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					My Resume
Name Chenming Rong female sex photos
Age 22 Qualifications Specialist
E-mail Henan origin
Telephone 15998697021 Mobile 13842628457 Quarters
Education situation
Foundation Course: Japanese business translation, two foreign English, Japanese
speaking, computer, business etiquette
Professional courses: Applied Japanese
Language ability
English CET-A
Japanese Japanese secondary level is very
Computer level
Familiar with Windows, can skillfully use Word, PowerPoint and other Office
Familiar with Internet applications, understanding e-commerce, to the effective use of
Internet resources

Internship and social practice
August 2009 to do part-time Garden Hotel Dalian Xiangzhou
September 2009 to do part-time night in Dalian
July 2009 to November to do in Dalian Institute of 100 000 words translated into
Chinese-Japanese translation, 40000 words translating Japanese translation

Self Assessment
  Three years of life in college, I earnestly study and actively participate in various
activities and made some 成绩. I am cheerful, wide range of interests, helpful,
adaptable, ability to express strong, strong organization and coordination, event
planning is good, be innovative, bold new challenges. At the university during which I
deal with the problem and adaptable abilities have been greatly improved, more
importantly, I learned with others in the team how to communicate and co-operation is
my college Shenghuo Among the most valuable wealth.

History experienced book
Self-Introduction Introduction
Name Gender Female Sakae Chen
Date of birth July 24, 1986 ethnic Chinese
: Record door Japanese foreign language English
Place of origin Henan contact 13842628457
Education status
2004-2007 Kuitun City College で 1
2007-2009 Dalian University, Dalian で の を Yi career barely し し て ma si
Use Japanese を し ma si, Japanese の spoken ビ _ GUI ネ ス の turned Yi,
ビ _ GUI ネ ス の rituals, コ ン ピ ュ ー タ
仕事 経 験
August 2009 Dalian の に Garden Hotel Hong state で の を し ma si part-time
September 2009 Dalian Dalian で に を し ma si part-time night
July 2009 ni -9 months は Dalian で professional の College の ネ ッ Suites on
を Yi し て Japanese Khan の 100 000 words の Yi Wen を Yi し て,
September に -12 months の Chinese wa-Japanese の 40 000 words の Yi Wen
を Yi shi ma si
Personal capacity
   International Japanese の 2 の レ ベ Hikaru ni quite し ma si, capacity を Yi
desu よ り strong い News い て い ru こ と, 読 み book ki, が あ り ma
si, daily の conversation を line う こ と が で ki ma si. Turned Yi の か つ
て は article contains Baidu に さ れ ま し ta.
Good く わ り に と basic knowledge of English language の の を skills to
master し て, English で を Jane radiolabeling na communication line う こ と
が で ki ma si.
Na shi ta skilled operators and commercial, office の Transaction Preferences フ
Suites; Japanese ga タ イ イ タ プ Getting hit つ の は ー を し て i ma si
Their own assessments add to cart
   Long ら か で out ru く て people と の exchange ga get started で,
responsibility を holding overseas finishing て あ ru, third-party capacity の
strong い, independent に some kind を processing で ki ru people だ と made
わ れ て い ru; foreign で の Management Ministry of Economy, Yan が あ ru;
verbal ability が あ ru ; production management セ ス に ロ の プ details し
く か っ て い ru points. Private の character ga ming ru い て , 楽
Guan's na タ イ ブ で the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility ga
strong い time ni Yan cell na と こ ろ で desu, i i coordination が あ り ma si,
clubs ni Zhong Mira で あ り, team spirit が あ り ma si, Chinese と Japanese
の コ ン ピ ュ ッ タ の Operation ga よ く で ki ma si, year ぐ ら し い
ま し 仕事 ta habitat, habitat areas よ く の か り ま knowledge ga shi ta
ご に な れ ば from using sub-capacity と の maximum limit by Yan を し て
に Requested Procedure command to the enthusiasm of fine glass of moo ru つ り
で desu,
仕事 に Cong things し て い ru, the い ろ い ろ な Ministry of Economy,
Yan を product み re ne ru total に Shun 応 of ga early く, Ho を や っ て
moo last ま で stick ru negative け ん Genki na man ni na り ま し ta.
If し, company entrance で れ ば body ni ki ta pay け と wrist to を か し て
very health of your community prosperity Sakae の あ ら ん の ta Circular power
limit り の を translation for xi ta い です.
Should more than willing to い し お く induced します.