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					Ningbo Zhongtian Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  Ningbo Zhongtian Technology Development Co., Ltd. (ZTT) is attached to the base
Ningbo Holdings Limited (China-based holding group), a subsidiary unit, the base
Holdings Group is a comprehensive investment institutions, investment related to
apparel industry import and export, logistics, real estate, electronics manufacturing
and other fields, a total of 10 enterprises. The current tallest building under
construction in Ningbo Chamber of Commerce Building - International Trade Center,
is by base Holdings Group Co., Ltd. Ningbo City Chamber of Commerce building
construction contractor.

     ZTT is a company engaged in industrial investment, venture capital, international
technical exchange and trade, international high-tech marketing and sales of
environmentally friendly products, and professional research to improve indoor air
quality of science and technology enterprise. ZTT Bong power in science and
technology to create a better life, philosophy, adhering to the "innovation,
advance with the times" strategy principles.
     In 2005, ZTT timely grasp the trend of the real estate industry, recognizing the
"green house health" is bound to dominate the future direction
of the real estate industry, first with the Global 500 companies well-known brand
Honeywell powerful combination, in the central absorption dust areas and central air
to reach a long-term strategic partnership in the field.
     In 2008, Zhongtian Technology and DADA STUDIO powerful combination,
DADA STUDIO will be the perfect post-modern Italian design style and exquisite
workmanship of Europe combined, will be more from the arts into the
country's temperament and character the appearance of the product and
practice, now, DADA STUDIO to his Italian home appliance series products as
DADA STUDIO DADA HOME brand into Chinese domestic systems equipment
supporting the first step, and related products DADA HOME formally to the Chinese
brand marketing.
     ZTT as the central vacuum industry leader in international high technology
marketing and sales of environmental products, technology and services to help
customers around the world, for the villas, apartments, office buildings, hotels,
shopping malls, government agencies, universities and other buildings to provide
central suction dust system, central air systems, building automation equipment, fire
and security systems provide the most satisfactory residential accessory products for
the indoor health and make greater contribution. Midway through the tireless efforts
of employees, the successful introduction of the modern concept of healthy life of
Chinese real estate sector and the general consumer groups, so that people outside the
industry understand the importance of improving indoor air quality.
     ZTT in Beijing, Shanghai, branches, and in Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Nanjing,
Fuzhou, Changsha, Xi'an and other places are equipped service center; in
more than 30 large and medium cities have designated dealers for all regions to
provide quality customer service. Good people and excellent team, technological
innovation and attention to detail of customer service is our business over the years to
forge strong, is our unchangeable promise!
     ZTT After 5 years the tireless efforts of the professional field, in the central
vacuum industry's market share has reached 80%, and gradually become
the industry leader. Off in the 21st century, green, technology, environmental
protection, health trends, wholeheartedly care of your family's health, your
air quality experts - Ningbo Zhongtian Technology!

Ningbo Zhongtian Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Ningbo China Zhongtian Technology Development Co., Ltd.
ADD: No. Yinxian 1299 East Avenue, North Building, Yinzhou Chamber of
Commerce Building, 25th floor
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