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Mourning Gui Qiao Zhen take a good honey


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									Mourning Gui Qiao Zhen take a good honey

  ?A few days ago, not long back from Xi'an, we heard an unfortunate, I am
shocked by the news: primary school students, grew up with friends Qiao Zhen died
from heart disease. At that moment, I fried the scalp hair, hair heart block, half
speechless. That night, I could not sleep a long time, Qiao Zhen's voice and
face has been flashed in my mind.
Childhood, we are a class of students, families in rural areas are very poor at home.
Brother and sister and her family a lot, lived in a courtyard house, the house fairly
spacious. Vacation, I often go to her house to play, his parents, brothers also plain
simple and honest, warm easy-going, sometimes I stay in her home for dinner. Once
food is millet from Sweet rice, I eat very fragrant. Because my family is the public
accounts, to eat less fresh millet and sweet potatoes, 70's not the free
market. She often to my house to play, the mother will stay her for dinner, my mother
made of rice, 2 kg per person per month we have, although not a good rice, but a
rarity in rural Yeshi, the village did not grow rice, Qiao Zhen Lian said yes eat,
"or rice delicious! snow white, pretty delicious as well!" his
home in rural areas there were chickens, eggs, supply and marketing cooperatives sell
to get money from another salt, vinegar, mother sometimes entertain guests, let
Qiaozhen get catty eggs, in addition to her purchase price of supply and marketing
cooperatives, while an extra five cents, she bought sweets. Time is 8 minutes a pound
of vinegar, sugar mother bought us the time, every one to two minutes. I remember
once my brother bought the candy, I am not willing to buy sugar, but bought two card.
Qiao Zhen home also gives us ground to eat the noodles, then the chow mein is very
fragrant, I and my brother always Qiangzhe Chi.
Middle school, when Qiaozhen got rheumatoid arthritis, leg pain of severe, early and
have to wear trousers, then she did not complete a middle school drop out. But we
kept in touch. After graduating from junior high school I got class, she also went to
the factory play, and I squeezed in a single bed sleeping quarters. She said she was
optimistic about an old Chinese medicine to the sick, she was in good health, able to
work in the fields of the. Looked at her red face, solid physique, I'm happy
for her. Village girls do not generally marry too far, because our village is not so bad,
is the original commune, now the seat of township government. But Qiao Zhen was
married for four, 50 in a not far off place, I asked her why she married so far away,
she says with a laugh in the village know that she was too sick, nobody wanted her. I
think this is the fate is destiny. Like her husband, and she is honest and kind, and she
was      very      good,      they     are    well     matched,     but     also     very
"couple-phase." Qiao Zhen hard-working, window-after kids,
doing housework, but also work in the fields, the husband in the nearby township
enterprises, life was very good. Two sons, both university examinations, and now are
?My family moved away from the village, many students have no contact, just to keep
between her and me, the village was installed on the phone, the phone she told me the
other students, other students in the phone again told me that have a 2000 class
reunion, a full three years of graduation from junior high school. I can go to the
female students are my family, so my brother at home annual subscription fee, making
a feast of home cooking, we come together, filled with emotion. I said, have to feel
Xieqiao Zhen, if she had not, we do not know when to meet. Everyone laughing, have
lots to talk about it. Boyhood memories, tell their family, time flies, an instant has
passed middle age. That did not forget pictures taken ever since contacts have
continued. Recently linked to the two, we are gathering together what was then,
behold Qiaozhen a rush to go.
The next morning, I drove to her house and her husband, the husband went out to
greet him, looking at the familiar door, clean and empty, courtyard and house, never
cry, I could not help tears. No longer see the familiar figure, never again to hear that
hearty laughter, and even more regrettable is that because I went to the field, not to
come to see her off, a good friend and did see the last side. Her husband said Qiao
Zhen died, give me call home, no answer. Things a coincidence, I happened to go to
Xi'an for a few days, the day her funeral, we are fast on its way.
I complained to her husband since: she was very ill, should also let me know ah! He
said a number of hospital stay, the doctor said no surgery, had to return home
possessor, and did not expect so soon left ah! Chinese New Year this year, I still with
her by phone, Qiao Zhen said that good this year, better than last year, and I said, it is
good, so you raise a good disease, we are together again. Last year is just over, I went
to see her, when she is discharged from hospital, looking gaunt, a lot of old people
than in previous years. She sent me outside the gate, still holding my hand and said a
long time, then, reluctantly look, I Pareto her, let her go home and rest, and she took
me not to go, insisted I take the red dates, apples. Who would have thought that
turned out to be the last side. This time, I can only see her portrait was.
?Qiao Zhen, you go too early, rest in peace, we will always miss you!

   ?This is 2000, when we meet a group photo, the right one I have, next to me is

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