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					Newspaper - Zhou Qi Ren criticism and restraint
Zhou Qi Ren's criticism and restraint
Study: Little and Su
2009-03-04 17:01:46
?"Docile as doves, wise as serpents"
Contemporary Chinese economists, Zhou Qi Ren scolded at least. When Mao Yushi,
Zhang Weiying, even Wu Jinglian was a time when the Macedonian shouted abuse,
Zhou Qi Ren has won various occasions waves of warm applause; Justin Lin was
ridiculed it as "a government-appointed economists", and when
Zhou Qi Ren Lin, China replaced The head of economic research center position, the
years have been evaluated as, "This week will have brought a high level of
truly independent economic research institute's academic style."
Some people think that Zhou Qi Ren is able to not fall into the public scolded because
he was on the one hand to field his own words just locked in the School of Economics,
he articles of professional, precise knowledge of the general public is not around
concerned about the economic hot spots mock surprise language. On the other hand,
people have heard of Mr. Zhou's speech felt his control, his speech never
cry sentence in a deliberately restrained pace and atmosphere sounds out, gaze, face
and vivid, in infection between the visible and invisible audience. Called a degree of
relaxation, Mr. Zhou is undoubtedly the most outstanding Chinese economist speaker.
Of course, some people feel that, Mr. Zhou was "the Bible" in
what kind of "docile as doves, wise as serpents" people. He will
not form a system of tension, not far away from the system through the power of his
will, slowly release your own power. Zhou Qi Ren own origin of this methodology,
the year he studied under Mr. Du Runsheng study, work, then won a mystery. In fact,
Du Runsheng changes in government policy level, the fate of Chinese peasants, and
those found with the system once the Conflicts, the daggers drawn, and even scholars
in exile, in comparison, Sheng Du and Zhou Qi Ren reflect more rational and
Historical criticism
But if this is the lack of critical spirit finds Zhou Qi Ren scholars, a serious mistake. I
recently read Mr. Zhou's article "sit Pei-Gang Zhang",
which has such expression:
"Zhang Peigang extraordinary development economics. If he can
concentrate on Kos the same conditions for academic research, she was economic
development will not have long to learn the perspective of targeting institutional
conditions of economic behavior? In any case, property rights, market, transaction
costs, the state and ideology - almost all of the system variables - in the new issue of
"Agriculture and Industrialization" (middle and lower combined
volume) had already been fully sexually explicit.'s economic development
can not leave the system analysis, this point in Mr. 60 years ago, the work of the
already visible. as if no one pointed out that, let me sit in it so come to the students.
I read these words in the most profound criticism of Mr Zhou, criticism and even
hidden anger.
Zhang Peigang Who are they? Most people want to come completely unknown. He
definitely ranks first Chinese economist with a master of world influence. President of
the dissertation in 1945 at Harvard University in the English language, published at
Harvard University in 1949, was republished in the United States in 1969. This book
was praised by the international academic community "development
economics" of Cornerstone, Mr. Pei himself just as the "founder
of Development Economics."
An early age with a high academic achievement of Chinese economists, why was
completely lost in our sight? This is obviously a sad story of Chinese intellectuals. In
1946, Mr. Pei has just weeks to be stuck president of Wuhan University students
invited to serve as a Professor of Economics and Head of two years; appointed to the
United Nations in 1948, but resigned in 1949 but the United Nations Economic
Commission for Asia Far East consultant researcher positions, but also declined to
tutor Chamberlain , Black, Yi Xieer to invite him back to teach at Harvard University,
has returned to teach Luojia Yamashita. The private decision to let Zhang Peigang
away from economics, after which he engaged in the Central Institute for 10 years and
general logistics infrastructure, the teaching of politics for 10 years, went to the
countryside for 10 years of manual labor, subject to review , suffer critical. Over the
middle age, not even married, thanks to Tan Hui teacher in a hard, willing to marry Mr.
Pei Gang.
During the two Chilean economists who visit, the plane would see peigang-zhang,
Translation confused, listening to become a "back Gangqiang"
and later by Beijing University Professor Yan Yungeng reminded that I learned that in
Wuhan Central Institute of Zhang Peigang. This time Mr. Pei Gang poor Cross, a
collective of people living in substandard quarters, the four walls, not an economics
books. Leadership because of the face, had a family to Mr. Pei has just placed in a
temporary hostel, and moved some economics books, cosmetic and meet guests from
Zhou Qi Ren's anger here. He blamed the country did not give Zhang
Peigang "like Kos can concentrate on the conditions of academic
research", of course, these conditions include the state of absolute respect
for Economic Research, the basic conditions of material life, and essential academic
freedom. He believed that as long as conditions permit, Zhang Peigang academic
research will continue toward depth, and finally to "align the perspective of
economic behavior of the system conditions."
Zhou Qi Ren's reasoning makes sense. In fact, Pei-Gang Zhang and Hu
have been in the youth, Chao and other Masters in the past, he clearly has a unique
academic strengths. His research in 1940 when the city of Zhejiang meters,
independent use of the "transaction costs" concept, and
categorically that the transaction cost and organizational relationships, therefore, the
conditions then aligned system should be automatic.
Criticized the government and enterprises
Can say with certainty that the fate of Zhou Qi Ren Zhang Peigang read about in some
kind of experience, some lessons, but also read the important academic path.
"Economic development can not leave the system analysis," the
phrase I want to drown in all the hubbub among the maxim of economics as I entered
Zhou Qi Ren a key to the world of economics, property rights, markets, transaction
costs, the government and ideology, and so on system variables as the fulcrum of Mr.
When more people locked into financial crisis when the original sin of human greed,
Zhou Qi Ren thinking focused on the government and monetary relations. Chow
reminder: no matter how we condemn the free market, Greenspan's blind
faith, but keep in mind, Greenspan is the United States is the world's
largest central bank governor, the number of U.S. dollar issue, not a market decision,
the U.S. government decision. So far, this may be the first Chinese economists face
currency problems and the government interests.
Obviously this way of thinking from Hayek. According to Hayek's analysis,
currency monopoly is the core of the economic crisis, the government monopoly of
money is the culprit. So, when the economic crisis coming, kind of hope that the ideas
and the government rescue measures will not help the market improve, and even
lengthen the period of economic crisis. This is true, when Weiying cry in front of the
public when the Austrian School, Zhou Qi Ren unequivocally say, "I like
the Austrian School."
The Chinese government's monetary policy the number of monopolistic, is
well known to do. What is the policy of this monopoly to how China's
economic loss caused, I believe Mr. Zhou Qiren by heart by heart.
In criticizing the government's monetary policy, Mr. Zhou has 30 years of
avoiding the whole way a criticism of the reform. In his view, even in the economic
reform which, China is also stick a gradual approach to reform, to many die hard
things left behind. As the pre-reform has brought high economic growth effects, those
difficult reforms, the Government consciously or unconsciously, to put it down,
because the reform would bring great benefits of re-adjustment. Especially in times of
economic triumph, or even give rise to a government "is also necessary to
reform it," the voice of suspicion.
Zhou Qiren respect, it is an absolute short-sighted, we have to sum up their lessons
well, for the past 30 years of success, can not be over-confident that this industry,
local government so the state Government should be so. As a result, Zhou Qi Ren said,
"China's dependence on high-growth and now have reached
unsustainable levels."
Way of life of Chinese enterprises, Zhou Qi Ren had the same ruthless criticism
directed at China, most enterprises lack a standardized enterprise behavior, lack of
commercial civilization's basic identity. Mr Chow is the best at the field
survey of economists conducted last year, he had done some research in the Yangtze
River Delta, found that a high degree of reliance on export-oriented Chinese
enterprises market, the exchange rate mechanism in addition to the price guide, the
business behaviors in the micro factors also played to great effect. Including the
signing of the low cost, the cost of compliance is low, a large number of orders, the
contract period is relatively long. Chinese entrepreneurs found that export business is
very good, because you can use the commercial civilization. To be sure, Mr Chow in
the survey that the Chinese enterprises to form, entrepreneurs are not willing to face
the uncertainty of the market, so in 30 years of development, gradually lost conscious
high uncertainty of domestic market and instead rely on a relatively large area to
determine the international market.
Economist's moral obligation
Professor Zhou once again to the crowd that the "transaction
costs" the key words. Thus, we think the government keen to mention the
economic topics: stimulating domestic demand. Zhou Qiren reminding that open up to,
when a market system of the "transaction costs" to the people
can not accept a large degree of entrepreneurial behavior choices must be given up, is
to flee. No one is born to a business willing to alcoholism, there is no human nature,
like bribery, like Latin America through the back door, no one born like a kind of
ambiguous, vague state business, not to human nature, like the numerous, operation
disorder of the business management system and the tax system, there is no human
nature, like theft, imitate other people's technology. But our own market,
there are no such spontaneous order, we can only go elsewhere.
This is the environment for the development of Chinese enterprises. Zhou Qiren
believe that this is the responsibility of entrepreneurs themselves, but also the
government's responsibility. Modern economics upholding a basic
assumption of economics: "The government is stupid."
However well-intentioned people, including economists, government officials often
have to transform the reality that the economic collaboration of information and
motivation, but the reality is that the Government often make things worse. So,
Buchanan said: "The Economist of market failure in the same time, also
have the moral obligation of government failure."
Now, I believe, Zhou Qi Ren has been playing the moral obligation of government
failure, he is a market observer, is the Government's critics, is
China's economic development system analyst. Zhou Qiren just seems that
the Governor, so his criticism is always Mianlicangzhen way, showing a sweetness
and light, which critics embarrassed to be furious anger rising, but could not conceal
the shame.
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