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					National certification
Germany Certification:
Germany GS (Germany safety) certification security certification mark;
German VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker) Electrical Engineers Association
Standard Certification:
German TUV (TUV Rheinland Group) Certified Rhine;
Germany VDA6 certification;
American Certification:
United States CUL (Canadian underwriter laboratory) (equivalent to UL Canada
U.S. NRTL (National recognized Testing Lab) nationally recognized laboratory
American UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety testing laboratory accreditation;
U.S. EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) certified the Environmental
Protection Agency;
U.S. CIPN (Certificated International Professional Negotiat Negotiant) registered
teacher certification in international negotiations
U.S. ETL (ETL Testing Laboratories Inc) company certification testing laboratory;
U.S. Energy Star Energy Star certified;
American UC certification;
U.S. FCC (Federation Communication Certification) Federal Communications
Commission Communication Certification / EMC certification;
U.S. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Society of Mechanical
Engineers certification;
U.S. ANS standard certification;
U.S. BACL (Bay Area Compliance Laboratory Corp) times the certified laboratory
test subjects;
American SEI (Safety Protection Equipment Institute) certification;
U.S. CPSC Consumer Association certification;
North America NEBC certification;
U.S. ASTM certification;
North America ENTELA Certification (ENgineering TEsting LAboratory);
U.S. SNELL certification;
U.S. CQ & R certification;
U.S. DTCMC (Discreet Training Center Management Center);
U.S. Motor Vehicle Engineers SAE certification;
PCM U.S. company certification;
Japan Certification:
Japan PSE product safety certification;
Japanese T-MARK government mandatory certification;
Japan JATE electrical communication terminal product review Association
Japanese Voluntary Control Council for Interference VCCI EMC Certification;
Japan JIS (Japanese Industrial Sign) industry certification mark;
Japan JQA (Japan Quality Assurance) quality assurance certification;
Japan, S-MARK safety certification mark;
JET Japan Electrical supplies laboratory certification;
Japan VCCEI certification;
Japan JISC certification;
Japan VCC1 certification;
Japan VCC2 certification;
Japan RCJ certification;
Canada Certification:
Canada CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Standards Association certification;
Canada IC (Industry Canada) Ministry of Industry Certification;
QMI Canada Certification;
Canada's Corel certification;
Netherlands Certification:
Netherlands KAMA Branch code certification;
United Kingdom Certification:
British BS (British Standard) Standards Association certification;
UK UCL (University College London) University College London, certification;
British QEC Certification;
British LLOYD `S Lloyd's certification;
UK AMBA (Association of MBA) Master of Business Administration Association
UK MBA Master of Business Administration;
British OHSMS18000: Occupational Safety and Health and Safety Management
British OHS (other occupational health and safety standards);
Australia Certification:
Australia SAA safety certification;
Australian C-TICK electromagnetic Rongrong certification;
RCM Australian law meet the mark certification;
South Korea Certification:
Korea KTL Certification
South Korea KS certification;
South Korea KSA certification;
South Korea EK-Mark Certification;
Korean RRL certification;
Korea MIC certified information and communication equipment;
EU / European Certification:
EU Key-mark certification;
EU EMC EMC Certification;
CEV European Union certification;
EU GMP certification;
EU LVD (Low Voltage Differential) low-voltage electrical equipment certification;
EU CE European safety certification,;
EU EEC certification;
European PPE certification;
European ENEC standard electrical certification;
EU E-mark certification;
European EN71 Certification (toys);
Ergonomic logo European Ergonomics-Mark Certification;
European EN46000 management system certification;
Mark the four Nordic countries Nordic safety certification mark;
European ECE certification;
Europe and the United States automobile industry standard DOT;
EU car industry standard certification VDA6.1;
Conducted EMI electromagnetic interference EU certification;
EU EMC (Electro magnetic compatibility) (including EMI, EMS);
HAR certification in Europe;
European ENEN Certification;
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute certification;
European Foundation for Management Development EQUIS international quality
certification system, Business School, Europe's most stringent quality
certification system;
EU WEEE certification;
EU ROHS certification;
European ENS (European Norms, Ens) standard certification;
Italy Certification:
Italy IMQ Quality Mark Certification Institute;
Italy IG Certification;
Italy ETS / RTS certification;
Middle East Certificate:
Saudi Arabia SASO (Saudi Arabia Standard Organization) standards organization
Kuwait Industrial Authority PAI certification;
Saudi Arabia, GCC certification;
Saudi GEC certification;
Iran VOC certification;
China Certification:
China CCEE (Certificate of Conformity for Electrical Equipment) Electrical product
safety certification, commonly known as: Great Wall Electrical certification;
CVC Voluntary Product Certification in China;
CQC China Quality Certification Center;
CCLC Beijing China Certification Center of Light;
CSC China Standard Certification Center;
CCIC Commodities Inspection Corporation of China;
China National Accreditation Board CNAB;
GSG China Compulsory Certification;
CEMC EMC Certification Center of China;
CAL China National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission
Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate CNACL;
Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation CNAL;
CSQA China Classification Society Quality Assurance;
China GSP (Good Supplying Practice) certification;
China CEPREI certification;
China CCIB (China Commodity Inspection Bureau) National Entry-Exit Inspection
and Quarantine certification;
China Audio Society A standard certification;
Russia Certification:
International Certification:
International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60968;
IEC 60969 certification;
International CETL certification;
International ITS certification;
International IEC International Electrotechnical Certification;
ISO9001: 2000 certification;
ISO9002 certification;
ISO9003 certification;
ISO17799/BS-779 information security certification;
ISO13485 certification;
ISO14000 Environmental System Certification;
ISO14001: 2004 Edition;
ISO14001: 1996 Edition;
ISO14000: clean production and environmental management system;
ISO14001: energy saving and environmental management system;
ISO14012: Guidelines for environmental auditing;
ISO14010: Guidelines for environmental auditing - General principles;
ISO 14011: Guidelines for environmental auditing - Audit procedures -
Environmental Management System Audit;
TL9000 Quality Management System in the telecommunications industry;
International SAFETY product safety testing laboratory accreditation;
IQNET International Certification Alliance;
Taiwan Certification:
Taiwan BSMI (bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection) Bureau of Standards,
mandatory certification;
Taiwan BCIQ certification;
Taiwan ETC certification;
Hong Kong Certification:
Hong Kong OFTA (Hong Kong Office of the Telecommunication Authority) of Hong
Kong Telecommunications Authority certification;
Hong Kong HKAS (Hong Kong Accreditation Service) laboratory accreditation;
Hong Kong HKSI (Hongkong Safety Identification) Security Certification Center;
Hong Kong STCC certification;
Hong Kong HKQAA certification;
Australia AS / NZS certified;
Australia DE-ESB certification;
SMA certification;
United Kingdom Certification:
UK BSI certification;
Royal Crown Certification Mark UKAS;
Self-service terminals BST British mandatory certification;
British BEAB Certification;
UK ASTA certification;
UK M & S certification;
British BS8800 certified occupational health and safety standards;
France Certification:
France NF certification;
France LCIE-SNQ certification;
Switzerland Certification:
Switzerland SEV certification;
Swiss Electrotechnical Association (Swiss Electrotechnical Association) SEA
Swiss SGS SGS product / system certification;
TCO Professional Employees Union, the Swiss quality and environmental
Swiss IMD certification;
Sweden Certification:
Sweden SEMKO Electrical Standards Association;
Sweden SWEDEN certification;
Sweden CCV communication facilities certification;
France Certification:
France BVQI certification;
Association certification.