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					MSProject2007 combat in the project management application 12-8 (Shanghai -
MS Project 2007 project management in the combat application of 12-8 (Shanghai -
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Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
Duration: Shanghai Class: 8-9 December 2007, Shenzhen classes: Dec. 15-16,
Shanghai: 12-13 January 2008 in Shenzhen: January 19-20
Venue: Shanghai Liang An Hotel Shenzhen Minland

Course details:
【Background】 Course
   Modern project management software to use advanced management, Microsoft
Project is an internationally renowned project management tools commonly used,
aggregation of many modern sophisticated project management theory and methods.
Use Microsoft Project & Server to quickly build information platform for
enterprise project management, and improving project management skills and modern
management efficiency.
   Microsoft Project can not only quickly and accurately create a project plan, and can
help project managers to achieve project schedule, cost control, analysis and
forecasting, to greatly shorten the duration of the project, efficient use of resources,
increase economic efficiency. The latest version of Microsoft Project 2007 in all
aspects of the enhancement of functions, especially in the collaborative project work,
project managers, project team members and other exposures of people, online
collaboration tools can dynamically track, break time and space limitations, keep
abreast of the progress and current status of the project to ensure the smooth
implementation of the project, the strategic goals for enterprise support.
   This course project management from the enterprise level to explain Microsoft
Project Standard 2007 & Microsoft Project Server 2007 software use, and
combined with typical project case, about how to achieve enterprise-level project
planning, resource allocation, cost management, the role of cooperative sub-project
center, status reports, document management and other functions, to achieve the
project team collaboration features.
Reference class object:
Project director, project manager, project engineer, project management, project
control officers, program managers, executives and project management office staff
and so on. Students should be competent in using Microsoft Office Project
Management experience had at least one project.

Reminder: Please bring laptops for each student, and install the Chinese Simplified
version of Microsoft Project 2007
Course Outline:
9:15 to 12:00 am the first day
First, project management and basic knowledge of MS Project 2007
Project2007 & Server Architecture
Project2007 & Server and Project Management Body of Knowledge ties
Project 2007 Basic Operation
Project2007 & Server Configuration
Project2007 used in several key project management techniques

Second, the project plans to introduce
Set the calendar: the project calendar, tasks, calendar, resource calendar, calendar
WBS Techniques
Task input, periodic tasks, how to import tasks from Excel
Set the task duration
Flexible schedule tasks related settings
Task-level classification
Milestone set
Critical Path

Third, the project resource allocation
The establishment of resources, resource allocation
Resource Table
Resource Usage
Resource allocation
Shared Resource Library

13:30 to 17:30 pm on the first day
Fourth, project cost management
Project cost divided
Cost information calculated, the cost of a custom formula
Cost surplus of
BCWS, BCWP, ACWP and other indicators of

5, project tracking and control
Baseline set
Task execution
Progress Tracking
Cost tracking

6, Visual Management Project
Gantt charts, network diagrams, tracking map
Custom View
Sorting project data show
Use points to the functional organization of project information
Productions skills report

The next day 9:00 am to 12:00
7, Enterprise Project Management (Server Edition)
Create enterprise project based Project2007Server
Basic information to set the project
Set working hours, business calendar, save the project, set file attributes, save the
Check in / check out the project
Remove enterprise project

8, Enterprise Resource Pool Management (Server Edition)
Create Enterprise Resource Library on Project2007Server
Open the Enterprise Resource Pool
Create Work resources / material resources
Establish a resource group
Add a resource unit, resource rates, and ancillary information
Import Local Resources
Check out and remove enterprise resource

9, Enterprise Resource Allocation and Management (Server Edition)
Enterprise Resource allocation management
Resource allocation / resource allocation change / multiple resource allocation
View resource availability
View the task allocation of resources
Resolve resource over-allocation problem

10, enterprise project tracking management (Server Edition)
Project tracking management based on Project2007Server
Save Baseline
Status date set
Check the progress of the project
Find and analyze the progress of the differences
Tracking and analysis of project costs

13:30 to 17:30 the next afternoon
11, ProjectServer Admin
Project2007 & Server Admin functions
Manage users and groups
Create users, change user, merge accounts
Create group, delete group
Project Web Access, the permissions settings
Management of security
Specify the operating mode of Microproject Project Server
Management of Windows SharePoint Services features
Configuring Windows Sharepoint Services

12, multi-project management
Multiple Project Management
Project version control
Definition of automatic tracking settings
E-mail notifications and alerts

13, communication management
Multi-project collaboration and communication
About Prject Server Spooler
Use Outlook to view and report tasks
Assigned task / reject task / add new task / task update
Project status report request
Send the project file

14, Risk Management
Submit a new risk
View and edit risk

15, issue management
Submit a question
View and edit issues

16, summary, exercises, questions, end.

Instructors: Mr. Gong (SaWin.Gong)
  MBA, PMP, IPMP Certified Trainer, American Association of Project Management,
Project Management Instructor, SEI authorized assessment team members, Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).
Professional background:
  Teacher Gong served as an IT project manager listed company, PMO Manager,
Division General Manager, with strong engineering background, rich experience in
project implementation has lead the project done before China Telecom, China
Unicom and China Mobile industry units of large-scale systems development and
implementation of the project. Promoting enterprise project management and project
management system, and project management information system construction and
application has unique characteristics.
  ?Teacher Gong in April 2002 was invited to China, "First International
Project Management Seminar" and made "a project based on
project implementation and management" of the special report; and project
management magazine in China, issued a "project-based group
management "and" the application of project management and
Project2000 "article, 2004 was invited to attend the second
China," First International Project Management Seminar "and
issued a" large-scale software development projects of organizational
environment, "the special report.
   Has provided project management consulting clients include: South East
Automotive, Fujian Cement, Amoi Electronics, Industrial Bank, Xinjiang oil,
innovative technology, Fu optoelectronics, Jiangsu Academy of traffic, Hongdu
Group, ... ... and other hundreds of clients.
   By the Gong speaker, <> has reached several dozen courses in the
country, customer satisfaction reached 90%, solid solution for enterprise project
management problems.
Meetings Registration:
1. Training cost: 2000 yuan / person (including the training, the designated training
materials, lunch, refreshments, etc.)
2. Tel :021-54483382 0755-61289005
Registration E-mail:
MSN Advisory:
QQ Consulting: 707 593 039
3. Registration: telephone cable, "rage ɑ Jiao working knowledge of
call-Qiang Soul -> issued Meetings confirmation -> transfer or cash
Contributions -> class

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