National MBA entrance exam experience Daquan transfers

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					National MBA entrance exam experience Daquan transfers
National MBA entrance exam experience Daquan transfers
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MBA gripping test, adjust more gripping. Believe that every experienced MBA
candidates for regulating this emotion will be issued. If you are unable to do so was
admitted to first choice, there will inevitably be lost! I experienced after the benefit
transfers. Now sorted out their own experiences, hoping to give newcomers a start.
    Which candidates are eligible swap?
    According to the Ministry of Education, only "total score on the state
line, and also on the Billing Division Billing Division of the scores of
candidates," only adjust status, transfers usually first consider the total
score, and then consider the Billing Division. Concrete under the following six kinds
of situations:
    1. On the Class A state regional score line, and also on the Class A regional Billing
Division of the score. Such candidates can apply for transfers to the ABC three areas;
    2. On the Class B regional Total state line, and also on the Class B regional Billing
Division of the score. In principle, these candidates can only apply for transfers to BC
two areas;
    3. On the C class area Total state line, and also on the C category areas Billing
Division of the score. In principle, these candidates can only adjust to the C category
    4. On the Class A state regional score line, but not on the A class areas Billing
Division of the score. In principle, these candidates only two area schools to apply for
BC transfers;
    5. On the Class B state regional score line, but not the B class areas Billing
Division of the score. In principle, these candidates can only schools in the region to
the C class for transfers;
    6. On the C class area Total state line, but not on the C category areas Billing
Division of the score. Such candidates apply in principle to the swap.
    In recent years, with the increase in the number of applicants, MBA highly
competitive exam, I believe no one candidate will be able to say who was the first
voluntary admission. So, unless you determine your score more than 200 points, no
transfers, other Candidates should be prepared to make the swap.
    The unspoken rules regulating the process
    1. First test results only for reference, not the main criteria. Many candidates may
have this misconception: that his first test results can, on the success that can certainly
swap. A matter of fact, and dispensing more value candidates educational background,
work experience, Individual comprehensive ability, etc.;
    2. Only from the high level of unit transfers to low-level units. If you sit is a first
choice regular schools, even if your first test score higher, and can not adjust to
autonomy crossed the schools;
    3. Developed areas often do not receive their first choice school in the central and
western regions of the candidates. The specific reason for not say, we should know
what's what.
    4. Institute is responsible for regulating the two. Retest list of all faculties is
confirmed by the school to report Yanzhao Ban, so candidates should contact directly
with the two college transfers matters.
    Various stages of preparation for the swap
    After understanding the above, I believe that candidates have to adjust the severity
of the situation with the experience. Then I would describe the specific preparations
for each stage.
    1. Exam: To swap
    Many exam candidates since the end of the work that the test completed the MBA,
this is very wrong. In fact, the test's only a first step, the next should
immediately prepare for the swap. The swap is a very complex task For the first test
of the candidates, may not not know where to start. So, at this stage, we can visit the
MBA professional network, browse a number of relevant information on the swap
about the general Cheng Xu.
    2. Exam week: Estimation Score
   ?Examination about the end of the week, a number of counseling agencies will be
published online public courses in the answer. Control the answers, combined with the
feeling of examination, we can roughly know the score level.
    3. Around New Year: Collecting information
    Transfers done by two college responsibility. Therefore, the master became the
second most important college admissions information, such information, including:
institutional swap places, processes, enrollment teacher name, phone number E-Mail,
in previous years, admission standards whether to accept transfers. To obtain such
information is not easy, candidates who must be well prepared to fight a protracted
war. Some professional MBA website will swap out the institutions of information
collected for the candidates here.
    4. After the Lunar New: cast a wide net
    At this stage, you can contact the relevant institutions and organizations to provide
dispensing services (such as MBAhome swap service center), and these organizations
to maintain contact. In order to adjust timely access to information in all institutions,
opportunities for the swap.
    5. First test results announced the first week: the scope of the initial narrow
    In early March of each year, each school will be to publish the first test results. If
the first choice is self-dash unit, about 7 days after the school will be able to know the
score. If the first choice of non-self-dash unit, the control in previous years the units
of the scores and the state line, but also to estimate their Entering the retest. If the
estimates themselves can enter the retest, it is necessary to Zhunbei retest the main, to
adjust the wayside. Otherwise, the swap would go all out to prepare . But anyway, can
not fully adjust the expense of home. Candidates are advised to adjust their goals in
this phase will be reduced to about 10. and will resume their first test results, or by
E-Mail letter sent to the relevant teachers in the hands of these units . estimated that
teachers receive the letters, it is best to call the teacher. from the teacher's
voice answer the phone, we can feel that he is interested in themselves. the best record
in detail the situation for each call. combined with understanding from other sources
information, these 10 units divided into three echelons, the first echelon is the focus of
our research objects.
    6. First test results the second week of release: Contact key objectives
    This stage is critical in regulating the process. Although the state line still has not
been announced, but the teachers according to their enrollment experience, has been
able to generally know the University Student Source of qualified first choice. So in
this case candidates should contact ground with the teacher recruitment, for The first
echelon of the unit must hit the phone every two days.
    7. State Line released within one hour: Contact the most admired institutions
    State Line will usually first test results released after the release of half a month.
Qualified candidates in the days to always keep in front of the computer so that after
the publication of the national line the first time, in a timely manner with their most
favorite links institutions.
    8. State Line announced four days: the teacher face to face communication with
the Admissions
    In regulating the process, anything can happen. Therefore, candidates should be
qualified teachers as soon as possible with the admissions interview. By doing so, can
the teacher to show their sincerity in enrollment, but also the best time to demonstrate
their skills. In addition Through contacts with the recruitment of teachers, you can
determine the true strength of the institution. can be described as three birds with one
    9. Retest after: subsequent confirmation of
    After getting Tiaodang Han, ready to retest the candidate can feel at ease. For
Chaefushi enrollment unit, candidates must also be ground in the re-testing after
contact with the teacher recruitment, to prevent accidents in the last minute.
    These are the candidates in various stages of the work they should do. Short in the
swap process, the candidates should have the following 16-character principle of labor
in mind: to make early preparations to take the initiative; to plan, with conditions
adjusted; stalker, Do not give up ; targeted, fine Italian hides division.
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