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									Negotiation skills and conflict management projects
Hold time :2009-09-25 lessons arranged: 2 days Venue: Beijing Course Fee: 2680

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    Course Introduction
   Negotiation skills are core skills of project managers.
   Project manager for the project not only to external commercial negotiations, the
project need to manage internal conflict negotiation.
   Externally, the project manager on behalf of the company, the need for a large
number of business negotiations. This course will help project managers master the
art of negotiation of international principles and negotiation skills.

   Internally, the project manager as a weak manager, need a lot of conflict within the
enterprise bargaining. Project managers often require in the absence of full human
rights, property rights cases, the success of the project, so it's management
skills in general often fail to meet the needs of project management, and internal
conflict in the negotiations is essential. This course will help project managers to
effectively resolve various conflicts in the project operation, control the conflict in the
"controllable", "good" range.

  This course, through case analysis, analysis of the activities of secret negotiations,
so that students learn the principles and process of business negotiations, internal
conflict, elements of the negotiations and in line with interactive training with the case,
so that students master the critical skills of negotiation methods and

Negotiation skills and conflict management curriculum project
 Course opening negotiation skills are the core skills of project managers
1. The project to negotiate for everything
2. Negotiation is the project manager works
3. The problem with negotiations
4. Project Manager talks: negotiations on the project outside of the business
5. Project manager negotiations: negotiating conflict within the project
6. Project manager negotiation skills curriculum framework
The first part of the project external business negotiations
The first talks about the project business essentials
1. Project manager to negotiate on behalf of the company
2. The project manager's role in business negotiations
3. The standard measure of successful negotiations
4. The three levels of business negotiation
5. The key points of a win-win negotiations
6. Negotiations Mistakes

Preparation of the second stage of negotiations or
1.'s Core skills of successful negotiations
2. How to determine the objective of the negotiations
3. How to assess the negotiating partners
4. Negotiations and strategy development roles
5. How to set your bottom line BATNA
6. How to develop the negotiating agenda
7. How to create a favorable atmosphere for negotiations
8. Project Business Negotiation Case Study: the development of your BATNA

Talks about the beginning of the third
1. To start negotiations Attention
2. Negotiating professional behavior
3. Professional image to help you obtain negotiating leverage
4. Case Discussion: When you meet negotiators!
5. How does the atmosphere of the talks
6. How to interpret the body language
7. How to make recommendations
8. How to respond to each other's proposals

About to start the fourth stage of the negotiations
1. To establish a trust relationship
2. Commence negotiations will encounter obstacles and countermeasures
3. How to break each other's tactics
4. How to deal with different types of negotiators
5. How to build their own advantage in the negotiation
6.'s Refusal to deal effectively with each other
7. How to effectively reject the other
8. Case Discussion: controls the pace of negotiations

V. The assessment of the negotiations and agreement phase adjustment stage
1. Will face difficulties and solutions
2. How to strengthen their own advantages
3. To undermine each other's strengths
4. Grasp the appropriate concession strategy
5. Agreement should pay attention to the issue stage
6. How to choose a way to conclude the negotiations
7. How to overcome last-minute hesitation
8. Case study: conditional agreement

Lecture Negotiation Project Summary
1. Item of business negotiation framework
2. Discussion: Project Manager should have the quality and skills of negotiation

The second part of the project's internal conflict negotiation
The first lecture of effective communication methods
1. To communicate the essence of
2. Why have problems of communication
3. Communication language and attitude
4. Communication and Conflict (non-essential conflict)
5. Communication and conflict (conflict of interest)
6. Case Exercise: the type of conflict diagnosis

The second dialogue about effective methods of conflict
1. What is conflict?
2. Conflict, the value of dialogue
3. Four patterns of dialogue
4. Quick agreement on the working methods of communication
5. Case Exercise: Role play the dialogue of conflict

Third Project Manager to resolve the conflict-driven mode (SDI)
1. Project manager to resolve the conflict-driven model description
2. Project manager evaluation of conflict resolution
3. Evaluation Results and Analysis
4. The development of conflict
5. Case Study: know your drive model conflict resolution

Fourth Lecture in the conflict management project
1. Project team in the root of the conflict
2. Management of the conflict
3. Organizational conflict of
4. Decision-making and problem solving process
5. Team Decision Making
6. Problem-solving process
7. Decision-making and problem-solving
8. Case Study: Project Management the right to face the conflict

Fifth talks about the project management and conflict management
1. How to project negotiations
2. Management Protocol
3. In the project group management protocol
4. Feedback mode
5. To encourage team members to provide feedback
6. Politics and Project Management
7. Project stakeholders
8. And project stakeholders to work together

Lecture essentials summed up the project negotiations, conflict
1. Project framework for conflict management
2. Project manager needs to have conflict management and negotiation skills

Course Speaker
    Zhen Jinming
  Doctor of Science, Peking University, Fordham University, USA MBA, PMP
Certification Project Management Association, the British PRINCE2 project
management certification. 10 years experience in multinational IT companies, IBM
Global Services Division, served as senior manager of Greater China, China
Hewlett-Packard Consulting Division Chief Operating Officer, SUN corporate
advisory services to Chief Operating Officer. In-depth understanding of local Chinese
companies operating management practices, a former co-Beijing China Flextronics
Technology Development Ltd., and in-depth Digital, Lenovo IT services, China
Mobile and other companies to provide sales management, operations management
and project management system consulting service. Zhen Boshi has extensive training
experience, as the Ministry of Information Industry Certified Trainer Senior Project
Manager, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Distinguished Professor
of Software Project Management students, Beijing University of Posts and
Telecommunications Project Management Center, Professor, School of
AsiaInfo's chief project consultant.

 Senior leadership, business unit or department manager, project manager, project
management office, project key personnel.

 Course Title: negotiation skills and conflict management projects
Dates: September 2009 25 - 26
Venue: Beijing
Course fee: 2,680 yuan / person, cost includes materials, stationery, lunch, snacks

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