3rd Grade Science PISD Curriculum Year at a Glance

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					                                        3rd Grade Science
                                PISD Curriculum: Year at a Glance

   Overarching Themes: *Patterns *Cycles                 *Systems       *Models      *Change and Constancy
Bundle                                                                         Guiding Questions
                Enduring Understandings
        Safety /Processes / Notebooks                         • What skills and tools do we use as scientist?
                                                              • Why do we need to be careful when we are doing
        • Science is an ongoing cycle of questioning and        classroom and outdoor investigations?
          problem solving.                                    • How do we organize our thoughts, information,
        • Safety should always be considered when               connections, and other data?
  1       exploring, learning, and using various tools
          and equipment both inside and outside of the
        • Notebooks help us organize our thoughts, data,
          and learning.
        Earth and Space                                       • What is the center of our Solar System?
                                                              • What are the planets that make up our Solar System
        • Models serve specific purposes and cannot             and what is their position in relationship to the Sun
          show us everything.                                   and the other planets?
        • The Sun is the center of our Solar System.          • How do the Sun and planets move as a part of the
  2     • There are 8 large planets in our Solar System.        Solar System?
        • The Sun, the Moon, and the planets rotate.          • How do the Sun, Earth, and Moon interact?
        • The Moon and the planets revolve.                   • What are some limitations of different models of the
        • The Moon rotates as it revolves around the            Solar System?
        • The Earth rotates as it revolves around the Sun
        Water Cycle & Weather                                 • How does the sun impact the weather?
                                                              • How do weather conditions vary by location and time
        • Weather conditions vary by location and time          of day?
  3       of day and can be measured, recorded, and           • Why does the water cycle need the Sun?
        • The Sun provides the energy that fuels the
          water cycle and affects weather conditions.
        Formation of Soil / Natural Resources                 • How do we determine the best use of our natural
        • Conservation of natural resources helps us          • What are some properties of different types of soils?
          meet our needs while caring for our Earth.          • How is soil formed?
        • Different soils have properties that enable us to   • What are some components of soil?
          identify and classify them.
                                                              • Why should we conserve natural resources?
  4     • Soil forms over millions of years due to the
          weathering of rock and decaying of once living
        • Soil is a mixture of rocks, humus, air, and
        • Properties of natural resources help determine
          their use.
        Landforms and Rapid Change                            • How do we identify and compare landforms based on
                                                                their physical features?
        • Physical features of landforms help us identify     • How do rapid changes affect the Earth’s surface?
  5       and compare them.                                   • How do rapid changes affect our lives?
        • The Earth’s surface is constantly changing.
        • Many changes to the Earth’s surface occur
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                                         3rd Grade Science
                                 PISD Curriculum: Year at a Glance

          Scientific Investigation and Reasoning             • How can I learn new things on my own?
                                                             • How can I use my senses and other tools to help me
          • Science is an ongoing cycle of questioning and     learn things?
  6         problem solving.                                 • How can I gather information and organize it?
          • We ask certain questions to find out certain     • How can asking questions and finding answers look
            information.                                       differently depending on what I want to know?
          Semester 1 Review / Organisms and                  • How does energy flow within an ecosystem?
          Environments                                       • How can you compare the diverse life cycles of plants
                                                               and animals?
          • Natural occurrences and human impact create      • How are plants and animals adapted for the
            environmental changes affecting living             environment in which they live?
                                                             • What are physical characteristics of an environment?
          • Environments have structures and functions
                                                             • How do physical characteristics of an environment
 7/8        that work together as a system and support the
                                                               help organisms meet their needs?
            growth and life of diverse organisms.
                                                             • What are the components within any environment?
          • Organisms have structures and functions that
                                                             • How do environmental changes affect living
            allow them to survive within a particular
          • The Sun provides the energy for food chains.
          • Energy flows from living organisms to other
            living organisms through food chains.
          Matter                                             • How do tools help us identify physical properties of
          • Solids, liquids, and gases each have unique      • How do we define the three primary states of matter?
            properties.                                      • How do we determine the physical state of matter?
          • Matter has measurable physical properties and    • How do we change the physical state of matter?
  9         those properties determine how matter is
                                                             • How do we create mixtures?
            classified, changed, and used.
          • Mixtures are created by combining 2 or more
            different items.
          • Adding or reducing/removing heat changes the
            state of matter.
          Force, Motion, and Energy                          • How are forces, such as magnetism and gravity, alike
                                                               and different?
          • Energy is the ability to do work or cause        • What is energy?
10 / 11     changes in matter.                               • How are mechanical, light, sound, and heat/thermal
          • Applying force causes change.                      energy alike and different?
          • Energy exists in many forms and is used in our   • How does a force cause change to show work being
            daily lives.                                       done?
  12      Structured Enrichment

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                            3rd Grade – Science Bundle Flow Map

      Bundle 1         Bundle 2                    Bundle 3             Bundle 4

Safety /         Earth and Space              Water Cycle &       Formation of Soil /
Processes /                                   Weather             Natural Resources

      Bundle 5         Bundle 6                    Bundle 7             Bundle 8

Landforms and    Scientific                   Structures and      Structures and
Rapid Change     Investigation and            Functions of        Functions of
                 Reasoning                    Organisms           Environments
                                              (Continues into     (Continued from
                                              Bundle 8)           Bundle 7

      Bundle 9        Bundle 10                    Bundle 11          Bundle 12

Matter           Force, Motion,                Force, Motion,        Structured
                 and Energy                   and Energy             Enrichment
                 (Continues to Bundle         (Continued from
                 11)                          Bundle 10)