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Murdoch University

School Highlights and recommended courses
5 star graduate satisfaction rating
"Good University Guide" (The Good Universities Guide)
Murdoch University through the survey will be named in the eleven years in the
twelve years with the highest satisfaction rate of graduates of outstanding institutions,
the achievement unparalleled in Australian universities. Top-level teaching position
Students in the government's investigation, year after year Murdoch
University ranked among the top teaching universities, recently ranked the top
teaching campus in Western Australia. To Murdoch University are proud of Dr. Duane
Varan, who was elected in 2001, the year the best teachers in Australia.
Excellent research capabilities
   Murdoch University has been continuously ranked Australia in the following top
   The average income of academic staff research
   Competitiveness of the Australian Federal Government Certification
   On average, the high degree completion rates
   Postgraduate research students accounted for the proportion of the overall course
   Because of its strong research capabilities recognized, many important research
centers and institutions have been selected to set the Murdoch University.
Extensive international cooperation
Murdoch and the rest of the world's 65 universities have established
partnerships and is continually expanding international cooperation. Murdoch more
than 15% of the students are international students, already rich in culture and
academic environment for local and international students a broader perspective.
International research-related university degree is conferred by a feature in many
places, such as Asian studies, international business and e-commerce areas, reflects
this international style. Murdoch also offers overseas teaching program, allowing
students to study and teach for two years of the project countries, and a year of study
at Murdoch.
Murdoch International has a study abroad / exchange program, allowing students to as
an exchange student studying in a number of foreign institutions for one year or one
semester, and to encourage international students to participate in the exchange
High-quality services and facilities for students
Murdoch University for international students to provide excellent student services. In
many services, a comprehensive training guide describes, open 7 * 24 hour hotline to
contact the office of international students, social activities, accommodation
assistance, and English language skills and support. Murdoch University offers a
variety of services for all students, including all religious denominations offer worship
center to meet the special needs of the catering facilities, a University Health Services,
a child care center, computer facilities, sports and entertainment infrastructure,
banking and a large number of books in the library.
High-quality researchers
70% of teachers and scholars with doctoral qualifications, and the Australian average
of 50%. With commitment and dedication to students, scholars of Murdoch University
has built up a lofty reputation. The university scholars caring attitude to their pride,
because they will give students the support and selfless concern for their road to
Good employment environment in Western Australia
Western Australia's unemployment rate in February fell 3.1% to 2.7% in
March, made the first breakthrough in Western Australia, Australia's
unemployment rate of 3% barrier in the area. Western Australia to maintain the lowest
unemployment rate in the whole of Australia. Low unemployment, thanks to rapid
economic development in Western Australia, this show is a work in Western Australia,
a great place to live and learn. The employment policy in Western Australia in
particular, temporary employment policy for overseas students want to go to unique
University Overview
Country: Australia
Establishment: 1975
Location: Perth City Centre about 20 minutes by car from the port city about 10
minutes 费里曼特尔
Number of students: 11500
Overseas students: 1500
Scholarship: Australian Development Cooperation Scholarships and Fellowships
School Type: Public
Key professional: medical, education, journalism, nursing, sociology, tourism,
Entrance: year registration (the earlier the better), admission time: by the end of
September each year
About the University

Murdoch University was established in 1975, a research university, the school Jinian
Hua Er Temo Road, named after Sir grams. Is the second old University of Western
Australia. The school has 13,000 students in schools, 1,400 teachers and
administrative staff, including 65 different countries from around the world more than
2,000 international students. Murdoch to encourage good relationships between
teachers and provide first-class facilities, excellent student services and a variety of
areas of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Murdoch University will pursue "excellence" regarded as a
creed, the quality of its teaching and research earned an international reputation.
Murdoch University has made many contributions - many of Murdoch's
research results are ultimately the benefit of society, including plant disease control,
animal health, clean air, waste management and environmental technology. Pride in
that, the school has some of Australia's best scholars.
Education choice is your life one of the most important decisions. After you choose
where to study, the excellent teaching standards is a very important consideration.
Quality of teaching in Australia as a high ranking university, Murdoch University will
provide you with the best quality education, however, is not the Murdoch University
Teaching the only important advantages.
   Murdoch University has three campuses:
   South Street District occupies most subjects with modern livestock farm animal
veterinary hospital Emergency Department
   Rochingham campus has a world of only one of four pilot plant project
   Peel campus with the College of Nursing
Perth City Centre Murdoch University about 20 minutes (15 km) from the port city of
费里曼特尔 about 10 minutes (8 km). Perth is Australia's best city!
Western Australia to the blue sky, warm, sunny climate and white sandy beaches and
famous. Perth and China are the same longitude position, there is no time difference
in order to contact students and their families. Daylight saving time and China has a
one hour time difference.
City Profile
Perth Western Australia Swan Lake "Sunshine Beauties"
For most people, Sydney is Australia's synonymous. Western Australia had
come to know, here in Australia would be discouraged in many beautiful places.
Whenever you visit, can feel the bright warm sunshine, tenderness of the sea, endless
yellow desert and the endless vineyards, forests are large enough rambling. Out of the
cabin, looked up to heaven at the moment, is thorough in the end of the blue, blue sky
was an innocent, and blue were the vagaries of the sea, it is seen to whom even the
mood of boundless joy Cheng Lan. Throughout Australia, Perth's sunshine
longest, an average of 118 sunny days per year, is the most splendid city.
King's Park
If you ask locals Pace, Pace panoramic view which is that the best location, I believe
we will all say: "go to King's Park." But a few
minutes from the city center, located in Eliza Peak, an area of 400 acres of the
King's Great Park, has a very elegant open spaces and parks rich in bird
life and unique wild flowers Australia wide Boosey, which is every Visitors who came
to Perth to experience the place. Of fun is not afraid of the human animal here, even if
they come around, it did not like the domestic animals generally, panic-stricken
manner everywhere.
Campus Facilities
Murdoch University for international students to provide excellent student services.
Among the services, a comprehensive training guide describes, open 7 * 24 hour
hotline to contact the office of international students, social activities, accommodation
assistance, and English language skills and support. Murdoch University offers a
variety of services for all students, including all religious denominations offer worship
center to meet the special needs of the catering facilities, a University Health Services,
a child care center, computer facilities, sports and entertainment infrastructure,
banking and a large number of books in the library.
Campus Library
?University Library for the college life and students are only relevant in terms of
importance. Efforts of the school library for those who want to spend most of their
time to Murdoch students an open door, or even more.
   Murdoch campus library houses over 560,000 books, which include the Law
Library of more than 70,000 volumes and in veterinary research known
"brand library." Rockingham Campus is located in the newly
opened library not only college students studying in Rockingham to provide services
for the whole school and local community to provide first-class comprehensive library
   All the libraries in schools with many types of electronic format information. For
those who can connect to the network of schools, the students concerned, they can
browse most of the information online, including other schools of library directory
   In addition to regular books, newspapers and audio-visual materials, the demand
for great books will be kept in "reserve collection area."
Collection of information is retained to be used in their libraries, additional loan, will
have to pay off loan fees.
Computer facilities
The campus is equipped with several computer labs and other computer facilities
available to all students. Murdoch University, every student can be assigned to a
network email account.
Teaching Facilities
During the repair school, students can use school facilities for all kinds of good. For
example, the journalism students can use the radio and digital television studio, study
veterinary students can enter the campus farm and emergency veterinary hospitals,
and engineering students can use the ore extraction pilot plant - the plant is only four
of the world 1.
Religious institutions
Murdoch University has established a specialized center of worship for the people of
all faiths can pray in school. The center of this specially designed to meet Islam,
Hinduism, Buddhism and Baha'i, as well as the needs of the various sects
of Christianity. Day schools are Church of England and Catholic priests.
Alumni and graduates of the Career Services Center
All students in career planning can be to the service center for assistance. The service
center for all professional school students can provide a variety of career information.
At the same time in Australia and overseas universities for postgraduate study the
feasibility of giving advice. Alumni Service registered Murdoch University, all alumni,
and alumni to maintain contact with the world.
There are several restaurants inside the campus, the main restaurant offers hot and
cold meals, including the Asian style food. In the library a pleasant scenery of the
courtyard, there are a coffee shop, Mr. Walter, the museum environment, quiet,
students can put their books into one, while enjoying coffee while reading. Cafes and
restaurants are open in the teaching weeks.
In addition, each year some time, allowing a variety of stalls and balcony dining car
sold in the campus features a variety of food and refreshments.
Students Association, spacious hotel room, outdoor with a bar. From the bar on the
veranda, overlooking the amphitheater, the theater held a variety of live music
Murdoch's life, Yi service building with a person's shopping
street, with the University Bookstore, STA travel agency and an optometry shop.
Other institutions include:
"College Credit" (Unicredit) sub-branches (University Credit
   Large Western Australia Bank "Bank of Western Australia"
(Bankwest) branches, with 24-hour automated teller machine
   Gift shop and hairdressing salon
   Pace campus weekdays between the city and designated for public transport
   Plenty of parking (the parking fee in accordance with students of different location)
Sports and Entertainment
Sports facilities and clubs
Located in the southwest corner of the campus area of eight hectares of the stadium,
the sport can provide adequate space. Schools are held here regularly cricket team,
Australian rugby, hockey, rugby, tennis and football games.
The university built a recreational sports center, which has a built for basketball,
volleyball, indoor soccer, badminton and tennis use of multi-functional stadium. In
addition, the center also has four squash courts, an aerobics center and equipment
facilities in Australian universities in the most complete fitness center.
Student Union
Murdoch students are inseparable part of campus life, in the voice of school as
students, to provide services and facilities for members. Murdoch International Office
has joined the Union a strategic alliance to improve the quality of life for international
students on campus. Tuition does not include student union fees, but student
participation is beneficial to you, so you can enjoy preferential services and facilities.
Clubs and Societies
For many students, launched the activities of clubs and societies on campus at
Murdoch important in life. Students more than 50 affiliated clubs and societies, to
include sports, culture, knowledge and a range of social activities. Here: Student
Association, Malaysian Student Union, Singapore and Indonesia Student Association.
These students in school-sponsored organizations, support each other and keep in
touch with the country.
English Language Centre
Non-native English applicants to be admitted to schools that have achieved English
language proficiency test related to the relevant results. In addition, Murdoch
University International Language Centre (MUILC) for the students to open all types
of English language courses.
Campus Housing: Student Village. A total of 103 sets of independent student village
apartments, with bedroom (mostly single people, but also provide double bedroom)
and all the comfortable furniture. Student Village also offers a variety of services such
as rooms, entertainment facilities, telephone services, and any difficulty or trouble, he
could find students to help solve the management of the village. For students, the
student village will not only provide you with a friendly accommodation, but also puts
you at greater campus collective life. Student Village is home to hundreds of students
with different cultural backgrounds, there are excellent opportunities for learning and
Off campus: a family boarding; and shared two others. Not able to live in a student
village, or want to live off campus, the school campus housing office can assist
teachers in schools around the search for suitable private housing.
School provides free 3-5 day respite, students can find room, then decided to stay in
school or off campus.
Professional schools
Murdoch professional training course consists of 11 professional, including social
sciences and humanities, biological sciences, engineering, business, education,
environmental science, health, information technology, law, media, communication
and culture, and physical sciences.
  Undergraduate courses
   Tourism, theology, sustainable development, sociology, security, terrorism and
anti-terrorism research, video, radio science, public relations, public policy and
management, education undergraduate diploma (primary / secondary)
   Postgraduate courses
   PhD in Information Technology Doctor of Education, Dr.
   Master of Veterinary Science veterinary surveillance to protect the Master of
Veterinary Medicine
   Research Master (with training)
   Renewable Energy Policy Master of Arts Master of Science
   Personal Project (Arts) Master of Arts
   Master of Pastoral Studies
   Degree majoring in
   Business Studies, Media Studies, Computer Information Science (Computer
Science Game Technology Network Security System)
   Nursing, education (teacher qualifications), public relations and journalism,
psychology, veterinary science, forensic science,
   Bachelor of Nursing conversion (for overseas nurses have been received and work
experience), Environmental Technology, Biological Engineering
   Master's degree
   Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Education Studies, Master of
computer information, modern agriculture, biotechnology, Master, MBA, Master of
Pharmacy, Master of social and psychological, veterinary Master (Protection of
medical supervision or medical vee)
   Tourism (Tourism (BTour))
   College of Social Sciences and Humanities
   Bachelor of Tourism
   Course Code: B1157
   Duration: 3 years full-time
   Tourism is a professional discipline, to prepare students for employment,
knowledge and skills required, including analysis, communication and research
capacity, provide skills for tourism and sightseeing comprehensive understanding of
tourism development and in particular Kechixuxing Mudi land management policy
and planning.
   Understanding of the tourism industry and tourists often with many other
disciplines have professional relationships, therefore, Murdoch University, students of
certain professional is an ideal professional minor or double major. Ready to apply for
special industries, such as museums, hotels, national parks and government
departments use Minor students need intellectual and professional double major.
   Employment prospects: tourism, such as tour operators, hotels and catering, travel
agencies have federal, state and local government departments and agencies (such as
the Western Australia Tourism, Nature Conservation and Land Management).
   Recommended Double Major: Ecotourism (BSc); Management (BCom); Marketing
Management (BCom); Sustainable Development (BA, BSc)
   Recommended Minor: Asian Languages; community development; sociology;
sustainable development
   Does not include the Minor: Sustainable tourism; tourism
   Main research areas: sustainable tourism; community tourism development and
planning; tourism sociology; Wildlife Tourism
   Sociology (Sociology (BA))
   College of Social Sciences and Humanities
   Bachelor of Sociology
   Course Code: B1108
   Duration: 3 years full-time or part-time study and the corresponding time
   Sociology help us to grasp the social, human and crucial link between the world.
Through the study of sociology, we can more easily grasp the technology changes,
and these changes in Zhiyou part in Yingxiang Zuoweishekuai human. In the era of
widespread social dislocation, sociological knowledge and skills to a large number of
positions within the increasingly become important; and sociology also help us to
understand the workplace outside of all social processes.
   Employment Prospects: social research, policy analysis and project evaluation
skills are essential for many jobs. Sociology graduates are suitable for local, state and
federal departments of welfare, community, industrial and commercial organizations
in the service.
   Special Requirements: If external model completion of this course may reduce the
credit option. For school students, the visit of adequate library resources and Internet
browsing is very important.
   Recommended Double Major: Community Development (BA); Political and
International Studies (BA)
   Recommended Minor: Anthropology; community development; Criminology;
modern social history; Social Psychology
   Recommended Minor: Sociology
   Main research areas: social evolution and social rights.
   Public Relations
   Public Relations (Public Relations (BMassComm))
   Media Communication and Culture Institute
   Bachelor of Mass Media Public Relations
   Degree Code: B1230
   Duration: Murdoch University: 3 years full-time
   The professional students in the field of public relations related to writing, research
and interpersonal communication ability, and study public relations agencies in the
community applications and features. Major credits include project management,
strategic planning, negotiation and conflict management, public relations and other
professional relationships. As a branch of media communication graduate students to
develop qualitative and quantitative communication research capabilities, a
comprehensive understanding of the media communication industry.
   Employment Prospects: Graduates can enter the media management, promotion
planning area, in accordance with the professional choice in news or public relations
   Recommended Double Major: Communication, Technology and Policy
(BMassComm), Journalism (BMassComm), Marketing and Media (BMM)
   Recommended Minor: News, Marketing, Mass Communication
   Does not include the Minor: media management, public relations
   College of Social Sciences and Humanities
   BA Political and International Studies
   Politics and International Studies (BA)
   Course Code: B1026
   Duration: 3 years full-time
   Political and International Studies is the critical evaluation of contemporary
political issues related to research.
   Political science major concern the distribution of social power, bodies of
individuals and groups how to change the distribution of power and why the
Government to individuals, minority rights, environmentalism and economic
rationalism to maintain a different attitude.
   International concern of studying the issue of globalization - including its impact on
economic development; global domination, a single nation-state and ethnic and
regional social relationships.
   Employment prospects: graduates can enter the following fields of work:
parliament offices, public administration, journalism, teaching institutions, research
institutions, international business and management.
   Special requirements: If you choose distance learning, you can choose the courses
is limited. Choice of distance learning students need a convenient library and internet
   Recommended double major in: Economics (BEcon); History (BA); security,
terrorism and counter-terrorism research (BA); Sustainable Development (BA, BSc)
   Recommended Minor: Asian Studies; Australian indigenous studies; environment;
national policy and management; sociology; sustainable development
   Not included in Major: International Business (BIB)
   Does not include the Minor: International Studies; politics
   Main research areas: international political economy, globalization,
democratization, international relations, ethnic conflict, liberalism, Australian politics,
Asian politics
   Recommended courses
   Bachelor of Nursing Conversion
   Biological Science Honours Degree
   Media Studies (Media Studies)
   Biomedical honorary degree
   Honors degree in biological engineering
   Journalism: Australia, Murdoch University in the "Annual Graduate
Professional Association of Australia," the survey were students studying
journalism courses recognized as the best school. Graduate students of the profession
very satisfied or satisfied praised the school instruction.
   According to statistics, Australia, and preschool education, primary and secondary
teachers are very scarce human resources in Western Australia, the shortage of
teachers especially. Under the existing immigration policy, schools and preschool
teachers are listed as 60 points with career, professional education students studying
to become a migration path. In the next 10 years, range in Australia, teachers, the
employment rate will reach 95%. Easy work of teachers in Australia, Western
Australia's teachers a year, only 6-7 months of work time, its time for the
holidays. Income level in the graduate level is very different continents, no clear
highlight and backward areas, including Western Australia are slightly higher for the
60,000 Australian dollars, there are financial subsidies in remote areas. Meanwhile,
the Australian Teacher Certification by the United States, Canada, Britain, Japan and
other international recognition.
   Located in the Western Australia capital of Perth, Murdoch University, has won
numerous awards in research and teaching international reputation, is Australia one of
the local leading research universities category. 12 consecutive years was named
"Graduate          Satisfaction"      5-star    university.    Murdoch
University's education is second to none in Australia, is to cultivate the
highest professional standards of teachers in the cradle, is the most professional one of
the favorite students. Education Murdoch University undergraduate program is the
most unique, most one degree of gravity. Employment rate of high school graduates,
more than 95%, while the graduate starting salary and wages in Australia are the first
treatment, to attract a large number of outstanding students from attending.
   Bachelor of Education: For undergraduate non-education majors to become a
teacher in Australia, you can choose this profession. Just two years you can get
education degree, undergraduate education than the average 2 years to save time and
get the degree of any state in Australia, a teacher, there is no geographical restrictions,
school fees for 15 , 250 Australian dollars per year. There are two options after
graduation directions: primary education, secondary education.
Recommended Professional
Bachelor of Nursing Conversion
   Biological Science Honours Degree
   Media Studies (Media Studies)
   Biomedical honorary degree
   Honors degree in biological engineering
   Journalism: Australia, Murdoch University in the "Annual Graduate
Professional Association of Australia," the survey were students studying
journalism courses recognized as the best school. Graduate students of the profession
very satisfied or satisfied praised the school instruction.
Strong academic
Medicine, education, journalism, nursing, sociology, tourism, etc.
Opening time
Annual registration (the earlier the better), admission time: by the end of September
each year
Entry requirements and academic
   1. Successful completion of a recognized college or adult school year successfully
completed their studies in Australia College Diploma or Foundation
   2. English requirements: IELTS 6.0 Total (each must be 6 points)
   3. Veterinary science proficiency IELTS score of 6.5
   4. Bachelor of Nursing conversion requirement is IELTS 6.5 score in English, and
each individual band less than 6.5 points
   5. Bachelor of Nursing conversion Nursing Association in Western Australia before
registration requirement IELTS 7.0 Total (for Australian nursing registration required)
   Master's degree
   1. Undergraduate degree graduates of recognized universities
   2. Some places need more than two years of relevant work experience
   3. If the application research degree must have significant research experience
   4. English requirements: IELTS 6.0 Total (each must be 6 points)
   5. PhD and research degrees in English requirements: IELTS score 6.5
   6. (Pharmacy Master of the English language requirements IELTS 7.0 score)
Services and follow-up
Murdoch International Office is responsible for all international students enrollment,
training and logistics services and international students studying at Murdoch
University, to provide them with all necessary support services and counseling.
Pre-departure seminar
Airport reception
Residential Services
Comprehensive guidance program
Full-time liaison officer for international students to provide various support and
advice 24 hours a day throughout the year.
Organize social activities and the sightseeing places of interest
Parents of students in English learning courses
Organization of graduates return home
Fees and Scholarships
   Australian dollars per week is expected to cost
   Accommodation 90-120
   Food 70
   Health care and health expenses 5
   Public Transport 15
   Clothing, laundry, dry cleaning and entertainment expenses 65
   Clothing, cosmetics, entertainment 50
   Books, stationery 10
   Total AUD 255-285

Australian general 13,500-16,000 per year tuition, professional different fees will
Cost of living is about 25,000 yuan each year.
Australian Government for international students to Australian development
cooperation based scholarships and fellowships, scholarships sufficient to cover
tuition and living expenses. However, to obtain a master's degree by
research, PhD scholarships for international students may not apply.