stronger43. ----- What kind of clothes should I wear for the party?
----- It might _____________ what party you go to.
A. depend on B. decide on C. try on D. work on44. ---- Will Mr Black be here soon?
---- I 'm not sure. Let's go and see____.
A. when will the train arrive B. when the train arrivesC. When the train arrived D. the
train when will arrive45. He can't speak clearly ___________ loudly.
A. or B. and C. but D. still46. The flowers_____________ every day, or
they'll die.
A. must water B.can be watered C.should water D.must be watered47. ---- Lucy, let
me help you fix your computer.
----_________. I can do it myself.
A. That is OK. B. No, thanks. C. Perhaps not. D. Not at all48.This year, it
doesn't snow as __________last year.
A. more than B. many as C. much as D. much than49. ---- Is Wei Fang good at
--- Yes, she is. We often hear her _____________in the next room.
A. to sing B. sings C. sing D. sang50 .---- Which one do you like?
---- You can take _________of them. I'll keep none.
A. both B. all C. any D. either Section III Cloze (Paper 1 min, 10 min) Daniel was
always making excuses for forgetting to do things. His usual excuse was "I
was too busy" or "I didn't have time".
Daniel's         parents     were     worried__51___him.        "He
mustn't go through life making excuses all the time," his father
said. "Nobody will believe him. He won't be able to keep a job.
No bright girl will marry__52___."
"I don't know__53___we can do," said his mother.
"I have a good___54___," his father said. "If this
doesn't work, nothing will."
The next day was Daniel's birthday. When he thought of getting exciting
presents, he couldn't wait. He woke up expecting his parents to wish him
"Happy birthday!" But all they said was "Good
morning, Daniel. Hurry up, ___55___you 'll be late for school.
"There were no presents, not even a card. He was very__56___.
"Never mind," he thought. "They'll give
me a surprise after school." But they didn't. Finally, at dinner he
said to his parents, "Today is___57___."
"Oh!" His father said. "So it is. I
"So did I," his mother said.
"How could you forget?" Daniel asked. "There
must___59___ a reason."
"Well, yes," his father said. "We have a really good
excuse for forgetting your birthday, Daniel. We didn't remember your
birthday___60___we were too busy."
Poor Daniel. He never had a silly excuse for not doing something again!
51.A.with B.about D.in52.A.he B.his C.him B.why C.where
D.what54.A.excuse B.message C.idea D.news55.A.or B.and C.then D.but56.A.happy
B.sad C.excited D.grateful57.A.Sunday birthday C. Father 's Day D.
July 2nd58.A.believed B . agreed C.forgot C.are that B.before C.although D.because third part of the Reading
Comprehension (Paper 2 hours 30 minutes ) (A) Have you ever seen the film
Traveling Bird? In the film, groups of birds fly high above the sky and cross the way
above snow, rivers, fields, sea and grassland. I'm sure you will love the
beautiful picture when you see the film.
But you may not feel so good if you have learnt about bird flu (avian influenza) from
TV or on the Internet. Some governments had to kill chickens in their cities. A large
number of chickens and even some people died in Asia, and nearly 8,500 birds died in
Russia because of bird flu.
Chickens can get bird flu from the feces (stool) of the passing birds. It is not so
difficult to control the chicken in cages or on farms. But it is much more difficult to
control the birds in the sky.
Luckily, scientists have found a medicine for bird flu. But the virus (the virus) can
change easily and quickly. So bird flu is still a serious problem we must face.
According to the passage content to determine the sentence is false. The correct fill T,
the wrong fill F.
61. We know how birds get bird flu from the film Traveling Bird.
62. Not only birds and chickens but also man can get bird flu.
63. The feces of the passing birds can not cause bird flu.
64. It is easier to control chickens than to control flying birds.
65. Scientists have found the medicine, so we needn't worry about bird flu
any more.
(B) Two people sit down to play Go (Go). One of the players is an old man. He is now
89 years old. He has spent all of his life playing this game. The other person is a
young woman. She has been playing Go for only three years. Before this, the woman
was an expert (expert) at playing computer games. Now she plays Go the same way
she played computer games-by becoming a machine herself.
They will play many games, until they know who the winner is. The woman shows no
feelings but thinking about all the possible ways of placing her next stone. The old
man, on the other hand, looks at the movements of her hands and of her face. This has
always helped him to win.
He wins the first three games. She wins the next game, and the man is surprised. He
has never lost to a woman. The old man worries about the way the young woman is
playing the game. He can't read her face; he does not understand her way
of playing.
"The way I think about the game" says the woman,
"is that it is steps for getting what I want." Again, the old man is
surprised. For him, the game is a way of life itself, and not a model of life.
"There is no more beauty any longer. Everything is science and rules.
Everything is about winning. Nothing is about playing" he says.
They cannot agree with each other; but it is not necessary.
"Change is a necessary part of life" thinks the man.
"Playing is as important as winning" thinks the woman.
They start to play their final game.
According to the passage content, select the correct answer.
66.According to the passage, the Go games are played by______.
A. two Go beginners B. two Go loversC. Father and daughter D. husband and
wife67.Before the woman plays Go, she was ______.
A. a computer game player B. a computer science teacherC. A computer engineer D. a
computer store owner68.Which of the following is true according to the passage?
A. The old man loses the third game to the woman.
B. The old man wins all the games against the woman.
C. The woman has her own way of playing Go.
D. The woman is very slow in learning how to play Go.
69.From the passage we can know________.
A. the old man doesn't care who the winner isB. The woman pays no
attention to the stepsC. The old man learns something from the womanD. The woman
loses the last game to the old man70.What is the best title of the passage?
A. An Old Go Player B. A Strange WomanC. A Boring Game D. Winning or Playing?
CIt's so beautiful outside that spending the day in the office would be very
boring.So why not take the vacations (holidays) off? A new survey (survey) found that
31% of US workers don't always take all of their vacation days . Americans
have 12 vacation days on average (average) each year, but they give back an average
of 3 vacation days each year.
So why don't they use up their vacation days? Some say they would rather
get money back for their unused days; some busy workers say they just
can't leave their work. Americans have fewer vacation days than workers in
any other country surveyed .
The French take their vacations seriously.French workers get an average of 39
vacation days, and 40% plan to take at least one there-to-four-week vacation.
Workers in Sweden receive an average of 25 vacation days a year, but they
can't find time to use them all.More workers there return vacation days
than any other country surveyed.
British workers have the longest working week in Europe (Europe), with 23 vacation
days - the shortest vacation.So they feel overworked.75% say their weekends or
vacations are too short and 40% would sacrifice a day's pay (salary) for
one more vacation day.
According to the passage content, select the correct answer.
71. ____________ US workers don't always take all of their vacation days.
A. All B. Most C. Some D. Few 72.How many vacation days do Americans have on
average each year in fact?
A.9 B.12 C.15 D.2373.Which country has the most workers working during the
vacation days?
A. America. B. France. C. Sweden. D. Great Britain.
74.What does the word "sacrifice" mean in the last sentence?
A. Use up. B. Put up. C. Take up. D. Give up.
75.Which of the following is true?
A. Some American workers are too busy to leave their work.
B. French workers can take one Three-to-four week days.
C. Swedish workers can enjoy all of their vacation days.
D. British workers have the shortest vacation days of all the countries surveyed.
Part IV Writing (a total of three, out of 35 points) Section I to the cinema, with the
brackets in the appropriate form to fill in the blank words. (Paper 1 minute, 5 minutes)
76. We can see a lot of _______________ in the street when autumn comes. (leaf) 77.
Life to everyone is only _____________. So we should treasure (treasure) life and
stay away from drugs (drugs). (one) 78. Their teacher had something important to do.
So they learned by _____. (they) 79. "Don't make so much
noise at night." He said _______________. (angry) 80. If you drink
______________ water, you will fall ill. (pollute) the following section II The
Chinese part of the sentence translated into English, pay attention to use the
appropriate form. (Paper 1 minute, 5 minutes) 81. I must do something helpful to care
for animals __________. (in my life) 82. _________________ in class is a good habit.
(take notes) 83. My parents ask me ______________________. (smoking) 84. ---
How long have you been collecting stamps? --- For about _____. (one and a half) 85.
She realized she had left her keys at home when she __________. (they get to school)
writing section III (maximum 15 points) three years of junior high school life will
leave you a lot of memories. Please try to Three Year's School Life wrote
an essay for the. Requirements: the text may not appear real name, school name. Less
than 60 words.
Three Year's School Life reference to answer:
1-5 ACABC 6-10 ABBAB 11-15 CCBAC16-20 AABCA 21-25 BCABA 26-30
DABBB31-35 ADDAA 36-40 AACBC 41-45 ACBBA46-50 DDCCB 51-55 BCDCA
56-60 BBCAD61-65 FTFTF 66 - 70 BACAD 71-75 CACDD76. leaves 77. once 78.
themselves79. angrily 80. polluted81. in all my life 82. taking notes 83. to give up
smoking84. one and a half years / one year and a half 85. got to school
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