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					           ITBS Code                                3rd Grade Math
                                               Standards and Benchmarks
Standard 1:
Understands and applies problem solving strategies
Grade level Benchmarks
             ***  M1.1     1: Applies problem solving strategies ITBS ***
Standard 2:
Understands and applies concepts of numbers and operations
Grade Level Benchmarks
                  M2.1     1: Demonstrates counting rules
              *   M2.2     2: Uses number theory concepts ITBS*
              *   M2.3     3: Compares and orders numbers ITBS *
              *   M2.4     4: Represents numbers ITBS *
              *   M2.5     5: Understands fraction concepts ITBS *
                  M2.6     6: Applies the properties of multiplication and division
             ***  M2.7     7: Adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides whole numbers and
                           fractions ITBS***
              *   M2.8     8: Demonstrates mental strategies to perform computation ITBS*
             ***  M2.9     9: Chooses estimation strategies ITBS ***
             ***  M2.10    10: Solves single-step problems involving computation ITBS ***
Standard 3:
Understands and applies concepts of measurement
Grade Level Benchmarks
              *   M3.1     1: Applies the process of measurement ITBS *
                  M3.2     2: Selects and uses the appropriate unit for a measurement situation.
              *   M3.3     3: Uses appropriate techniques to make change ITBS*
              *   M3.4     4: Calculates elapsed time ITBS *
              *   M3.5     5: Uses appropriate strategies to estimate measurement ITBS*
Standard 4:
Understands and applies properties of geometry
Grade Level Benchmarks
                  M4:1     1: Identifies plane and solid figures
              *   M4.2     2: Describes the line of symmetry in two-dimensional figures ITBS*
              *   M4.3     3: Creates mental images of two-and three-dimensional figures ITBS
                  M4.4     4: Determines the perimeter of simple figures
              *   M4.5     5: Determines the area of a square and rectangle ITBS*
Standard 5:
Understands and applies concepts of data analysis and probability
Grade Level Benchmarks
                  M5.1     1: Gathers data to answer questions
              *   M5.3     2: Makes comparisons based on data ITBS *
             ***  M5.4     3: Reads information from graphs or tables ITBS ***
             **   M5.5     4: Interprets information from graphs ITBS**
              *   M5.6     5: Describes and applies the concept of probability ITBS*
Standard 6:
Understands and applies concepts of algebra and functions
Grade Level Benchmarks

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                                         3 Grade Math
            *       M6.1          1: Extends a linear pattern ITBS *
            *       M6.2          2: Uses symbols in number sentences ITBS*
           **       M6.3          3: Uses expressions and equations to represent problem situations
            *       M6.4          4: Solves problems involving equations and inequalities ITBS*

For schools using the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) or the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) to
assess grade level s kills, a key has been provided to assist in selecting essential or core skills. Benchmarks assessed on
the ITBS/ITED are indicated. Asterisks indicate how often a benchmark appears on the ITBS/ITED: * (1-2 questions)
** (3-5 questions) or *** (more than 5 questions).

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                                                   3 Grade Math