A Midsummer Night’s Dream Reflection by ucv16513


                              A Midsummer Night’s Dream Reflection
                          ANSWER IN COMPLETE SENTENCES, PLEASE!

   1. WHAT IS SHAKESPEARE SAYING ABOUT LOVE? What do you believe Shakespeare is trying to
      say about human love through the trials and tribulations of the fairy king and queen (Titania and
      Oberon), Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena?

   2. WHY DO THE MEN CHANGE AND THE WOMEN DON’T? Comment on the fact that among the
      humans, only the men’s affections sway. (The women are not given the flower and thus remain
      constant in who they love.)

   3. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE SLEEP IN THIS PLAY? What is the role of sleep and dreaming
      in the play?

   4. Do you believe the bewitched love brought by the magical flower can be lasting? Keep in mind that
      originally, Hermia and Lysander loved each other, but Dimitrius didn’t love Helena; he loved Hermia.


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