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The early opening
Acquired by AOL
Netscape's dissolution

Netscape (Netscape) is a brand since 1994. It is also the Netscape Communications
Corporation (Netscape Communications Corporation, 1994 年 4 月 4 日 -2 003 on
July 5) of the commonly used abbreviation. Netscape Communications used to be an
American computer services company, famed for its famous namesake Web browser.
The market share for Netscape's Web browser has accounted for first, but
"the first browser war" was defeated by Microsoft's
Internet Explorer. The current version of Netscape's Web browser usage
less than a percentage of the total.

March 1, 2008, Netscape has officially ended its browser arena, no longer provides
any support, the kernel development has long since stopped, but the kernel extensions
Firefox skin.

November 1998, Netscape by America Online (AOL) acquisition, and AOL Time
Warner and later became a part of. AOL is still using Netscape this brand now. In
addition to web browser in addition to Netscape's also the name of its
low-cost Internet services and community news sites.
?The early opening
Companies in the April 4, 1994 by Mark Anderson (Marc Andreessen) and Jim Clark
(Jim Clark) co-founded, formerly known as Mosaic Communications Corporation is
the (Mosaic Communications Corporation). October 13, 1994 the company developed
the Mosaic Netscape 0.9 listed, the software was later renamed Netscape Navigator
(later translated as China Taiwan side, "Netscape Navigator",
the Chinese mainland, translated as "Netscape Navigator"). And
the NCSA in order to avoid trademark ownership, the company November 14, 1994
changed its name to Netscape. Netscape first batch of employees who work at NCSA,
creating the Mosaic Web browser to do. However, Netscape Navigator is never shared
the source code of Mosaic.

August 9, 1995, the company's initial public offering great success. The
original 14 dollars per share stock value, but because a temporary decision, the share
price was doubled to 28 dollars per share. In the first day of the closing, the stock rose
to 75 dollars per share, almost for the first day was a record profit. In 1995, the
company's revenue doubled every quarter.

Company a desired goal is for all of the operating system to provide a consistent user
experience of Internet use, that is cross-platform. Netscape Navigator's
user interface on multiple platforms is the same. The company also made several
attempts at a later time to do a kind of innovation that allows users through a web
browser, no matter what computer or operating system, to access and modify their
files in the network applications.

This attracted the attention of Microsoft. Because it ignores the operating system,
Microsoft see it as a direct threat to the Microsoft Windows. Some people claim that
Microsoft's executives have been visited in June 1995 Netscape campus,
the proposed spin-off market, which allowed Microsoft to own web browser, and
Netscape may continue to develop products in other operating systems. However,
Microsoft denied because it violated anti-trust laws. Netscape was refused.

As Windows 95's Microsoft Plus! Attached to purchase products, Microsoft
released Internet Explorer 1.0. Spyglass of the previous developer Eric Sink, as we
believe in, Internet Explorer and not based on NCSA Mosaic, but it is based on the
Spyglass Mosaic developed one version of the. Microsoft launched the fastest of
several successive versions of Internet Explorer. Those versions are supplied with
Windows, the user is free to use (Netscape Navigator was charging). Microsoft, using
the rest of the company's revenue to support development of the necessary
funds Internet Explorer. This period is called the "browser
wars." To go beyond the other side, when Netscape and Microsoft were all
in their browser with many features (though not necessarily normal operation), the
version number has increased rapidly (though not necessarily logical). Because they
have focused on human and financial resources, Internet Explorer was at the top. To
version 3.0, Internet Explorer is not the function of almost the same as Netscape
Communicator         (the    Chinese      translation    of    "Netscape
Communicator"); and to 4.0, the user that the operation of Internet
Explorer is more stable. Other products in the Netscape, Microsoft has also provided
the corresponding free products, such as supplied with the Windows NT server
software, Internet Information Server.

Faced with such a strategy, Netscape can not fight. At the same time, companies face
more and more of its product program errors lashed. Critics argue that the importance
of Netscape to add features very high, but did not ensure that those functions correctly.
The public's views become more negative, especially in the 4th quarter of
1997 and January 1998 for large-scale layoffs.

January 1998 is Netscape's Mozilla open-source program start date. In that
Internet Explorer has become the market's first Web browser, the company
hopes that are open for Netscape Communicator 4.0 source code, so as to become a
successful open source projects to turn the tide. It Wangjing Gong total license
(Netscape Public License, referred to as NPL) released source code. Wang Jinggong
of license certificate with the GNU General Public License (GNU General Public
License, referred to as GPL) is similar, but allowed to continue in the open source
Netscape add proprietary parts. However, after that, continue to open Netscape
Communicator 4.5 Portal view, and focus on improving the e-mail and corporate

At the beginning of a period of time, the open source community has finally found
that they were difficult to build on open source Portal King Communicator. They
decided to give up the old source, the preparation of the new next generation web
browser. Using newly developed Gecko layout engine, the browser has a more
modular structure, and thus allow a large number of developers working together. The
new browser also includes a file called XUL, XML-based user interface markup
language. In XUL with the help of a user interface development can in Windows, Mac
OS and Linux operating under the correct.

May 1998, Microsoft proposed to the U.S. Department of Justice antitrust litigation.
Netscape is not a plaintiff in the case, although its executives had received the court
summons, but Netscape has contributed many of the exhibits, including a
"bad temper" of all the internal forum full capacity.

October 1998, the company spent one million U.S. dollars acquisition of online
directory sites Newhoo, and re-named the Open Directory Project, open in the content
published under the Ordinance in its database.
?Acquired by AOL
America Online in November 24, 1998 announced that it will be worth 4.2 million
U.S. dollars, tax-free way to buy Netscape Communications convertible. The merger
by many people scoff at that big gap between the two companies grammar can not be
compatible. Among the critics, but also a long-term Netscape developers - Jamie
Zawinski [7] [8]. Some critics believe that through the acquisition of Netscape,
America Online to get bargaining chips with the company to reduce its reliance on the
extent of Internet Explorer. Other critics believe the United States or the Netscape
Netcenter online on-line assets of interest, because they were all very high flow sites.
Eventually, Netscape's server products and professional services
organizations to become part of iPlanet. iPlanet and Sun Microsystems to
AOL's marketing and development alliance there.

November 14, 2000, America Online skipped Netscape 5, Mozilla 0.6 release source
code based on the Netscape 6. Unfortunate that due to Mozilla 0.6 will still take some
time away from Wen, Netscape 6 launch further to drive out people from the Netscape
brand. 8 years until 2001, based on Mozilla 0.9.2 for Netscape 6.1 is rather reliable
Wen set. A year later, based on Mozilla 1.0 of Netscape 7.0 was officially released.
?Netscape's dissolution
Microsoft confirmed the abuse of monopoly in the ability to defeat defendants, the
U.S. online compensation to the Microsoft lawsuit. In May 2003, Microsoft and AOL
reached a settlement agreement, are willing to pay 750 million U.S. dollars to the
Netscape and AOL agreed to provide 7 years of unrestricted use and dissemination of
the rights of Internet Explorer. This is considered to be "signaled the end of

July 15, 2003, Time Warner (then known as AOL Time Warner) disbanded Netscape.
Most of the programmers were laid off, while Netscape's logo is also
removed from the building. However, AOL is still August 18, 2004 release of
Netscape 7.2. But the web browser by internal development, rather than by Netscape

September 30, 2004, Red Hat (Red Hat) announced that it has achieved most of the
Netscape Enterprise Suite, and plans to make it into a bundle with Red Hat Enterprise
Linux open-source products. June 1, 2005, Red Hat released its Fedora Directory

October 12, 2004, America Online shut down a popular Web site developer - Netscape
DevEdge. DevEdge was an important, relevant source of information for
Internet-related technologies. It safeguarded the Netscape Web browser and HTML
and JavaScript technologies such as the documentation, as well as leaders from the
industry and technology (such as Danny Goodman) prepared by the article. Part of the
DevEdge content has been re-posted to the Mozilla Developer Center site.
At present, the Netscape brand is still commonly used. Once again, the company also
has its programming staff to develop and support its Netscape family of web browser
[14]. In addition, the company also maintains one of its similarity with the community
news site But most significant is the name of AOL to
Netscape a cheap Internet service.

Web browser

In Netscape's heyday, it has an official web browser Chinese name, and
provide Chinese interfaces. But in recent years, Netscape has not considered the needs
of Chinese users, such as Netscape 6 or above browser does not have an official
Chinese name. Netscape Browser Interface in English only.

June 7, 2007, the Netscape browser have anything they want returned, Netscape
released the latest Netscape Navigator browser version 9.0 Beta1, and released,
respectively, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions of the system to download.

Netscape 9.0 based on Mozilla Firefox, is a pure browser software, not included mail
client and web editor. Major updates include: Interface re-design, web site
automatically correct input, press the menu and sidebar, links and news tracking tools
Notepad, to vote in the browser, support FireFox 2 plug-in, browser sidebar mini,
instant restart function, can be customized text box, a new page of history and
memory of the original page, support OPML, Netscape web button integration,
integration "to stop, reload" button, friend activity, site
information to remind.
AOL will be March 1, 2008 cease Development Network King browser (Netscape
Navigator), and cease all support.

According to the official blog of AOL's news, as a whole has changed the
Internet Explorer, Netscape browser. Has now come to an end, officially quit the stage
of history.

AOL said it will continue to provide security updates until March 1, 2008, after the
Netscape browser will disappear. According to developers, said, Web
site will serve as a common portal to continue.

Netscape in the browser market once all-powerful, but now we are on
Microsoft's IE browser and Mozilla Firefox browsers diverted to withdraw
from the market. In fact the predecessor of Firefox Firefox can be traced back to AOL.
Mozilla Foundation was established in 2003 by America Online to provide support,
Mozilla Foundation, Firefox development, while America Online will use the same
kernel to transform the Netscape Navigator browser.

But while Firefox has been successful, but eventually fell Netscape. As of this month,
Netscape had only 0.6% of the browser market share, while IE accounted for 77%,
Firefox has 16%.

Current users can still download the current version of the Netscape browser, but in
the fierce competition in the browser market conditions, Netsacape will soon fade out
of sight.

March 2008, Netscape officially closed down.

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